My kingdom for a thigh

I went to the KFC in Wisma Sanyan today to get some chicken for
dinner. I wanted a 3-piece set with ALL THIGHS, but apparently, that
would be a problem:

Me: Hello, I’ll like the 3-piece set, all thighs please
Cashier: I’m sorry sir, we’re not allowed to give the customers
so many thighs during peak hours. You can have drums, breast meat or
wings though.
Me: Hmm…then I’ll take 2 thighs and a drumstick
Cashier: Er…actually we’re only supposed to give out one thigh per order
Me: Oh alright, I’ll just have a thigh, a drumstick and a wing

I didn’t even have any problems getting all thighs from that
particular branch before. They must be having a backlog of breast meat
today to do that. I’ll rate my preference as thigh, drums, wings in
that order. I don’t even like breast meat. It’s just too dry and tough.

Anyway, the road running parallel to the 4-storey SMC car park is so
hard to navigate now. Who had the bright idea to put so many barriers
to streamline the traffic? It’s just 4 lanes and 3 of them turn right,
so there is no need for so many of those things. It was implemented
recently too, and I drove over one of them inadvertently while driving
to Wisma Sanyan. Sheesh…luckily I swerved in time to avoid hitting
the “Turn Left” sign.

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