SugarBun Chicken Burger @ RM 1.91

sugarbun chicken burger outlet

SugarBun came out with a new burger for the Gawai holidays – Chicken Burger for RM 1.91. The burger is available for a limited time only and today is the last day it’s available for sale. I checked it out just now before catching X-Men III.

sugarbun chicken burger promo

Chicken Burger retails for the low price of RM 1.91 for the period spanning from the 27th of May to the 4th of June. It’s meant to target the Gawai (local harvest festival) celebrations, which is also the reason I’m back in Sibu – the long holidays.

sugarbun chicken burger inside

SugarBun constantly adds new items to its remarkable menu (which now includes three layer coffee) to test the market and the items gets incorporated into the permanent menu (which consists of 151 items to date) if there is sufficient market demand.

sugarbun chicken burger meal

I ordered two Chicken Burgers as well as three pieces of chicken (they have really good fried chicken) for lunch since we had about an hour to kill before the movie starts. The tea is my girlfriend’s drink – I don’t like hot drinks.

sugarbun chicken burger

This is what the Chicken Burger looks like – it has a sizable patty, a very generous amount of chicken for an RM 1.91 burger. I didn’t think much of it at first glance since it just looks like a standard chicken burger.

sugarbun chicken burger bite

However, the Chicken Burger surprised me with the topping – it has the coleslaw mix and cucumbers that is a signature SugarBun burger topping! It goes really well with their fish burger and it seems that the coleslaw mix goes well with anything coz it tastes good with chicken as well.

SugarBun Chicken Burger is great value at RM 1.91 per burger. SugarBun may be the poor man’s McDonald’s but it’s the very first fast food joint we had over here in Sibu and besides… owns shares in SugarBun Berhad. πŸ˜‰


Ringgit McSavers – New Chicken Burger, Orange McFizz, McDonald’s Privilege Card etc

mcringgit savers

Ringgit McSavers comprise of the newly introduced concept of RM 2.50
McDonald’s menu items. Great savings, every day! I’m a big fan of
McDonald’s, as regular readers of this site know. i’m lovin’ it and all
that. πŸ˜‰

ringgit mcsavers

I had a McAttack just now and went to the nearest McDonald’s to
check out their new Chicken Burger, which I’m told is not the same as a
McChicken. I had also wanted to try out the Orange McFizz.

mcd lime chill promo

I also noticed that they had a new drink out – Lime Chill. It’s
pre-blended and dispensed from one of those juice dispensers they have.
Notice the McDonald’s Privilege Card promotion to the side?

mcd priv front

On the same note, I was offered a loyalty card which they called the i’m lovin’ it Privilege Card. It costs RM 2 and comes in a siren red credit card format.

mcd priv back

Here’s the benefits this loyalty card gives you. I got one just for
fun, there’s not much benefits per se, but it’s well worth the RM 2 if
you eat at McD’s often.

mcd lime chill

Lime Chill is dubbed as The Zesty Thirst Quencher
and is available for RM 3.20 (22 oz) and RM 2.90 (16 oz). It tastes
good…it’s slightly carbonated and the taste is different from mere
lime juice but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s definitely
thirst quenching.

The Orange McFizz is made up of two drink combinations:

mcd mcfizz sprite

mcd mcfizz oj
Minute Maid Orange Juice

I half expected it to be a Sprite and F&N Orange mix (which will
undoubtedly be mediocre) but to my pleasant surprise, I saw that it was
a mixture of 1/2 Sprite which was then topped up with Minute Maid
Orange Juice.

mcd orange mcfizz

The texture and taste is divine. It’s above the world! The thick
pure fruit juice of Minute Maid was offset by the carbonated fun of
Sprite to make this the King of Thirst Quenchers! The Sprite fizzles up
through the Minute Maid orange juice and the combination came out to be
slightly thick, yet satisfyingly liquid. i’m lovin’ it. πŸ˜‰

mcd new chicken burger

I also had the aforementioned Chicken Burger, which
is a different menu item from the McChicken, the Chicken McDeluxe and
the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Chicken Burger is made from crusty grain
buns and has a great spicy sauce which is unlike any other I’ve tasted

mcd new chicken eaten

Here’s what it looks like. It tastes really great – highly
recommended! The texture of the buns gives it a different zest that
makes this burger one of the greats.

Selamat berbuka puasa to all my Muslim readers. πŸ˜‰

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