Nitrous Oxide

Hi, I’m veritas and this is “Just say N2O”.


Laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is usually found in cartridges sold as
“whipped cream chargers”. These beauties are about the size of your
index finger and makes a nice clinking sound which tends to produce a
Pavlov reaction. ๐Ÿ™‚ The first time I’ve seen nitrous oxide used
recreationally was when I was 12 years old. I saw this friend of mine
take a whipped cream bottle and depress the trigger in a particular way
while inhaling the gas. He offered me the bottle, but I declined to try
it, having read horror stories about inhalant use and brain damage.


Fast forward to a decade later, I’m much more knowledgeable about
recreational drug use, and I’ve had quite a bit of experience under my
belt. I am now aware that even though nitrous is classified as an
“inhalant”, the use is this particular substance is not linked to brain
damage the same way other inhalants like Freon, gasoline and toluene
are. I’ve had a lot of drugs, but this particular recreational
substance seems to have been left on the side in pursuit of “harder”

Do not inhale!

Inhaling from a whipped cream bottle does not seem to produce the
level of effects which a cartridge filled balloon does, so I finally
got hold of some N20 cartridges today. The recreational use of nitrous
oxide requires the cream charger cartridges, a “cracker” and a balloon.
The cracker is a contraption which pierces the cartridge and releases
the (very cold) nitrous oxide on the other side, which would ideally be
occupied by a balloon. This cracker is made by the resourceful CT:


The open threaded end is where the balloon fits over and the other
side can be screwed apart to fit a cartridge in and then screwed in,
piercing the seal and filling the balloon. Very nifty device. Each
cartridge seems to be able to fill a balloon, and that volume is just
comfortable for my lungs to inhale. I have read about people being able
to inhale two cartridges, I am very impressed! I smoke cigarettes and
marijuana, and I think I can hold a fair bit of stuff in my lungs but
one cartridge is already enough to fill my lung to capacity.


How does nitrous feel like? Three words: Nitrous is fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ No, that smiley doesn’t count as a word. CT
has a very good technique he passed on, basically you hyperventilate
for about 30 seconds, and during the last breath out, breath out
completely, attach balloon to mouth, inhale and hold that motherfucker
in for as long as you can. Well, like I said, I smoke so I am
comfortable with inhaling stuff. The rush of the sweet (it really does
taste sweet, I swear) gas into my lungs produced a head rush and I held
it in for a full minute and suddenly (I was sitting on the floor), I
dropped backwards and laid prone on the floor.

It’s quite obvious whipping cream is the last thing on my mind

I had the presence of mind (I have been reading too much H.P.
Lovecraft) to exhale the lungful of gas + carbon monoxide back into the
balloon for “recycling”. I remember NOFX – Idiots are Taking Over
playing and the music sounds good, but distorted…and clichรฉd as it
sounds, I started laughing my ass off. I inhaled the recycled gas and
held it in for another minute and everything started getting distorted
and that seemed even funnier. I was lying on the floor and I dropped my
hand over my face and realized that my face is numb! I did it again and
again and that was fun for a while, until the nitrous wore off.

How a cracker works

Yep, I loaded another cartridge, and then another one, and then
another one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also smoked some cannabis, and man, nitrous feel so
much better while on weed! It is quite compulsive too, I kept on
loading cartridges and refilling balloons (all the while enjoying the
ice cold cracker feeling) until every single one was gone. I did “burn”
(the opposite of burn anyway) my finger one time…I didn’t realize I was
holding on to the icy cracker for a long time and it left a mark on my
index finger.

Nitrous oxide in the cartridge is a very cold gas and the cracker
will become icy cold after a few iterations. I don’t think you’ll
actually hurt yourself seriously this way though. This is a very fun
substance indeed, I can’t wait to try it while under the influence of
other things…I would try it again on mushrooms soon, I hear it’s a
blast! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, where did I put those Nurofen Plus tablets? I have a headache…

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