I told Cheesie that I’ll be doing her Wildest Football Fantasy contest and after a bit of procrastination, I’ve finally managed to get it done. Hey, I needed a bit of time for the props okay? :p


I had a dream that I was Hellboy and somehow landed in the middle of a shopping mall. I was searching for the missing piece of the crown that would enable to me control the 4,900 strong Golden Army. Interestingly, I found the missing piece in a “China Mali” shop and instead of controlling the Golden Army, I found myself controlling the Chelsea team during the Chelsea – Malaysia friendly match.

I dreamt that the score was 3-1 to Chelsea (had to let the Malaysian team score a goal since it’s a friendly). I remember winning a ton of money from betting on the forecast scores…and the last thing I recall saying was “You’re in love. Have a beer.”


…and waking up as Hancock. ;)

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18 Responses to “Cheeserland – Wildest Football Fantasy”

  1. waking up as hancock is indeed a fantasy .. ha ha ha. 4-1 it was when chelsea last came to malaysia. that was way back in 2003. I was there and I’m not gonna missed. Once a blue forever a blue!
    Cheers, dude!

  2. HAHHAHA die la u just got yourself three more tickets. no la. eh before this it was “your widest football fantasy” until KY corrected me. He was like, “widest? how?” no wonder no one join hahahhaha.

  3. Wow! That’s very creative!

  4. Thank goodness…it wasn’t a wet dream! Bwhahahahaha!

  5. cibol: I used to wake up like Hancock every single morning when I was working in Kuching. ;)
    You confirm can go or not? Tell me by Monday.
    Cheesie: Thank you, thank you. :)
    Unfortunate that no beer is going to be served at the event. I wonder if they allow people to bring their own.
    Heh! I didn’t even notice that typo. Widest eh. ;)
    Secret Admire: You were watching when I wrote this post, you didn’t know what I wrote? ;)

  6. Thank goodness…it wasn’t a wet dream! Bwhahahahaha!

  7. LOL i used to wake up like hancock during my bumming days

  8. About the hellboy pic, felt like the man behind you which wearing white shirt one…..his emotion like “what is this!…..(shocked and stunned like a robot)” Lol…..

  9. hahaha! this post is funny. waking up as hancock is pretty cool :P
    ps: what time you took that hancock photo, all empty!

  10. Walao eh… you really one daring fellow to do anything just for your blog. hahahha… Doing your Hellboy act in the shopping complex while others looking at you. I dun think I can do that. hahaha… and the Hancock one is funny too.

  11. Oh maaan I deserve a late pass… Your blog is running again since almost half a year and I just found out today :( Anyway … I had a good read browsing through the 2008 section it’s good to see you healthy and getting back on your business.
    Hail to the best blogger alive!

  12. the cutest drunk post i ever seen..

  13. suituapui: Hmm…with Cheesie, it could very well be one. ;)
    Darren: Yeah, me too. I was drinking heavily then. :)
    nkwai: Haha! I was doing it in the middle of a busy shopping mall with people going around and giving me looks of curiosity. ;)
    bongkersz: It was right after the 3:30 pm show, the next show doesn’t begin until 7 pm.
    Choonie: There were people passing by giving me and my photographer strange looks, but I’m not one to care about what other people think. :)
    My motto has always been, if they have a problem, it’s THEIR problem, not mine. ;)
    MI!: Thanks for reading, my friend! :)
    I appreciate the kind comments. I haven’t actually done by publicity blitz yet to announce the return of the phoenix. :)
    asra: Haha! I wasn’t even drunk. It takes a lot of beer to get me drunk. It’s a posed shot. :)

  14. pose.
    my bad.

  15. U mean me coming to the chelsea match? Yes . I am

  16. asra: Yeah, I was pretending to be totally passed out there. :)
    cibol: Great! See ya there then!

  17. Oh, the hand is automatically on protection mode lol!!
    btw, congrats for winnin!! You look slim OMG the face!!

  18. hitomi: Har? This is not slim la. Slim is me in 2003. Look through the archives. Okay, this is MOTIVATION for me to lose weight. ;)

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