ICT 2004: Day 4 – Logitech girl and expo roundup

ict04 exhibitor

Today was the last day of ICT 2004, Kuching. It has been a great
expo – I had more fun than in the previous one, although the company
benefited more from the previous expo coz this one doesn’t attract our
target market. I’ve just returned from packing up all our stuff and
moving it to the showroom and here’s the writeup of the final day of
ICT 2004.

me and ivy apacer

This is Ivy from the booth opposite ours. I’ve got to know her
during this expo, and I’m glad I did. She’s really nice and seems to be
happy all the time, a quality I very much admire, since I’m severely
lacking it. She reminds me of one of my friends. Here’s a short clip of
me bothering her with my digicam. πŸ˜‰

ivy video

Download: Ivy video [sixthseal.com]

That gives a better picture of what she’s like, photos doesn’t preserve the character of someone.

Logitech girl

logitech models

This one is for the male (or female, if you swing that way) readers.
The same three models, this time with the theme “Logitech girl”. I
didn’t enter the contest though, coz I had to fix the network problem
at the booth so I left without entering.

shirley pre logitech shoot

Here’s a pre-session photo of Shirley. We talked about which photo I entered yesterday for the Kodak contest.

logitech shirley

Again, I mainly took photos of Shirley – she’s the one with the sex
appeal (easy to see from the pre-shoot product demonstration) and she
has a great personality.

logitech model 2

This is the second model. She’s a little too “stiff” and
self-conscious, IMHO. She’s alright in the looks department, but she
needs some help in other aspects. I find it hard to work with her – she
the type of model that poses the way she wants, not the way you want.

logitech model 3 first

This is the third model. She’s not hard to work with per se, but
she’s more of the “girl next door” type, personality wise. I do not get
the feeling that she’s 100% comfortable with her body.

logitech model 3 second

Here’s another shot of the third model. She seems to be popular with the other photographers, for reasons which elude me.

shirley comfortable

Shirley, on the other hand, is comfortable with her body and much
easier to work with. There’s no self-consciousness in her poses, which
is good.

shirley logitech close

Here’s a close-up of her. I would have entered this for the
competition, except I had work to do. The photo doesn’t have the
Logitech product in it, anyway, but I thought it was a good one, told
her to bend down a bit for a shot with more sexual appeal and took it
at body level (instead of from above, which would make the photo look
undignified instead of provocative – a fine line to toe).

Anyway, like I said, I didn’t enter the contest this time coz I had
to run back to the booth. I did not win the Kodak contest either, but
IMNSHO, the winning entry wasn’t good at all – it was washed out and
unfocused. There were heaps of other more deserving entries (not mine,
this time they were pros with digital SLR’s fitted with the proper
lenses), but I’m not the judge anyway. I had a very similar photo
though, and I didn’t even think about submitting it.

ICT 2004 – Day 4 (last day) video

ict04 day4

Download: ICT 2004, Day 4 [sixthseal.com]

This covers Hall B, the outside hall. The customary daily walk through, this is the final one.

Convention food

kikyo tei 1

kikyo tei 2

The canteen was stocked with food from Kikyo-Tei, a Japanese
restaurant, but it tasted terrible…typical sloppy convention food.

sloppy expo food

…which I had to eat anyway due to a booth manning shortage.

Ragnarok: DreamSky Online giveaway

ro stuff

This booth is just to the side of us. I’ve been looking at the cute
balloons with a less than benign eye for a while, but something else
caught my attention – a plush pink one with the same design! It was
even better than the balloon. I got it in the giveaway. πŸ™‚

ro giveaway

It was the first item up and the question was “What booth is RO
occupying?”. The first guy who answered got it wrong, and I stepped up
and said “19-23”, which was a wild guess, and the wrong answer, as I
later found out when I looked at the map. However, props to the RO reps
from Penang, they knew I wanted it (asked if it was for sale
previously, it wasn’t, it was for the contest) so they let me have it.

ro mc

The MC was going “Is that the right answer?” to the RO reps, and
they said “Give it to him”, even though I was wrong (didn’t even say I
was wrong, though they didn’t answer then the MC asked if it was the
correct answer, coz it wasn’t). Cheers! πŸ™‚ It’s the one that everyone
wanted, it’s just so cute! I said so too, I went “Thanks, this was what
I wanted.” πŸ˜‰

ro lucky draw

They were giving away all sorts of RO merchandize from lunch boxes
to jackets. However, that’s the lucky draw prizes though – you need to
buy something to be eligible. I did get an RO pen from the group
contest where we were divided into three groups and see who could
collectively shout “RO” the loudest.

ro prizes

Our group was by far the loudest one, everyone was enthusiastic,
joining in for good fun. I was offered more pens later though, but I
declined coz I just wanted one. I did ask for a poster (which was
supposed to be a giveaway) but the girl (same one I took the photo with
on the first day) was kind enough to just give it to me.

my ro stuff

This is the RO stuff I got…I don’t know what the CD is, it’s given free to everyone who passes by their booth.

Other points of interest

wcg04 war3 playback

WCG 2004 East Malaysia preliminaries were held and finished today at
the expo. I don’t know the results, didn’t follow the games. I noticed
it had ended when I saw this group of people sitting around watching
the winner’s recorded game. This is Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. The
winners were announced after the photography contest, but I didn’t
stick around for that.

boh fill er up

Free Boh iced tea. I finally just took my big water bottle along and
asked nicely for them to fill it instead of taking one small cup after
another. They were kind enough to oblige.

benq sodas

BenQ wins the Most Ingenious Profit Generating Idea award. They were
selling sodas right inside their booth. It was popular – I had several
Vanilla Cokes myself.

keyboard touch me

This keyboard that has a “Please touch me” sign. It’s just so wrong on so many levels…

too much fast furious

There was a projector showing The Fast and The Furious over and over
again in the booth a little to the left and opposite ours. It was
entertainment, but I watched it so many times, I swear I can memorize
half the script (not the full script, Ivy, but I’m getting there, and
if the convention went for much longer…). I had hoped that they would
show Finding Nemo (which they did for a little while in the first day),
but they went back to The Fast and The Furious…turns out that it was
the only licensed DVD they had, when I asked. We had taken to calling
the movie “Too Much, Too Furious!” by the end of the expo.

Jesus, I can see Vin Diesel in my dreams…



Here’s a video showing the end of ICT 2004.

ict04 end

Download: ICT 2004 ends [sixthseal.com]

This is one to cap off the expo…it shows the exhibitors packing up. ICT 2004 – a great expo, and a fun filled four days.

ICT 2004: Day 3 – Kodak girl

kodak models
The three Kodak models at a pre-shoot session

me kodak models
…and this is the one with me.

There was a photo shooting competition with the theme “Kodak Girl”
today. Basically, there were three models, no post production
(immediate CF Card submission) and the best three will get digital
cameras as a prize. I did not enter to win, so I politely refused to
submit the whole set of photos, like the others. I like retaining the
copyrights to my photos, and submitting it would transfer my
intellectual property to them. Here are some of the photos I took. I
can’t put up the whole series coz it would take up too much space.

kodak shot

I think I submitted this one. I’m not sure, but if I did, I’m an idiot coz this is not the best one from the series.

model two

This is the second model, got her to pose for a “camera tag” shot.

model three

This is the third model.

models interacting

Here’s one with the models interacting but since the theme seems to
be singular i.e. Kodal girl vs Kodak girls, I did not put this one in,
though it’s a good one, IMHO. Hmm…come to think of it, can you really
use “IMHO” in the context of your own work?

kodak like

Here’s the photo that I really like – I did not submit this though,
coz I realized her left hand obscured the Kodak top. Her name is
Shirley. If you think she looks familiar, you would be right. She was
at BTS 2004 too and she remembered me from that expo. You can see as
the SlideHide model here [sixthseal.com]. I talked to her after the session, more about that later.

shirley dark

This is another one I like – the image came out with a mysterious
aura. I mainly worked with Shirley coz she’s a good model i.e. she’s
responsive to the photographer. It takes good photographer-model
interaction to create good shots.

me shirley

Anyway, I talked to her after all that, she’s really friendly like I
mentioned previously, I pitched the pengsan.com advertisement concept
to her, told her it would involve drugs and I would need to have a
model release form signed upon completion of the assignment. I like to
work with her but I was apprehensive coz she said she was a college
student at first, but it turns out that it’s not a college here, so I
guess that’s okay. I do not want to jeopardize the academic prospects
of anyone on the account of the controversial pengsan.com ad I’m going
to push out.

She said she will be leaving Kuching next week, so the photo shoot
needs to be done early next week if it’s going to be with her, but
regardless, she told me she’ll hook me up with her other model friends
if I can’t do it early next week. I’m not sure, I could if it’s at
night, but night shots doesn’t have the effect that I want. I got her
number and I told her to think about it, we’ll be meeting tomorrow

Oh, and before I forget…

This is today’s ICT 2004 video:

ict04 day3

Download: ICT 2004, Day 3 [sixthseal.com]

ICT 2004: Day 1 – Doing what I do best

ida girls

…and it’s not pitching. πŸ˜‰ I’m not into doing that. I’m the
systems engineer so I’m just helping out. The two people above are with
IDA, the organizers of this expo and the previous one, so I know them
from the previous expo we had a booth in just two weeks ago.

me joanne

This is me and Joanne.

ro reps

The Ragnarok Online booth had representatives from Penang.

me with ro girl

I didn’t get her name. I was really exhausted (aka coming down really hard) yesterday since I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before and no sleep at all for several days before that.

girls unknown booth

This was even worse…

me with girls unknown

…I can’t even remember which booth they were from.

me foaf

She’s a friend of a friend, which reminds me, she wanted the photo,
will have to remember to get it developed at one of them kiosks

Here’s the video from Day 1 of ICT 2004:

ict 04 day 1

Download: ICT 2004, Day 1 [sixthseal.com]

The Day 2 writeup will be up next, and we have models coming in for
a photo shoot tomorrow, so you can expect more of this. My apologies
for alienating my female audience, we shall have this sort of posts in
moderation here at sixthseal.com in the future. πŸ˜‰

ICT Expo 2004: Day 0 – Setup

kcba ict expo 04

This is KCBA ICT Expo 2004 – the second expo we’re establishing a
presence in. KCBA is the acronym for Kuching Computer Business
Association and ICT apparently stands for Information, Communication,
Technology. It’s organized by the good people at IDA Exhibition
Services and it’s at Level 5 of the Permata Carpark Building.

ict04 kuching

ICT Expo 2004 is more oriented towards entertainment and consumer
electronics, and is supposed to attract a younger crowd, compared to
the previous expo, which was mainly for suppliers and trade people. It
will officially open tomorrow, today is the day the exhibitors come in
and set things up.

wcg pcs

Anyway, the WCG (World Cyber Games) East Malaysia preliminary is
held at the same expo. That’s a pro gaming tourney, and I had half
thought about joining for fun, but they told me the spots were full and
the signups were closed five days ago. The above shows the boxes that
the games are going to be played on.

security wcg 2004

There was a security guard walking around, no doubt to prevent
competitors from installing aimbots or something. I got him to pose
beside the arena of PC’s and he kindly obliged. Cheers!

Here’s the customary video of the day:

ict2004 setup

Download: ICT Expo 2004 Setup [sixthseal.com]

The reason for the long pause is coz I was checking my Exhibitor tag
to see what expo this is…you tend to lose track after a while. :p

Well, since today is the setup day (not open to the public), not all
the booths are finished yet, but from what I see, this is going to be a
more interesting expo. There were a lot of promising booths offering
intriguing products.

intel loot me

Intel is also renting a couple of booths at the expo. They have a
“Loot me!” sign attached to their booth. There’s no one there, in fact
the whole expo floor was practically empty. Monitors anyone?

dreamsky booth setup

The booth to opposite us and a little to the left has Ragnarok Online – Dream Sky stuff. I’m not into MMORPGs…

ragnarok balloons

…but these balloons were going “Grab one, I’m cute!”

Here are some miscellaneous shots from the expo floor on setup day:

ict04 misc 1

ict04 misc 2

ict04 misc 3

I’m intrigued by this device.

infocus thingy

It goes “I am EVERYTHING & EVERYWHERE. I am InFocus.” I’m not
sure what it does, the dark walk in display doesn’t do anything, but it
could be one of those integrated home entertainment system things. I’ll
report back tomorrow.

poor john

This poster really made my day. Anti-intellectual property theft
(the correct term for “software piracy”) propaganda. This is John, a
“computer genius” falling victim to “software pirates”. Poor John…a
minute of silence please, for John’s plight.

idiot at ict04

Men behaving badly. This illustrates the concept of “chao huey”
well, a local term which literally translates to “fire escaping”. It’s
one of the few things that survives cross-language translation. Chao huey
is the term people use to describe that aggressive and pissed off state
of mind following prolonged and high caffeine intake before benzos are
called in to temper (no pun intended) the negative effects. It can
manifest itself in various ways, namely, aggressive behavior towards
other people, a general simmering rage, and here, it shows a shirtless
someone giving you the finger with his pants falling down, showing his
tattered, but comfortable briefs.

When questioned, the man said that he’s feeling hot from all the
manual setting up work and wanted to go shirtless. I did not talk to
him much coz he was really agitated and confrontational.

Disclaimer: I made sure that there were no organizers
in the vicinity before taking that photo. There wasn’t anyone at the
empty expo grounds at that time except for us and this girl who was so
surprised she stopped in her tracks as I was posing for the photo. This
is just a fun photo taken by an employee and should not be taken to
reflect upon the company in any way.

ict04 july 1

1st of July (tomorrow) is when ICT 2004 will be open to the public.
Come one, come all! I’m at Booth 30, say sixthseal.com and I’ll take a
photo with you. =D

Anyway, we take turns having our lunch break…mine is up, I’m going back to the expo to set up the wireless LAN.

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