Guide to covering up a love bite

The midst of passion, sometimes love bites can occur at visible places e.g. the neck. This is usually not a problem for most of us. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of passionate loving going on.

love bite

However, it might be a bit of a problem if the hickey in question was done by someone other than your significant other. I would think that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife would be aware of inflicting a minor hematoma on your neck the previous night, temporarily bursting the blood vessels under your skin. It would be…problematic, to say the least to explain away the love-bite so this is The Guide to Covering Up Love Bites.

Method: Foundation

love bite foundation

I had thought that using a flesh colored foundation would be sufficient to cover up the incriminating bruise. I got Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in the Sand color (which is approximate enough to my skin color). It didn’t work very well. It can cover it up to a certain extent, but it’s still rather visible. There is also the need to constantly apply the foundation and it rubs off rather easily.

Method: Concealer

love bite sk2

This is the SK-II concealer that is probably meant for something other than covering up love bites. However, I had shared my predicament with Joyce and she kindly lent me her concealer. She told me that foundation does not and will not actually cover up bruises (or hickies) and using a concealer is the proper method of…well, concealing the incriminating mark.

love bite concealer

I tried using it and it works like a charm! It completely covers up the love bite. Joyce told me that the proper method of application is to rub the concealer on the love-bite and then using a heated finger (generated by friction from rubbing your index finger against your palm) to dab and pat the offending area.

love bite joyce

Joyce is a bit of an expert in these things, being the owner of Envy Health & Beauty. She’s my official consultant on things such as these. πŸ˜‰

Concealer works very well, much better than traditional methods such as rubbing the love-bite (which sometimes makes it even worse). It passed the eagle eye of my ex-girlfriend, who didn’t notice it at all…and she has an excellent eye for detail. =D

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