My car eats tickets a.k.a. The KLCC parking story

parking klcc

This happened close to midnight. I had just finished watching a movie at KLCC and paid the RM 12 parking ticket. I casually tossed it on the dashboard of my car, which is the usual holding place until I exit the carpark.

Unfortunately, this was just after my car has been fixed in ways that I never imagined possible.

car eats tickets

There was a hole inside the dashboard.

I don’t know where it leads to and spent a good 10 minutes futilely trying to retrieve the ticket by shoving my hand into the 20 cm crack before giving up and heading to the manned parking payment center.

klcc parking

It was still open – thankfully. I expected to pay the RM 50 lost ticket charge but the guy behind the counter just gave me another ticket instead after I explained what had happened.

I used that mysterious ticket and it turned out to be just RM 6!

emergency exit ticket

It also showed that I had just stayed for slightly over an hour, which is wildly inaccurate – I was there for 4 hours.

I don’t know where the guy got it from, but I was so grateful at his kind actions that I stopped before going out and passed him RM 10 as a tip.

He was as surprised as I was – tipping is not customary over here.

…so now I know – Don’t put the parking ticket on the dashboard!


My car seems to have a positively voracious appetite after being fixed. I should start calling it Christine. 😡

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