Sell lah! No use one that company, make me lose money only. Buy that what, what, that computer company Ah Kau was talking about. Buy! Buy! Just buy! How much they want? 6 million? Tell them go fly kite. Tiu nia ma! If 5 million can lah. I not free now. Pang sai. If 5 million then ON.

Si ki na, nowadays worker cannot harap one. Small small thing also want to call me.

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25 Responses to “Big taukeh”

  1. Taukeh ah.. can you please take away that paper? It is blocking my view bo. LOL

  2. Muinto sexy :p I need to put some newspapers and magazines in my bathroom too. :O

  3. ROFLMAO wtf wasn’t expecting something like this.
    if that’s your definition of fat, most people would be obese then!

  4. A night in a reasonably good hotel = RM 100 (or less)
    A copy of your favorite daily post = RM 1.50
    Having your naked photo taken while your taking a dump and on a phone = Priceless !

  5. LOL Cool!
    HB, how long do you usually take to make one Pang Sai. I heard guys usually need about half an hr to do so. Hard for me to imagine smelling your own poo for 30 min. -_-”"”

  6. Obese? Somebody talking about me? Hahahahaha! Good post, HB! Eee…put newspaper on ur ciao2 and later people use to wrap makanan! LOL!

  7. Dude, this is classic Sixthseal.com, bold, straight to the point! Did you take advantage of the Sarawak made bidet or the good old TP?

  8. Ha ha this is the stuff that make you different from other bloger. Once you posted you jerking off and now you shitting ;p

  9. *smacks forehead*
    only at sixthseal.com lah huh?

  10. This is definitely the kind of post that distinguish sixthseal.com from all the other poser blogs. This is REALITY blog!

  11. could you turn the fan on please

  12. holy shit!! blog of the day

  13. HAIL TO THE KING! (on his throne)
    Best of sixthseal fer sure

  14. hahahahah only in Sixthseal.com, Now people will have an idea that Big taukes are so busy that even when they pang sai also need to attend matters.

  15. oh yes, good old hb is back. it was moi & girlfriend those who put *that* petition (so long ago) up for your return :>
    that was lame, i know. anyway, it’s great to see you back.
    ey man, what about a shit comparison? not only between you and me, but everyone reading this (or not), since interested, could participate.
    how to? easy: each one gets the bottom of his/her toilet after a GREAT dump photographed, then lets just post the links, see and compare :P

  16. I love it!!!
    I don’t know what it is, but I love it.
    Shitter phone(TM)
    But seriously buy some shares of Berkshire Hathaway Class A stocks!!!!!

  17. whose the lucky girl that helping u take this sexy picture?

  18. HA HA x5 .I see you are taking it easy HB… Good for you, its okay to get graphical, I guess : )

  19. So you enjoy your stay at RH Hotel? How’s the make out session then?? Big taukeh,Big kangtao as well??

  20. Serious Shit(TM)!

  21. Choonie: I’m reading the business pages! I can’t take it away! What if I lose millions? ;)
    jessy: Thanks! :)
    I always have reading material in my bathroom. Novels, papers, mags.
    Irene: There is a bit of a pouch on my stomach and I’m not a kangaroo. ;)
    JoeNiece: …for everything else in life, there’s Sony T2 digicam. =D
    fish fish: I take AT LEAST half an hour to finish pang sai. Seriously. Most guys don’t take that long though but I want to be sure it’s all out.
    suituapui: Haha! Well, at least I won’t mind if it’s me eating my own fluids. Other people eating it…hmm…
    Good point you brought up there. ;)
    e: Thanks, mate! :)
    I use TP, I don’t really like water on my ass…
    Roland: Cheers, buddy. :)
    Next one would be me having sex. ;)
    essentric: Here at sixthseal.com, we ALWAYS aim to please. ;)
    al’sera: Thank you. :)
    I like doing these like these, I think it’s funny.
    …but then I have a twisted sense of humor.
    Wuching: It’s very well ventilated in here already. ;)
    she17: Haha! Thanks. :)
    JW: Heh! That’s a good one. Porcelain throne.
    I’m gonna put this in Best of sixthseal.com
    Darren: I think some big taukehs actually do that. They always seem so busy and loud. :)
    j..: Hey, thanks for that! I saw that petition. I appreciate the kind gesture. I’m glad you like the blog. :)
    Shit comparison eh…I’m up for it. Wait till I get back from Miri. Going there tomorrow for my holidays.
    Crunk Juice: Thanks!
    The Shitter Phone (TM) WAS a very good invention until cell phones came into play.
    cindarella: She Who Must Not Be Named. ;)
    Rufus: Yeah, been rather busy with work lately. It’s good to relax during the weekend.
    goolooloo: My kangtao always good one. I have a regular partner though. It’s always her.
    eve: Heh! That’s one of my favorite lines as well. :)
    (=’.'=): I love this reaction. =D

  22. The newspaper potong stim lehh.

  23. nyahahahahahahaha! truly sixthseal :D
    memang ada gaya taukeh.. :D eh, taukeh smoke during pang sai hahaha!

  24. alexallied: I have one fully nude one from the Miri trip on a family beach. =D
    I’ll post it up this week when I finish the writeup.
    bongkersz: Haha! Thanks, buddy. :)

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