Crown Casino robbery

I was supposed to have a half day off today but ended up spending the whole day on campus due to
my ITPM and IE projects. Brass Monkey Consultants first deliverable is due tomorrow. Don’t look at
me, I didn’t choose that name. Anyway, I was at the MONSU lounge around noon, so I did get to eat a
couple of doughnuts courtesy of MONSU’s Sex It Up Week. I was reading the paper there and saw this
funny article which is also available here [].
Apparently someone decided to rob Crown Casino [] yesterday and managed to
get away even though it was a half-assed attempt at best. He was operating alone, took out a
handgun and robbed Crown of “a substantial, six-figure sum”. However, he didn’t have a getaway
car and left fingerprints and all sorts of personal info at the casino because he’s a Mahogany
Room member. Guess how he got away? A cab. You can’t make this stuff up folks. Heh. He didn’t
even have a bag to put the cash in (?) and just stuffed it into his pockets. Here is a choice
quote from the article: Police were quickly on the scene, but were unable to find a suspect
with bulging pockets.
Man, that totally cracked me up. If you’re still wondering, he got
away. Somebody up there must like him. =D

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