SugarBun Chicken Burger @ RM 1.91

sugarbun chicken burger outlet

SugarBun came out with a new burger for the Gawai holidays – Chicken Burger for RM 1.91. The burger is available for a limited time only and today is the last day it’s available for sale. I checked it out just now before catching X-Men III.

sugarbun chicken burger promo

Chicken Burger retails for the low price of RM 1.91 for the period spanning from the 27th of May to the 4th of June. It’s meant to target the Gawai (local harvest festival) celebrations, which is also the reason I’m back in Sibu – the long holidays.

sugarbun chicken burger inside

SugarBun constantly adds new items to its remarkable menu (which now includes three layer coffee) to test the market and the items gets incorporated into the permanent menu (which consists of 151 items to date) if there is sufficient market demand.

sugarbun chicken burger meal

I ordered two Chicken Burgers as well as three pieces of chicken (they have really good fried chicken) for lunch since we had about an hour to kill before the movie starts. The tea is my girlfriend’s drink – I don’t like hot drinks.

sugarbun chicken burger

This is what the Chicken Burger looks like – it has a sizable patty, a very generous amount of chicken for an RM 1.91 burger. I didn’t think much of it at first glance since it just looks like a standard chicken burger.

sugarbun chicken burger bite

However, the Chicken Burger surprised me with the topping – it has the coleslaw mix and cucumbers that is a signature SugarBun burger topping! It goes really well with their fish burger and it seems that the coleslaw mix goes well with anything coz it tastes good with chicken as well.

SugarBun Chicken Burger is great value at RM 1.91 per burger. SugarBun may be the poor man’s McDonald’s but it’s the very first fast food joint we had over here in Sibu and besides… owns shares in SugarBun Berhad. πŸ˜‰


SugarBun's "Happy Meal" @ RM 7.88

sugarbun happy meal banner

SugarBun has come out with their very own Happy Meal (though this one doesn’t come with a toy or collectible, but legal liabilities from McDonald’s) priced at RM 7.88. I noticed the banner at the SugarBun outlet in Kenyalang, Kuching and decided to check out SugarBun’s implementation of the Happy Meal (TM McDonald’s).

sugarbun happy meal promo

The “Happy Meal” consists of:
2 pieces Broasted Chicken
1 Savory Rice (TM SugarBun)
1 Fresh Pickies (I believe they meant pickles, and “fresh pickles” is an oxymoron)
1 Soft Drink (12 oz.)
…and the font and coloring is remarkably similar to McDonald’s Happy Meal. Trademark infringement kinda similar.

sugarbun happy meal

Behold! The SugarBun Happy Meal!

sugarbun happy meal macro

Behold! …a closer look at the SugarBun Happy Meal. I honestly don’t know why they would want to name this a Happy Meal and risk litigation when it’s just a combo meal.

sugarbun happy meal toy

It does come with a toy though…kinda. You have to insert 20 cent coins to play with the toy though, and you can’t take it home with you.

SugarBun – i’m lovin’ it. πŸ˜‰


Sugarbun Kano Meal and the new Premium 3 Layer Tea

sbun kano meal

Sugarbun has been offering the Kano Meal for a while, as part of
their constantly expanding list of menu items. It consists of two
options – Kano Chicken with Savory Rice or Mashed Potatoes. There are
also sub-options of one or two pieces of chicken. Kano Chicken is
Sugarbun’s chicken with a choice of three specialty sauces – Pedas
Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Satay Sauce.

sbun 3 layer tea

I also noticed that Sugarbun has a new drink out – Premium 3 Layer Tea. The promo looks like the “new” drink is…well, heavily inspired,
shall we say, by the famous 7th mile teh c peng in Kuching. It retails
for RM 1.90 and the promo shows the distinctive demarcation of tea,
ideal milk, and specialty syrup (read: gula melaka) that is the
signature of the 7th mile teh c peng that’s been around for…pretty
much forever.

sbun 3 layers

This is what the new Premium 3 Layer Tea looks like. It looks very
much like a commercialized version of the said 7th mile teh c peng. The
“specialty syrup” is a thicker version of the standard gula melaka
though. It’s hard for it to dissolve into the whole concoction, even
with vigorous stirring.

sbun 3 layer mixed

The finished drink tastes exactly like the teh c peng you can get if
you’re willing to drive 7 miles away from Kuching. However, I noticed
that the gula melaka is not just pure gula melaka. They did have merit
to call it “specialty syrup” coz it has a nice overtone of mint. I
guess that’s where the additional 50 cent surcharge comes from, but
then again, you have to pay for gas to drive to 7th mile. πŸ˜‰


This is the Sugarbun Kano Meal. I chose the Pedas Sauce with two
pieces of chicken and savory rice. The sauce tastes great, it’s not
very hot by my standards, but it’s hot enough to please me. They
slather the stuff over the chicken very generously too, so that’s
another plus point. It’s good.

sbun kano meal close

Here’s a macro shot of the Kano chicken. I opted for a drumstick and
a piece of thigh. This is the good part of the thigh, where the meat is
juicy and tender. Mmm…chicken…

sbun ice always

This is the one thing I always drink at Sugarbun – their Ice Kacang.
It’s absolutely fabulous, much better than other implementations I’ve
ever had, any where. It costs RM 3.50, which is much higher than hawker
stalls and their ilk would charge, but it’s worth every cent. Damn good
stuff, I tell you…

SugarBun’s Prosperity Fish Meal (RM 8.88)

prosperity fish meal banner

The Prosperity Fish Meal in Sugarbun sounded very attractive from
the banner they had in front of the store. SugarBun is a fast food
outlet like McDonalds, Burger King and the like, except that it has
recently diversified its menu to provide a wider range of items. The
banner shows a whole fish and I thought that sounded interesting, so me
and my gf went to check it out.

prosperity in every bite

The ads strung across the cashiers also promote this particular meal
– Prosperity in every bite! The “Wishing you nien nien yu yee” bit is a
common Chinese saying during Chinese (Lunar) New Year, it literally
translates to “Wishing you every year got fish” but it’s taken to mean
that you will have enough food to eat every year, kinda like “Good
luck” except this goes “May Famine not rear His black horse behind
you”. πŸ˜‰

prosperity fish meal

Here’s how it looks like – there really is a whole fish and it’s
quite large. It’s about the size of…well, the plate is a standard
dinner plate so you can infer the size of the fish from there. It costs
RM 8.88 (8 is considered a good number due to the pronunciation) and
comes with steamed rice and Sugarbun’s pickled vegetables on the side.
The sauce they poured over the fish goes well with the fried fish,
though I would add chilli for taste. The fish is fried well, crispy but
soft on the inside and there aren’t many bones to get in your way.

nien nien yu yee

This is what the inside of the fish looks like. I even had both sets
of eyes, they fried it well on the outside, but the inside is still
nice and gooey. The fish I got and the one my gf had was slightly
differing in size, but not to a great degree. I don’t expect whole fish
to be exactly the same size, but it’s not that different so they must
have some sort of quality control on the sizes. It’s good, I liked the
Prosperity Fish Meal and with a whole fish to go with it, I don’t think
the RM 8.88 price tag is unreasonable.

Besides, with all the bites I got out of it, I feel much more prosperous already.

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