Ngiu Kee and Singer joint fashion show at Saberkas

singer fashion show

This is the joint Singer – Ngiu Kee fashion show at Saberkas
yesterday night. The clothes were by the brands carried by Ngiu Kee, so
don’t expect any outstanding outfits from the minds of a fashion
designer. This is mass produced clothes modeled by just a few male and
female models. I’m putting up just a couple photos, I really can’t
justify the bandwidth for this “fashion show”. πŸ˜‰ Here there are:

The heroin chic look…or something.

singer 2
Models Wanted For Fashion Show in Kuching
Any female or male can apply. Ngiu Kee and Singer has a strict policy
not to discriminate – no applicants will be rejected for aesthetic

singer 3
Literally “at home with Singer”.

singer 4
This is best of show.

Anyway, I didn’t wait around for it to end, since there were only a
few models recycled for different outfits. I met up with Ah Boon, Ah
Ann, Ah Loon and his gf and two other girls (friends of Ah Loon, all of
whose names I promptly forgot, sorry, benzos) and we went to:

point one cafe

Point One Cafe for food.


Grappa. I think. I wasn’t very sober then.

ak47 kch

AK47 (I think) when Grappa closed for the night. I was definitely inebriated at this point.

There you go…here’s a testament of my abstinence from illicits – I
went out despite the increased probability of raids due to the police
big wig coming into Kuching. Ergo, a logical mind would conclude that
I’ve really quit all illegal substance use since I was confident of
passing a urine test. So there. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and another mark in the doctor shopping log – successful one
yesterday for clonazepam and lorazepam. The report will be written when
I’m free, posted on and announced here.

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