Berry hearts Lemon: The Biggest Ribena Purple Heart Event

ribena top

The heart is the most common symbol for romantic love. It’s always been a dream of many a hopeless romantic to do something extraordinary for their loved ones…fly a plane with a smoke trail that spells your beloved’s name or something to that effect – an over-the-top display of love for all and sunder to see how much you love your loved one.


I have been following Berry and Lemon’s romantic relationship for the past few months, commented on Berry and Lemon’s blog, and participated in the contest. It’s been a wonderful journey – I brought them up to the Cameron Highlands to spend some time…a double date of sorts. I attempted to create the Most Romantic photo with the couple standing in the middle. Little did I know then that I was about to see more! Berry has a few tricks up his sleeves, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰


I got a chance to see that on Valentine’s Day. I was at Sunway Pyramid and attended the Ribena Purple Heart event. Berry built a HUGE purple heart to profess his love for Lemon. It’s filled with Ribena Lemon bottle caps.


The Ribena Purple Heart event had a lot of games going on – plastic dice throwing, DDR style dance machines and throwing stuff at a target.


Temporary tattoos were all the rage – the people on duty were all inked (stickered?) with “A Perfect Match – Ribena & Lemon”.

free flow

Ribena Lemon was on free flow. Well, kinda.


There was a line of people picketing (?) the area, hyping up the huge purple heart event.


Male MC: My hair is styled by the best in Bollywood. I’m kidding. πŸ˜‰ The event kicked off with the two MCs introducing the event and the attempt to create the huge purple heart – how Berry had to walk all over town to collect the purple bottle caps that it’s made of.


Berry and Lemon made a grand entry after that, waving to the cheers of the crowd. I was surprised that they actually could move in that costume.


Berry could even go down on bended knee in that suit, a remarkable feat indeed.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough…apparently the huge purple heart wasn’t filled to the brim, so Lemon was less than happy about that.


A quick solicitation from the crowd for Ribena Lemon bottle caps soon resolved that problem though…


…and all was good.


We had a chance to pose with Berry and Lemon…


…before being whisked away to a movie screening, courtesy of the good people at Ribena.


Anyway, the screening is the movie New in Town by RenΓ©e Zellweger. Free hotdogs, popcorn and Ribena Lemon were also provided. I had to eat two coz Tzia forced me to eat hers as well. πŸ™


It was fun and I loved how well the event was organized. I actually enjoy drinking Ribena Lemon, it’s probably the only source of Vitamin C I get, considering I don’t eat fruits. *shrugs*


Bust a move, Berry!

Double date with Berry and Lemon


I have been reading about Berry and Lemon’s dismal travel repertoire on their blog. I come from Sarawak so it’s something akin to heresy to hear that they haven’t been to East Malaysia before this. Thus, I took it upon myself to take them on my trip to Cameron Highlands. It’s a double date of sorts – me and my girlfriend and the two lovebirds (loveberries?).


I was browsing through Berry and Lemon’s blog and read about the Ribena with Lemon Greatest Love contest they’re running and decided to join in the fun. I figured Cameron Highlands would be the perfect place to shoot the photos for the “Most Romantic” category so I loaded my car boot with heaps of Ribena with Lemon and drove up.


The Ribena with Lemon Greatest Love contest is separated into two categories – “The Greatest Lover” is judged with the most Ribena with Lemon bottles or mobile packs in a single picture while “Most Romantic” is judged with the most creative entry featuring at least one Ribena with Lemon bottle or mobile pack in the most romantic manner possible.

To increase my chances, I decided to join both. πŸ˜‰

Most Romantic


This was taken at Bala’s Chalet @ Cameron Highlands where we stayed.

romantic 2

The place has a really nice garden, very Tudor style English ambiance.


It’s supposed to show me looking affectionately at the couple (Berry and Lemon) in the garden where we had tea and scones. My purple cardigan matches the Ribena colors too. This is the one I submitted.


There is also one with the four of us – the double date. =D

The Greatest Lover


My theme for this is The Godfather. The Don of Ribena with Lemon. Real power cannot be given. It must be taken. πŸ˜‰


I joined both of the contests, spending a staggering amount on Ribena with Lemon bottles. I went to Giant Mall to purchase a box of Ribena with Lemon but they didn’t have any in stock so I just grabbed whatever I could off the shelves and headed over to 7-Eleven, took whatever they had and proceeded to a smaller Giant (pun not intended) and swiped all their Ribena with Lemon bottles.

The Ribena with Lemon Greatest Love Contest is open until the 20th of December, 2008. You can join both categories and submit as many photos as you want. However, you’re only entitled to win from one category. The prizes are:

 The Greatest Lover Category


 The Most Romantic Category


I am interested in snagging the Dell Notebook from either category. There is a recent spate of…domestic disputes, shall we say, over the use of the only notebook in our condo. I need it to update my blog and my girlfriend wants to watch HK drama series on it.

I’m sure Berry and Lemon can understand, and for the sake of love, take our predicament into consideration when judging the entries. πŸ˜‰

Join the Ribena with Lemon Greatest Love contest at

Westwood Continental Cuisine

westwood continental cuisine

This is Westwood Continental Cuisine at Jalan
Westwood. It’s a popular place for continental cuisine since the food
is good and the prices are reasonable. I’ve been here several times
before and while their steaks are alright, it’s not the best in town. I
went with a couple of friends again last night for dinner.

westwood interior

The place is usually packed at night. This is the interior of
Westwood Continental Cuisine. They have al fresco (heh) seating
arrangements outside as well, and on cool nights, that is much
preferable to sitting inside even though the interior is
air-conditioned. The lighting is warm and its central location is part
of its popularity as well as the good food and reasonable prices.
Westwood Continental Cuisine has been operational for quite a while.

westwood ribena 7up

I had Ribena 7-Up, which is my “usual” drink over there. It’s an
interesting concoction of concentrated Ribena (blackberry juice
concentrate) topped up with…er, 7-Up. The two goes really well – the
Ribena concentrate sits at the bottom while the carbonated 7-Up slowly
fizzes away to automatically combine the two. The drink is quite
volatile for some reason, you have to be careful not to agitate it too
much or bubbly purple foam will threaten to overfloweth on you.

westwood fish and chips

My friends all went there for Fish and Chips. It’s a generous
portion of batter fried Dory fish served with French fries, Westwood’s
special tangy tartare sauce and salad. It’s RM 9 for a serving, and
that’s a very good price considering the portion. This dish is very
popular due to its price and filling portions.


I went for the Westwood Mixed Grill (lamb, beef, pork) at RM 15.50.
I had it done medium and the dish did not disappoint. The beef is done
well, as is the pork, but the two is outshined by the delicious lamb.
The lamb meat is infused with the gamey flavor that I love and the
juice just bursts out of the grilled lamb meat – it retains all of its
moisture! Divine…

Westwood Continental Cuisine serves a limited range of menu items,
but they know what they do best and all of the menu items are good. The
place also has excellent service, better than most of the eating
establishments in Kuching. Highly recommended for dinner before a big
night out.

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