SugarBun's "Happy Meal" @ RM 7.88

sugarbun happy meal banner

SugarBun has come out with their very own Happy Meal (though this one doesn’t come with a toy or collectible, but legal liabilities from McDonald’s) priced at RM 7.88. I noticed the banner at the SugarBun outlet in Kenyalang, Kuching and decided to check out SugarBun’s implementation of the Happy Meal (TM McDonald’s).

sugarbun happy meal promo

The “Happy Meal” consists of:
2 pieces Broasted Chicken
1 Savory Rice (TM SugarBun)
1 Fresh Pickies (I believe they meant pickles, and “fresh pickles” is an oxymoron)
1 Soft Drink (12 oz.)
…and the font and coloring is remarkably similar to McDonald’s Happy Meal. Trademark infringement kinda similar.

sugarbun happy meal

Behold! The SugarBun Happy Meal!

sugarbun happy meal macro

Behold! …a closer look at the SugarBun Happy Meal. I honestly don’t know why they would want to name this a Happy Meal and risk litigation when it’s just a combo meal.

sugarbun happy meal toy

It does come with a toy though…kinda. You have to insert 20 cent coins to play with the toy though, and you can’t take it home with you.

SugarBun – i’m lovin’ it. πŸ˜‰


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