The Dumpling Teahouse

the dumpling teahouse

The Dumpling Teahouse is an eating establishment specializing in beef noodles and dumplings. It’s located near Mitsu Shabu Shabu and the interior is not air-conditioned despite the split units visible from the exterior. I’ve been there twice and they never bothered to switch on the air-conditioning, probably due to a lack of customers.

the dumpling teahouse sign

The good thing about The Dumpling Teahouse (besides the cute name) is the relative privacy of the place. It just doesn’t draw a huge crowd although the beef noodles are pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s due to poor advertising or just plain bad feng shui, but the place never really took off. πŸ˜‰

teahouse interior

Geomancy Sifu: Your walls not good. Bad for luck. Money all flow out like water in the river. You should turn on air con. The ceiling fan blow all your money away!

teahouse fan

Geomancy Sifu: OMFG! You got a big fan as a decoration some more! No wonder la. Money all fly away.

teahouse beef noodles

Geomancy Sifu: Nevermind, I eat your Beef Noodle (RM 5). Payment for services rendered.

teahouse beef

Geomancy Sifu: Your beef chunks very big. Soft and tender too. Soup very spicy. I like. Increase man’s vigor. Noodles also curly, flat type. Good for longevity.

teahouse dumpling fried

Geomancy Sifu: Bring some Chives and Pork Dumplings (RM 4.50) for the leng lui here. Can choose fried or steamed izzit? I want fried. Eh, wait, Chiew Fong (Autumn) doesn’t eat pork. Nevermind. I eat. Quite tasty.

teahouse dumpling steamed

Geomancy Sifu: She half vegetarian, so give her Mushroom Chicken Dumplings (RM 4.50). What la, you guys all pork and beef one. Steamed, not bad. Had better though.

teahouse chiew fong

Geomancy Sifu: Your beef noodles good but your dumplings so so only. I suggest you rename the place to The Beef Noodle Teahouse.

teahouse bulb

Geomancy Sifu: Hmm…your 9 mm (bulb) is like a guiding light in the night shining bright. Eh, sorry, I rap.

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