SugarBun’s Prosperity Fish Meal (RM 8.88)

prosperity fish meal banner

The Prosperity Fish Meal in Sugarbun sounded very attractive from
the banner they had in front of the store. SugarBun is a fast food
outlet like McDonalds, Burger King and the like, except that it has
recently diversified its menu to provide a wider range of items. The
banner shows a whole fish and I thought that sounded interesting, so me
and my gf went to check it out.

prosperity in every bite

The ads strung across the cashiers also promote this particular meal
– Prosperity in every bite! The “Wishing you nien nien yu yee” bit is a
common Chinese saying during Chinese (Lunar) New Year, it literally
translates to “Wishing you every year got fish” but it’s taken to mean
that you will have enough food to eat every year, kinda like “Good
luck” except this goes “May Famine not rear His black horse behind
you”. šŸ˜‰

prosperity fish meal

Here’s how it looks like – there really is a whole fish and it’s
quite large. It’s about the size of…well, the plate is a standard
dinner plate so you can infer the size of the fish from there. It costs
RM 8.88 (8 is considered a good number due to the pronunciation) and
comes with steamed rice and Sugarbun’s pickled vegetables on the side.
The sauce they poured over the fish goes well with the fried fish,
though I would add chilli for taste. The fish is fried well, crispy but
soft on the inside and there aren’t many bones to get in your way.

nien nien yu yee

This is what the inside of the fish looks like. I even had both sets
of eyes, they fried it well on the outside, but the inside is still
nice and gooey. The fish I got and the one my gf had was slightly
differing in size, but not to a great degree. I don’t expect whole fish
to be exactly the same size, but it’s not that different so they must
have some sort of quality control on the sizes. It’s good, I liked the
Prosperity Fish Meal and with a whole fish to go with it, I don’t think
the RM 8.88 price tag is unreasonable.

Besides, with all the bites I got out of it, I feel much more prosperous already.

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