Taiwan Siau Jou (Taiwan Porridge)

taiwan siau jou

Taiwan Siau Jou translates to Taiwan Porridge (or congee if you want
to be anal about it). It’s just opposite where I work and it’s an
eating establishment that specializes in…porridge. Seriously.

taiwan siau jou interior

This is what the interior looks like. I went for lunch with a couple
of my coworkers. I actually went from person to person and asked “Who
wants some porridge?”. πŸ˜‰ It seems that porridge is not very popular
for lunch. Hell, I wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t want to review the

taiwan siau jou choices

Taiwan Siau Jou has a large choice of dishes to choose from, to
complement the porridge. You basically choose what you want and you get
a bowl of congee to go with the choices. It’s a very unusual system for
me. There are dishes that you wouldn’t normally relate to
porridge…meat dishes, vegetable dishes, you name it…

taiwan siau jou porridge

This is the main dish – watery porridge (congee). It comes with bits of sweet potatoes and tapioca embedded.

taiwan siau jou dishes

Here’s what the three of us shared for lunch. The choices are varied to allow an accurate review of the establishment.

taiwan siau jou meat

This is a Chinese style meat loaf (roll?) sliced and served with chili sauce.

taiwan siau jou vege

We also ordered some vegetables – this is kacang botol.

taiwan siau jou floss

Here’s a staple for congee dishes – pork floss.

taiwan siau jou egg

This is another classic complement – century eggs with slices of ginger.

taiwan siau jou squares

We also had a meat dish made with minced pork. It came with a generous portion of gravy.

taiwan siau jou ribs

This is the final meat based dish – it’s spare ribs in sauce.

taiwan siau jou huygens
Here’s the Huygens Asia lunch crew.
L-R: Elvinna, Mancy, Huai Bin (me).

Taiwan Siau Jou is a great place for a light lunch. It won’t put you into a post-lunch coma like other lunch options will. πŸ˜‰

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