Your friendly neighborhood traffic police

traffic ticket vios

I just paid a RM 40 parking ticket for parking at a no-parking zone. It has increased, along with the petrol price hike, from the previous RM 30. That’s a 33% increase, which is just about in line with the 40% petrol price increase. The traffic police goes around on motorcycles, which uses petrol too. I guess that justifies the traffic ticket increase then. Oh, I forgot to put the sarcasm tags in.

traffic ticket wiper

However, the efficiency of our local men in blue (white actually, for the traffic police) has also increased, by perhaps 74%. I just parked my car and got out to pass something to Sandra – it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two, and her assistant told me that there’s a traffic police writing a traffic ticket at my car.

traffic ticket

I had hoped to catch the traffic police before he wrote it and…er, perhaps buy him a cup of coffee or something. *cough* However, not only was the ticket already on my windscreen wiper, the traffic cop had actually LEFT. Fu-yoh! Efficient!

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