Original Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style @ Plaza Low Yat


I’ve eaten here the last time I was in KL and figured I would go
back and take photos of the okonomiyaki making process. The seating
arrangement allows you to sit in front of the grill and watch them make
your okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki has been described as a “Japanese pizza”.
I had the nikutama ika ebi (pork and seafood) okonomiyaki with soba
noodles (you can choose to have udon) and the spring onion topping.
That came up to RM 18. Here’s the photos of the making of my order:

Pouring out the base

Adding shredded cabbages and sprouts

Shaking pepper and salt

Adding the seafood

Layering several slices of bacon on top

Here’s a close up of the partially made okonomiyaki

Soba noodles fried seperately in the next grill

The okonomiyaki pushed over in preparation of combining with the soba noodles

Turning over the okonomiyaki

Combining it with the soba noodles

Compressing the whole thing

Lifting it onto an egg (fried seperately)

Making everything neat

Slicing up the okonomiyaki

Drizzling okonomiyaki sauce on top

Generous sprinkling of spring onions


This is the finished dish – nikutama ika ebi okonomiyaki pictured with iced rooibos tea.

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