Your friendly neighborhood traffic police

traffic ticket vios

I just paid a RM 40 parking ticket for parking at a no-parking zone. It has increased, along with the petrol price hike, from the previous RM 30. That’s a 33% increase, which is just about in line with the 40% petrol price increase. The traffic police goes around on motorcycles, which uses petrol too. I guess that justifies the traffic ticket increase then. Oh, I forgot to put the sarcasm tags in.

traffic ticket wiper

However, the efficiency of our local men in blue (white actually, for the traffic police) has also increased, by perhaps 74%. I just parked my car and got out to pass something to Sandra – it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two, and her assistant told me that there’s a traffic police writing a traffic ticket at my car.

traffic ticket

I had hoped to catch the traffic police before he wrote it and…er, perhaps buy him a cup of coffee or something. *cough* However, not only was the ticket already on my windscreen wiper, the traffic cop had actually LEFT. Fu-yoh! Efficient!

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17 thoughts on “Your friendly neighborhood traffic police”

  1. Poor you. Make sure you pay the gu bak kua. Or else you cannot claim your RM625.
    Eh… I thought garmen says only the petrol price increases and not the rest. How can they increase the price of saman too? Unfair garmen.

  2. Morning HB,
    Hw are u feeling today… well nw days those traffic really efficient… can’t even let our car out of sight if we did not park it properly… so next time you better be carefull ya… chow……;p

  3. I wonder if he care if it was a 70s corolla parking there. He was envious at your Vios perhaps.
    or maybe your rear end were too traffic-obstructing to his liking? you think?

  4. err i thought for not displaying coupon is not an offense like parking on yellow lines, and parking on yellow lines and no parking zone is a traffic offense. ah! nvm whatever I am talking about. yeah seems like everything increasing. My 300 fuel every month increase to 600 its doubled and just recently govrn announces you can claim some reimbursement on road tax. πŸ™‚

  5. Dude, I am with the other side. It’s time for Sarawakian to start obey traffic regulations… I hated driving/Parking in Kuching.

  6. Ha ha I knew one day you will get saman by the way you parking. If my memory serve me correct couple of years ago when you are at Kch driving Kancil you also kena somewhere at waterfront. Anyway RM40 for you is peanut la. I kena RM70 for parking at the bus stop near Beijing Restaurant.

  7. Choonie: Yeah, I paid it already that’s why I knew the price increased. Saman also want to increase, ridiculous lah. I paid within 7 days somemore so there should be a discount.
    I drove down to Bintangor (about 100 km) and back (total 200 km) and the petrol cost RM 50 for that journey! I now have to fill 115 (max, before it stops) from empty to full for my car. It used to be around RM 70 for a full tank. I’m feeling the price increase already.
    The rice and cooking oil also increased…so it’s not just petrol. Must take what the government say with a grain of salt. Hmm…I should not have said that. Later on salt prices increase. πŸ˜‰
    bubble7866: Good morning! Yeah, I wonder why there’s this increase in productivity from our local police force…
    babycicak: Hmm…could be. But a lot of Sibu people have outstation plates. Kuching plates are pretty common here, and there are Sarikei plates and Miri plates too. I don’t know, maybe the traffic police didn’t like my 70% tinted windows and couldn’t saman me for that since he didn’t have the equiptment so he purposely write a parking ticket instead. Haha!
    faye*-*: Very unlucky…starting from the Miri trip. It must be a jinx, I shouldn’t have gone.
    alexallied: That’s a good question. I wonder if they do “car profiling” to a certain extent. I think they do coz I saw a police writing tickets for every car illegally parked in front of a coffee shop one EXCEPT for a Mercedes Benz. I think they don’t saman the luxury cars coz it might be a Datuk who owns it.
    I think the mid range car owners are the ones that always gets the tickets. Maybe they feel sorry for the lower end cars and scared of who owns the luxury cars so we’re the ones who end up being the brunt of their anger. *shrugs*
    Hmm…don’t want to say too much later on goolooloo says I have a lot of THEORIES again. :p
    clementwpy: Parking tickets NEVER cost RM 300. That’s for offenses like driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated, accidents, speeding, running red lights etc. Unless maybe you block a police car, then they will charge you RM 300. Haha!
    goolooloo: Hey, where’s my mak chao? πŸ˜‰
    That’s quite expensive for 2 SMC summons. You better get a monthly pass for RM 84.
    Darren: Yeah, even the rice and cooking oil has gone up…better be careful if DUI/DWI now, the summons might be in the four digit range. πŸ˜‰
    headsteadi: Yeah, I paid within 7 days but I didn’t get a discount. I asked about it, and they said there’s no discount for this ticket. I know that you can get a discount by typing out this prefabricated appeal letter that they stick on the counter, but only for certain offenses.
    evil feline: I have a monthly parking coupon from the company that I work in. This is a traffic offence (obstructing traffic, parking in a no-parking zone – it’s actually a no-waiting zone). Yeah, I’m feeling the petrol increase too, it costs much more to fill up the tank now. It’s actually hitting people rather hard on the wallet/purse. I caught myself ordering Chinese tea (RM 0.70) peng last Saturday afternoon. Haha! I never order that. Cost cutting measures.
    jessy: Yeah, I understand what you mean. There’s no excuse if I’m caught driving under the influence (that would not only harm myself, but other road users) but parking tickets bothers me. I like to think of it as a victimless crime. πŸ˜‰
    It didn’t come out btw, the 4114 number.
    e: Yeah, I know I shouldn’t do that but the entire area is a no parking and no waiting zone and I didn’t want to park 200 meters away and walk here just for passing something to my friend. When in Rome…
    Still, I know it’s not right, but oh well…
    Roland: Yeah, I was driving the Daihatsu and stopped at a bus stop in front of 7-11. I was buying equipment for making a meth pipe somemore, I still remember that incident. Traffic cop disappeared before I could get out. Never park at bus stops.
    bengbeng: No problem. Thanks for the KFC and prawn noodles. πŸ™‚
    JW: Thanks! I got it at the end of the year 2006 and the milage is really low coz I went to rehab not very long after that. πŸ˜‰


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