Harajuku girl

harajuku girl

This is one of the hairstylists for Alan Hair Saloon that I met during the BCF 2008 festival. I found her rather attractive and took the opportunity to carve another notch in my belt, er…I mean, create content for the XX Chromosome category. 😉

harajuku girl me

She has this innocent look that renders well for image capturing…very photogenic indeed. I’ll have the full writeup of the BCF 2008 closing ceremony up later tonight. Cheers!

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12 thoughts on “Harajuku girl”

  1. Roland: Hmm…all men are hamsup by nature, but no I wasn’t thinking of anything sexual when I took th photo. I have come to publicly state that I cannot get an erection when I drink too much. Seriously, I’m not kidding.
    Nothing to be embarrassed of though, I can get it up if I don’t drink. 😉
    Darren: Yeah, she’s quite cute eh? Harajuku girls is a derogatory term we use on girls who overdress with too much frills and stuff, but this once actually looks nice.

  2. bongkersz: Yeah, she would fit in well in a cosplay convention. 🙂
    iono: Quite a cute looking girl, eh?
    nkwai: Yeah, she’s not bad for local standards. 😉


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