Pocket of Persia @ KFC


This is the new Pocket of Persia at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It comes in a nice cardboard package with a sticker sealing it.

Pocket of Persia!

The inside of the “Pocket of Persia” contains a pita with two
chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and salsa. Salsa. The horrible,
horrible flashbacks from the time I consumed a two jars of Doritos
Salsa and three packs of corn chips by the same manufacturer and puked
when I had the munchies last time…


Nevermind…here’s a photos of the inside of the Prince of Persia
pita (uneaten). Here’s one that had a couple of bites taken out of it:


I wonder how they manage to get these perfect bites for food
photos…probably a teeth model (like a finger model) trained to take
nice bites to leave appropriate teeth marks. Regardless, it didn’t look
like the picture on the table ad beside, though it did warn that the
serving featured is for illustration purposes only.

Pocket of Persia table ad.

Well, I had the combo meal and IMHO, Pocket of Persia just tastes
like a Twister, except now it comes in a taco shell…nothing to write
home about and be careful about that salsa sauce if you’ve had a bad
experience before.

Tear along perforated lines. Remove top flap. Indulge!

Oh and I found out the “right” way to eat it after I’m done…the
packet was made to be eaten without getting your hands dirty. There
were illustrations for the comprehension challenged at the back, but
unfortunately they did not account for people who doesn’t RTFM. That’s
not very nice KFC, I demand reparations since companies are supposed to
cater to the lowest common denominator and now my hands are all dirty,
requiring me to wash them (RM 0.40 for soap and RM 3.42 for my
time)…and don’t even get me going about McDonald’s and their hot
coffee…I didn’t read the “Cautions: Contents may be hot”, oh my poor

Anyway, what the fuck was I doing at KFC when I should be at work
like a normal, productive drone of society? I had the flu…caught it
yesterday and it took a turn for the worse today, fever, chills, runny
nose (hate this one), muscle aches etc so I went to see the nearest
doctor. We actually have two medical cards from the office that allows
us to see doctors for free, but unfortunately this polyclinic I go
(within walking distance) to is not on the list, will have to request
an addition tomorrow.

Demam + Selsema

I asked what’s in the selsema (flu) pills, I’m sure its an
anti-histamine of some sort, just wanted to know which ones. The nurse
told me the flu tablets are Piriton (GlaxoSmithKline) tablets
containing 4 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate each and the fever tablets
had paracetamol in them. At least I think that was what she told
me…selsema = flu and demam = fever right?

My liver is going to hate me if I’m wrong…took 3 x 4 mg of the
antihistamines with my usual prescription and some ethanol containing
beverages, and that last one doesn’t like to play nice with
paracetamol. I’m pretty sure I took the right one though – runny nose
cleared right up within the hour. πŸ™‚

Hello, my name is Huai Bin, this is my MC:


I’ll reply the comments tomorrow okay? My apologies, I’m still
feeling under the weather, so I’m going to lie down and watch
Smallville. Hmm…did I say that out loud, write it or just think it? πŸ˜‰

Old Simpsons reference.

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