Ngiu Kee and Singer joint fashion show at Saberkas

singer fashion show

This is the joint Singer – Ngiu Kee fashion show at Saberkas
yesterday night. The clothes were by the brands carried by Ngiu Kee, so
don’t expect any outstanding outfits from the minds of a fashion
designer. This is mass produced clothes modeled by just a few male and
female models. I’m putting up just a couple photos, I really can’t
justify the bandwidth for this “fashion show”. πŸ˜‰ Here there are:

The heroin chic look…or something.

singer 2
Models Wanted For Fashion Show in Kuching
Any female or male can apply. Ngiu Kee and Singer has a strict policy
not to discriminate – no applicants will be rejected for aesthetic

singer 3
Literally “at home with Singer”.

singer 4
This is best of show.

Anyway, I didn’t wait around for it to end, since there were only a
few models recycled for different outfits. I met up with Ah Boon, Ah
Ann, Ah Loon and his gf and two other girls (friends of Ah Loon, all of
whose names I promptly forgot, sorry, benzos) and we went to:

point one cafe

Point One Cafe for food.


Grappa. I think. I wasn’t very sober then.

ak47 kch

AK47 (I think) when Grappa closed for the night. I was definitely inebriated at this point.

There you go…here’s a testament of my abstinence from illicits – I
went out despite the increased probability of raids due to the police
big wig coming into Kuching. Ergo, a logical mind would conclude that
I’ve really quit all illegal substance use since I was confident of
passing a urine test. So there. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and another mark in the doctor shopping log – successful one
yesterday for clonazepam and lorazepam. The report will be written when
I’m free, posted on and announced here.

Movado fashion show @ Lot 10

Movado female models lineup.

I went to Lot 10 exactly one week ago and caught the Movado fashion
parade in the afternoon. Here are the photos from the show last Sunday
(28/09/2003), I haven’t had time to post them up before today.

The models walking out with dry ice hissing. The show begins…

The first dry run.

A female and male modelling the watch.

Two of the models – apparently the general consensus of the group
(minus me) found that these two were the most aesthetically pleasing in
the lineup.

My vote went to this girl.

Here’s a photo of the only two male models in the lineup.

Here’s another shot of the two female models. It looks similar to the
one above, but it’s not. The pose is the same, but the attire is
different. Look closer, I was amazed by the commendable full posture
recall and reconstruction they had. Very versatile. πŸ˜‰

And here’s another one of the guys.

The finale of the show – the final model lineup.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Part I: Dunlop Retro in association with General Pants C

I arrived at The Tent about 10 minutes late for the Dunlop Retro show. I
was under the impression that the City Square is closer to Melbourne
Central Station than Flinders Street Station, so I had to walk down
Swanston Street from Melbourne Central. Thus, I had to stand behind the
seats, impairing my shots somewhat. I also forgot to force flash, so some
pictures came out too blurry. I’m kicking myself for missing the lingerie
show because the audience is really close to the catwalk. Heh. There is no
cordon between the seats and the catwalk and the catwalk is not elevated,
so you could literally reach out with your arms and touch the models. If
you’re so inclined, that is. I assume that would cause you to be
forcefully ejected from the venue though. =D Anyway, these are the shots
from the Dunlop Retro show:

Part II: Jeans West

The next show was Jeans West and I had gotten a good seat this time. The
best seats in the house is the end of the catwalk of course, but you need
a photographer’s pass for that. Anyway, there was a freebie on each seat –
a Jeans West bag and a 10% discount voucher for all Victorian Jeans West
stores. I saw this staff member having to clean the catwalk with a rag
because people keep on stepping onto it, leaving footprints. She was going
“Please don’t step on the catwalk” and people were totally ignoring her
and stepping on it anyway. Poor girl. This show was longer than the Dunlop
Retro one (which lasted only 15 minutes). There were three sets for a
total of 30 minutes, I believe. Here are the shots from the Jean West

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