Pizza Hut SweetHeart Pizza for Valentine’s Day

pizza hut kuching

I went to Pizza Hut for their Sweet Heart pizza after work. The
funniest thing happened while I was there, more details below. I work
half days on Saturday till 12:30 pm. I went alone, coz obviously it
won’t be right to go with someone else since I’m in a relationship. 🙂

That did not dissuade me from going to try their SweetHeart pizza
though. It’s a limited edition pizza, and the word “limited edition”
always activates my consumerism mentality. 😉 It’s a heart shaped pizza
too, how many times do you get to see that? 🙂

sweet heart pizza

Show your heart this Valentine’s Day with Pizza Hut’s latest
creation – SweetHeart Pizza! Specially designed heart shaped pan crust
topped with Valentine’s toppings to spice up your romantic occasion.

pizzahut kch people
I was the only lone diner there…

Anyway, it should be noted that 4 tablets of 15 mg Dormicum was
consumed right after work and I was Not Exactly Sober (TM) when I drove
there and walked in. I was a bit of an asshole to the girl handling the
seats (the place was full, and my patience is limited edition too) – my
apologies. Anyway, I soon got seated and ordered a SweetHeart pizza and
a mocha float.

sweetheart 1
My One & Only
Chicken Meatloaf

sweetheart 2
You’re So Hot
Red Capsicum
Nuts About You
Almond Flakes
Pineapple Tidbits

sweetheart 3
Glazed with
Truly Yours
100% Pure Honey

Ala Carte Price: RM 28.00 (check out the hearts to replace zero)

The guy taking my order made a double take when I ordered that pizza
– it seems that only couples are allowed to order it. 😉 He did recover
and asked me if I wanted the pizza cut or served whole. I wanted it
whole. Well, two guys selling flowers came in after that and er…I was
a bit of a smartass with them too…

Guy #1: Hello sir, would you like to buy a flower?
Me: (looks pointedly at the empty seat opposite me) Tell me…does it look like I want to buy a flower?
Guy #1: Er…
Guy #2: Maybe you can buy it for your girlfriend?
Me: Nope, go ask someone else.
Guy #1: Thank you sir.

Now, that would have made me guilty for being rude, them thanking me
after my loud brush off, but my order came, so I shook away my
conscience and concentrated on the food. 😉 This is Pizza Hut’s
Sweetheart Pizza:

sweetheart pizza
Pizza Hut’s SweetHeart Pizza for Valentine’s Day in pristine condition

It came with this card too:

sweetheart card

Anyway, back to the funniest thing that happened. At this time, one
of the Pizza Hut’s staff approached me and said “Sir, do you mind if we
take a photo of you with the pizza?”

I don’t mind having my picture taken, so I said “Sure, go ahead.”
The guy then posed me a bit and moved the heart shaped pizza and then
asked me to smile. Now this is a pretty strange thing to be going on,
and you all would never believe me (my gf didn’t until I said I have a
photo to prove it). I asked him to hold his pose and let me take one of
him and he was very obliging. Here you go:

pizza hut photographer

Anyway, I didn’t bother to ask what the photo was for. I didn’t
really care actually, since I always take public photos anyway.
However, as I dug into the pizza, the same guy approached me again and
asked for my address and phone number. Now this…this I’ll have to ask
what it’s for. He said they’re selecting photos of people eating in
Pizza Hut for a promo and they’ll send a copy of it to me and call me
if I’m selected for the print ad.

sweetheart pizza closeup
Here’s a close up of the SweetHeart Pizza (the middle part)

Strange huh, the things that happen in Pizza Hut. Strange, but nice. 🙂

Back to the pizza, it tasted really good. Was it salty or was it
sweet was the question that’s on my mind and the answer is…it’s
neither! The flavors all blended together nicely to a not sweet not
salty flavor. Very strange. I liked the combination of pineapple and
almond flakes with chicken. They compliment each other and flakes gives
the pizza a nice crunchy texture.

sweetheart crust

I ate the whole pizza…leaving only the crust. 🙂

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day and did anything strange happen?

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