Falling off could result in severe injury or death

falling off the wagon

I found this sign hilarious. It was on a buggy (or a wagon, if you will). Falling off (the wagon) could result in severe injury or death. Well, no shit Sherlock!

No dual meanings, I’m still on the wagon but my sleep addled mind is sprouting all sorts of crap which doesn’t even make sense to me.

charity eh

Anyway, I was looking through my BB and found this photo of me and a kid (tween?) in an orphanage the last, last time I did some charity. The previous one was also an orphanage but tomorrow I’ll be doing something different!

2 hour bus ride to an island to plant some trees! I need to wake up early, and yes, that is my cue to stop writing. I’ll update again tomorrow night!

damn sexy tshirt

One last random photo – I love statement tees, but unfortunately all the ones I have are gone due to an unfortunate trip to KK where my baggage was lost. πŸ™

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