Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park

genting theme park

Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park is one of the best theme parks in Malaysia and they have three new adrenaline filled rides that I went on (and Rene didn’t).

theme park tix

We had a deal that I’ll choose three rides and she’ll choose three and I went for all the thrill rides and she went for all the passive rides. πŸ˜‰

Flying Coaster

flying coaster

This is one of the new rides that I chose. You basically strap in horizontally and the ride goes through a coaster ride that includes obstacles (!).

flying coaster ride

I filmed the entire procedure ala Final Destination 3 and I’ll put up the video soon.

Pirate’s Train

pirates train

This was Rene’s choice and it’s basically an indoor ride through a simulated pirate alcove.

Sky Shot

sky shot

This is one of the new rides that give you some massive G Force by shooting you up to the sky and then letting you free fall down before repeating.

sky shot ride

I love this ride. I have the full video footage too.

Bumper Boats

bumper boat

We also went on the Bumper Boats (Rene’s choice obviously).

bumper boat scene

It was serene but not the adrenaline rush I wanted.

Cyclone Rollercoaster


I also went on the Cyclone Rollercoaster which is the first rollercoaster in Malaysia. I remember being scared shitless on this ride when I was 10 but it doesn’t even register on the Fear Factor scale now.

cyclone ride

I guess I just don’t value life anymore.

The Biggest Coca-Cola can in Malaysia

coke can

Take your snapshot with the biggest Coca-Cola can in Malaysia (88 feet or 8 stories high).

coke can us

We mistakenly thought that was it. It wasn’t. πŸ˜‰

genting end

Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park was fun. I wish I had more time there.


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