Sheraton Restaurant

sheraton restaurant

My mother-in-law to be had her birthday dinner at Sheraton Restaurant
in Sibu on Saturday night. Sheraton Restaurant is an eatery that’s been
around Sibu in one form or another – they recently moved into their own
building due to the high customer demand.

sheraton interior

The birthday dinner was a family event with about 10 people for a
dinner gathering. Sheraton has a nice and subtle interior (which is a
nice change from their previous occupancy). The restaurant is almost
always packed – it’s famous for their fish head curry. This is what we
had for dinner:

sheraton cucumber juice

The cup overfloweth (with cucumber juice)

sheraton egg dish

This is a Foochow tradition where whole eggs are boiled and then
deep fried before being cooked in chicken soup. It’s a must have for
birthdays (for Foochows anyway).

sheraton noodle dish

There was also a thin noodle dish (not quite rice vermicelli) that’s served at the same time as the egg dish.

sheraton first dishes

Here’s a closer look at the deep-fried boiled eggs soup dish and the noodles dish.

sheraton chinese pancakes

The next course is deep fried Chinese pancakes filled with savory meat.

sheraton chinese pancakes inside

It’s very nice – crispy and filling, best to eat while it’s still hot.

sheraton pork

One of the house specialties was served after that – its pork cooked
Chinese style over a simmering steel bowl perched precariously on top
of a flame served straight to the table.

sheraton vegetables

The next dish was vegetables (think it was asparagus) dipped in hot water and served straight.

sheraton fish

The mandatory fish dish came straight after that – the fish was
evenly sliced in half and the pieces cut into bite-sized manageable
bits arranged around it like a whole fish. Decorative slices of orange
peels were arranged around the dish – these are edible as well.

sheraton birthday

Happy Birthday!

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