Westwood Continental Cuisine

westwood continental cuisine

This is Westwood Continental Cuisine at Jalan
Westwood. It’s a popular place for continental cuisine since the food
is good and the prices are reasonable. I’ve been here several times
before and while their steaks are alright, it’s not the best in town. I
went with a couple of friends again last night for dinner.

westwood interior

The place is usually packed at night. This is the interior of
Westwood Continental Cuisine. They have al fresco (heh) seating
arrangements outside as well, and on cool nights, that is much
preferable to sitting inside even though the interior is
air-conditioned. The lighting is warm and its central location is part
of its popularity as well as the good food and reasonable prices.
Westwood Continental Cuisine has been operational for quite a while.

westwood ribena 7up

I had Ribena 7-Up, which is my “usual” drink over there. It’s an
interesting concoction of concentrated Ribena (blackberry juice
concentrate) topped up with…er, 7-Up. The two goes really well – the
Ribena concentrate sits at the bottom while the carbonated 7-Up slowly
fizzes away to automatically combine the two. The drink is quite
volatile for some reason, you have to be careful not to agitate it too
much or bubbly purple foam will threaten to overfloweth on you.

westwood fish and chips

My friends all went there for Fish and Chips. It’s a generous
portion of batter fried Dory fish served with French fries, Westwood’s
special tangy tartare sauce and salad. It’s RM 9 for a serving, and
that’s a very good price considering the portion. This dish is very
popular due to its price and filling portions.


I went for the Westwood Mixed Grill (lamb, beef, pork) at RM 15.50.
I had it done medium and the dish did not disappoint. The beef is done
well, as is the pork, but the two is outshined by the delicious lamb.
The lamb meat is infused with the gamey flavor that I love and the
juice just bursts out of the grilled lamb meat – it retains all of its
moisture! Divine…

Westwood Continental Cuisine serves a limited range of menu items,
but they know what they do best and all of the menu items are good. The
place also has excellent service, better than most of the eating
establishments in Kuching. Highly recommended for dinner before a big
night out.

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