Slash and burn – the compulsion to self-inflict pain and leave scars

slice burn one

It’s strange, I was just thinking about that tattoo I’ve wanted to
get and suddenly got the urge to test the resilience of my flesh
against a balisong…

slice burn two

I even took a lit cigarette and…er, cauterized the wound, just to see if my tactile senses are still in order.

slice burn

Download: Slice and burn []

It’s not unfamiliar to me…I’m not a cutter, but I use syringes so much I’m used to taking instruments to myself.

slice burn heal

I just find it a little hard to keep my head on straight sometimes…ever get that feeling?

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4 thoughts on “Slash and burn – the compulsion to self-inflict pain and leave scars”

  1. Idiot you used a cigarette to cauterize it! That could put so many bad chemicals in your blood stream. It’s much cleaner to use regular metal. All you have to do is get a lighter and heat the metal up. It’s a lot safer or at least as safe as self injury ever gets.


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