My Dream in the Year of the Tiger


Jestina sent me a photo she took from her BB last Saturday and it made me smile the entire day. I sat there, pondering on why I felt so happy when the proverbial light bulb came on. *cue That’s Amore song* 


My dream in the Year of the Tiger is, in no uncertain terms, get into a relationship with Jestina Goon. My calculator tells me that I’m hitting 29 in a little more than two months so that means I’ll be pushing 30 next year. The Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day falls on the very same day this year so this would be the perfect opportunity! =D

I remember singing Ai De Lu Shang Zhi You Wo He Ni (Just the two of us walking down the road of love) over the phone a couple of months ago to her. It’s not as good as Richie Ren’s version, far from it, but it’s the thought that matters right?

I also sent her a rather cheesy email some time ago: 


However, with the slow progress, I’m thinking maybe she just doesn’t like the player type. Jestina is a really nice girl so I shall do it By The Book (TM) (1920 edition, went out of print 1950 due to changing times but my dad has a First Cover Edition). πŸ˜‰

Dad: Be a good boy, old skool is gold school, treat her well.

Okay dad. 

melaka chalet

I should take a page from The Egg Yolks‘ book and pursue her properly. He’s getting married soon so he’s gotta be doing something right. Now here’s where the RM 8,888 comes in.

According to the Gentleman’s Playbook (circa 1920) the obligatory procedure is the classic flowers, dinner and date.

a bouquet for you 

However, a small aside on the entry mentions that all these can be skipped if you already know the lady. Thus, I’m going to use it all for a romantic vacation to seal the deal! πŸ˜‰

What is the first thing that comes into mind when you think of romance? Venice


I’ve got this free unlimited flights thing going on (the Year of the Tiger has been good to me) so we’ll only need to pay for one person which comes up to RM 4603 for a return trip.

That leaves RM 4285.


The majority of that will go into accommodation – Il Palazzo is the place to be! It overlooks the Grand Canal and has a personal concierge service. The suites at Bauer Il Palazzo is considered to be the most luxurious in Venice – perfect for a romantic getaway. The suites don’t come cheap at 750 Euros (which works out to RM 3,600) so that leaves me with:

RM 685 


We’ll be doing the gondola thing, visiting all the art museums and dine in romantic hole-in-the-wall restaurants so I really hope I win the Grand Prize which comes with extra RM 1,888 cash to fund the trip.

Crap, that sounds like a something out of a player’s handbook after all. Haha! Oh well.

Anyway, if all goes well you’re all invited to our wedding. πŸ˜‰ 


Tiger Beer is the official beer for the Year of the Tiger. Do you have a wish you want Tiger Beer to fulfill in the Year of the Tiger? Just write a blog post like this in order to stand a chance to participate in Nuffnangers Run to Win towards the Year of the Tiger. If you snag the first prize, you’ll get your RM 8,888 wish fulfilled in addition to RM 1,888 in cash.

The first male and female runner ups will also have their RM 8,888 dreams granted by Tiger Beer. 88 bloggers will be selected for the run and one of the tasks is to post something on the Tiger Beer Facebook fan page, so if you want to be fast, you’ll have to be a fan of it first!

Just send in your entry to with your full name and blog post permalink. This very auspicious run will be happening on the 6th of February at 4:30 pm at Bar Madrid, Jaya One! 


Jestina, I will run like a stampeding bull is behind me with full intention of goring my gonads in its blind fury during the Nuffnang-Tiger run!!!!11111

Standout with Tiger and Nuffnang Party


I went to HQnine, TTDI for the Standout with Tiger and Nuffnang party on Saturday night. I wasn’t feeling very well that night, and didn’t manage to get much of a costume together. I went to get a Banana Republic shirt coz everyone has been bugging me about my remarkable wardrobe. πŸ˜‰


I went and signed up…


…and who did I see? PPC! (okay, very lame rhymes)

su ann

I also met Su Ann, who was there as Cecelia Chung in Edison Chen’s photos…





suet li

…and Suet Li.


The Nuffies are out and about, spreading cheer with their Nuffnang Dollars.


Carol isn’t exactly a champion at thumb wrestling, mostly due to her small hands, but props for going for it anyway (and netting me a cool ND 80). I had about 240 (or was it 340?) Nuffnang Dollars which I pooled together with Hitomi and friend (er…my memory is a bit messed up, sorry!).


I also won some from Doria and I was bidding for Yee Hou, which I lost, and it’s a good thing too coz the mystery prize was bananas that round.


I nearly won the next round if not for the Spartans (grr…lost by about ND 40 and it was a Nintendo DS Lite) but the stakes were high at the end and I found it impossible to proceed without pooling resources.


Thus, our motley crew of 3 managed to win the next bid with ND 600…but alas, it was Gold Class tickets to GSC so I let the other two have it.


It was fun. A three word summary of the night. πŸ˜‰

I’m a Standout in Life


I wasn’t born in one of the cool zodiacs. I’m not a snake, dragon or Tiger (:p). I’m a Rooster. A wretched chicken. *makes chicken noises* Jesus Christ, why can’t I be born in a better year? However, my horoscope is impeccable – I’m an Aries. Hell, I’m an ARIES Aries since I’m smack dab in the middle of the month.


I stand out in life coz I have the courage to boldly go where no man has gone before. Kiss a poisonous King Cobra? No problem. I bet the owner of the snake temple must have regretted the rhetorical call to action coz she thought no one would actually do it. She quickly shooed me off the stage since I was well within striking range of the rather agitated snake. The snake charmer liked me though. I do things that others wouldn’t dare to…

…like go naked in a public waterfall (scarring numerous little kids in the process – boy, are they gonna need therapy later on in life).

…or setting gasoline on fire in a back alley of a gated community with CCTVs.


…or go up to Genting in full costume and getting INTO the casino and out.

Watch the video. I celebrated pulling this off by singing on stage with the band. I just waltzed up and asked to sing. πŸ™‚


I’m a standout in life coz I dare to do what others do not. I guess you can call that being impulsive and reckless but hey, those are Aries traits and I’m proud of them. I wouldn’t blink if you show up on my doorstep with a kwan tau nursing a bleeding hand. Pierce my wrist? No problem. I laugh in the general direction of going for a tattoo on a whim. I don’t think. I do.


…and that’s what makes me special. That is what makes me standout coz it takes a lot of courage to pull of all the stuff that I’ve done in my life (some not chronicled on for obvious reasons) and not be dead by now. I ought to be dead, or at least horribly disfigured.


Someone up there loves me. There’s no other explanation for it.


Thus, to show my appreciation to the Powers That Be, I am going to the Stand Out With Tiger and Nuffnang party dressed as a mutilated creature. Someone (something?) you’ll shrink from in fear. The person you’ll point out to your kids and mutter “That’s what you’re gonna look like if you keep misbehaving”.

I don’t care about what others think of me. Call me an outcast, call me a pariah, but at least I don’t follow the crowd. Are you unique? Are you a Standout in life?


If you are, you’ll love the upcoming Stand Out With Tiger and Nuffnang party. It’s going down on the 6th of June 2009 at 7 pm (it’s a Saturday) and the dress code is simply “Standout”. Just be yourself!

How are you gonna get your hands on the tickets? There is only one way – blog about how outstanding you are in life! Create a blog post titled I’m a Standout in Life (like this one). Post up pictures and/or videos and submit your permalink URL to with your full name.


You might also want to embed the image above into your blog post – 5 random bloggers spotted with this image on their blog will be given a Nintendo DS Lite!

Other prizes up for grabs:
Most Eccentric Blogger Award:
A HP Notebook
The In-Need-of-Self-Reflection Award: Mystery Prize (dammit, I’m scared of this one, I have an affinity for winning mystery prizes
The Lucky Attention Seekers: Nintendo DS Lite x 5 (just embed the image into your blog post)
Standout King: Xbox 360
Standout Queen: Coach Handbag
The Pacifier Suckers: Mystery Prize (OMG! Again?

Only the first 100 bloggers who send in their entries will be given a pair of invites to this exclusive party so get cracking. Get the full details here.

The Grand Catch of the Night award will get your blog listed in the banner ads for this campaign and you’ll even have a spot to put your handprint during the Standout party (like the Hollywood Walk of Fame).


…but that’s what I’m targeting ya, so I’m calling shotgun for that one.

tiger me

I didn’t go all the way up to Genting in a Devil’s costume for nothing. :p

Tiger FC Fantasy Football League 2009 Updates!


I have been playing Tiger Fantasy League this season as a previous post indicated. Since then, the team is progressing really well, despite very little micromanagement during the week I was volunteering for charity work. I attribute that to a solid lineup selection in the starting stages. πŸ™‚

The Nuffnang mini-league (nuffleague) currently has 19 active players, 15 of which I am thrashing. I’m ranked at #4 with 118 points (a very auspicious number) with a global ranking position of 431.


Tiger Fantasy League also allows transfers during the football season:


I’m replacing Slyvain Distin, who’s the worst player in my team. He conceded 8 goals for crying out loud!


I’m taking in Lucas Neill from West Ham United instead. I’ve watched him play and he’s a bit of a dark horse that I’m betting on for Hull City v West Ham United on the 19th of October.

The transfer system is a very nifty feature as you don’t want to be stuck with your initial lineup if a player has injuries, red cards or other handicaps that would slow down your team’s progress. Likewise, if you have been eying a particular player who has been performing well during the season, this would be a good time to snap him up into your team.


I have been thwarted by KY, Geno FC and Team but the English Premier League is still far from over and I vow to exact my vengeance with the fury of Manchester City thrashing Portsmouth 6-0 last month.

Assimilation! Resistance is futile! πŸ˜‰

I never knew fantasy league could be this fun!

Team, FTW!

Tiger FC Fantasy League 2009

tiger fc

I would imagine that any red-blooded male would have played fantasy football at some point in their lives. It’s practically a religion over here with the Premier League, UEFA Cup, and World Cup as the Holy Trinity of sports. πŸ˜‰

I’ve seen the banner ads for Tiger FC Fantasy League for this season and signed up subversively at work. I have been nefariously building my team during office hours and it’s doing relatively well for this season.

Anyway, for people unfamiliar with the concept of fantasy football, it’s a game where you assemble a team based on real life players. The fun in this is that the scores you get are actually based on the real life performance of the players during that season. This is like building your dream team and watching how it plays out during the league. πŸ™‚


You can start playing anytime during the season and get ranked with other player’s teams. It’s quite fun and addictive even if you’re not a football fan since it’s like managing a football team. I’m sure some management skills can be gleaned from the game. πŸ˜‰

My current best player is Emmanuel Adebayor. My team (Team has scored 7 goals and conceded 6 goals thus far. You get to transfer players at scheduled times and the first one that’s getting the boot (pun intended) from my team is John Terry. He’s not carrying his weight in the defender position. πŸ™


The Tiger FC Fantasy League also allows you to create a mini-league(s) to challenge other players. The Nuffnang bloggers are joining a league together – you can challenge our player lineup if you think you’re better than us. The login details are:

League Name: nuffleague
Password: tigerfc

The Tiger FC Fantasy League is surprisingly addictive. I’ve found myself checking the papers in the morning to see the scores and then logging on at work to see how my team is doing.


I’ve even taken to logging on with a Pocket PC while dining out just to check on how my team is doing.

You can get some of the action too by signing up. You think you’re better than Team Prove it! πŸ˜‰

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