Homemade chocolate mousse write-up

chocolate mousse bowl

This is the photo of the chocolate mousse I made after three days of
preparation. The recipe and step-by-step procedures will be furnished
below, including a video clip of the interesting chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse fleas

Step 1: Line the mixing bowl (toilet bowl) with serviettes (toilet paper).

Step 2: Start putting in the first layer of chocolate (shit). The first chocolate layer should be semi-solid in nature.

Step 3: Line the first layer of chocolate (human excretion) with more serviettes (TP) and add another layer of solid chocolate (#2).

Step 4: Garnish the second layer of solid chocolate with another layer of serviettes and squeeze in a final layer of melted chocolate (liquid shit, best obtained when you really need to go).

Step 5: Marinate the chocolate mousse at 37 degrees Celsius for three days.

Step 6: Serve at room temperature. Recipe serves 2 people.

chocolate mousse serve

Download: Chocolate mousse serving method [sixthseal.com]

It’s actually just my backed up toilet which was attracting fleas of
all sorts. Watch the fleas swarm out as I take a piss in the movie!

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