Grand Malay Restaurant

grand malay restaurant

Grand Malay Restaurant is a buffet style establishment located at Jalan Satok catering to the lunch crowd. It is also known as Restauran Anak Melayu Sarawak
which translates roughly to the Restaurant of the Malay people of
Sarawak. I was there with a group of my coworkers and a client.

gmr door

The place is located on the first floor of a non-descript flight of
stairs. The doors form the arching entrance to the unassuming
restaurant, which has a reputation from good Malay cuisine.

gmr interior

The place seems to be working on a booking basis. One minute there
was no one, and in the next, people were jostling to get a prime
position in the buffet line. The interior is decorated with minimal
fanfare…just clean table linen with a Malay inspired piece in the

gmr rice noodles

This is the start of the buffet line. Here you can see the
obligatory steamed rice, Malay style fried noodles, bamboo cooked in
coconut milk and mixed vegetables.

gmr ulam

Further down the line, there’s an assortment of raw vegetables
(ulam) which I had a portion of. The sauce that comes with it lends the
ulam with a healthy Oomph! There’s also soup and very good rojak.

gmr umai

One of the small dishes contains umai (raw fish slivers marinated in
chilli and other spices), which the chef urged us to try. It was good.
There are also some vegetables, stewed beef, curry chicken, assam fish
and clams.

gmr rose orange

The end of the line offers rose syrup or orange juice.

gmr plate

Here’s a look at my heaped plate. I had a bit of everything.

gmr dessert

The dessert table offers bananas (the small, sweeter variety),
pandan agar agar, a big cauldron of very fine tasting bubur cha cha,
banana bread, and lime oranges.

gmr coffee

The buffet ended with the waitress serving steaming hot cups of strong coffee.

Grand Malay Restaurant comes highly recommended by Sufian, one of my
coworkers. I don’t know how much the buffet charge per head though,
since my CTO paid the bill.

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