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I went to Shiki Japanese Restaurant with Kim and Mark straight after I arrived in Miri. Kim came and picked me up and we got there at around 8 pm. I lost all the photos from that night due to The Balcony Incident. This photo was obviously taken the next day since it’s daylight in the picture. πŸ˜‰ I wanted to reshoot the interior too but Shiki was closed when I got there the next day. The rest of the photos are from Kim. Thanks Kim! πŸ™‚

shiki chi don

I had Shiki Chi Don (RM 32.80) which has an assortment of raw seafood like salmon, squid, tuna and octopus nicely arranged on a bed of fragrant rice with pineapples. It tasted good and the presentation was excellent but I couldn’t finish the rice due to a late lunch during the road trip from Sibu to Miri.

shiki shochu

Shiki has Sapporo and Asahi beer but they ran out of both so I went for the Jinro Plum shochu (RM 42.80) which the proprietor recommended. It’s imported from Japan and it tasted nice for a premium shochu.

shiki me kim

It was great to meet up with Kim. It was actually a bit of a last
minute thing since I only left a comment with my cell phone number on
her blog the day before I went to Miri. She texted me when I was in Tatau (somewhere between Sibu and Miri) and I called her back and made a dinner date with her at 8 pm. I also got in touch with Darren and the four of us went for drinks at
Island Club after dinner at Shiki. It was great to finally put a face
behind the blogger(s). πŸ™‚

shiki group

This is a group photo of us at Shiki – Mark kindly picked up the bill, which came up to RM 138.46 for the three of us. Cheers!

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14 thoughts on “Shiki Japanese Restaurant”

  1. HB, let me keypo a bit here. I think Jinro is originally a Korean brand, but it is selling well in Japan as it is cheap and high in alcohol.
    One of my “poor” Korean friend told me about it when I just reached Japan. He has been drinking it almost every night. I never tried the alcohol of that brand. The best Umeshu I have tasted is not made from Socchu, but seishu. Not as intense and Ume Socchu, tend to have a long lasting aftertaste aroma in the mouth. πŸ˜‰

  2. HB, if you have time on your next trip, you should try Excapade sushi in KB, Brunei, just an hour’s drive from Miri. It’s way better than Shiki in terms of serving size, taste, freshness AND IT’S CHEAPER, even after the currency conversion.
    Excapade kicks Shiki’s balls and stomps its face down in a puddle of shit. Your buddy Darren even has an entry about it, I bet he would tell you the same thing:
    Fuck, now I just made myself hungry for some sushi!

  3. I concede to your other readers and apologise. Yes, Shiki restaurant is not a very good japanese restaurant and their problem is that they’re not very consistent. Furthermore it’s not really worth the money you spend there.
    It’s just that Mark and I were in need of a change since we’ve been having western food for awhile. would’ve brought HB to Escapade but he said he didn’t bring his passport. Which is too bad. For him. Muahaha.

  4. yeah like what kim said, escapade in kuala belait brunei has one of the best sushis, next time bring ur passport we bring u there and you’ll love it hehe

  5. wilson: Kuching has a lot of Japanese restaurants! Check out Minoru (if it’s still open). It’s a nice place but can be very expensive. I remember running up a bill of RM 300+ for just myself and Cherie.
    I heard about the Anything and Whatever drink from my friends in Singapore. It’s a good thing they’re launching it in Malaysia. I had planned to get them to bring some back from Singapore. Now, I can just get it myself. πŸ™‚
    fish fish: Very interesting! Yeah, it has a rather high alcohol content – 15% or 25% or something to that effect. The bottle was imported from Japan though, perhaps they have a brewery there as well.
    Too bad you’re not in Japan anymore, I missed those nice Japanese cigarettes you got for me last time from Japan. Thanks! =D
    Vince: Yeah, I’ve been told about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my passport so I can’t cross the border. πŸ™
    I’ll remember to bring my passport next time I go to Miri but I’m scared I’ll lose it along with my gadgets. πŸ˜‰
    evil feline: Shiki’s sliding door is evil. I thought it’s a regular push open door and nearly ran into the glass until I realized it’s a sliding door.
    We went to Marina Bay too! Photos and review coming up soon. It’s a new place as well. I went to the Grand Old Lady and the other landmarks the last time I was in Miri on a business trip. Wrote about that somewhere on
    Roland: She has her own friends too, she was hanging out with them. Er…just to clear things up, me and Faye are NOT a couple you know. We’re just friends.
    babycicak: Thanks, buddy! πŸ™‚
    It’s real good to be back.
    Kim: It’s no problem at all. Hanging out with you guys have been a lot of fun. It’s actually the highlight of my trip to Miri (the “lowlight” being the clubbing three nights in a row with the people I came with, really regretted doing that). Oh well, there’s still next time and I promise I’ll bring my passport next time.
    You better keep it for me though, with my recent penchant for losing stuff. πŸ˜‰
    Darren: Thanks buddy, will remember to bring my passport next time. Didn’t think of it as I wasn’t expecting to cross the border this trip. I haven’t been to Brunei in a long time.

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHH! THAT mark LOL! he used to be a uni-mate of mine, i’m sure he still remembers me, just ask him about the irene with the tatts if you ever meet him again hahaha.

  7. Roland: No lar…it’s not like that at all. We just share a lot of common interests so sometimes we hang out to eat since our families don’t always cook. πŸ™‚


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