Watchu mean two lines is bad?

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65 Responses to “Singlehood – FAIL”

  1. You’ve been making a lot of creampies I see :)

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha. That was a good one.

  3. I didn’t know the stork flew that far South! :-)

  4. Eh, clarification time!!!oneone
    It’s under the Satire/Parody category.
    This is not my test result, it’s one of my friend’s, who is already married and was so happy that she’s finally going to conceive (she has been trying for the past two years) that she was showing us during supper earlier this week.
    I thought it would made a good FAIL post so I submitted it to
    They didn’t publish it though, so I posted it on my own blog.
    It’s not my test results, sorry to disappoint you all. :p
    Honest. If it was my test results I will have ED for the rest of my life. ;)

  5. Wow that was quite a disappointment. And we all thought it was from your gf. ^^

  6. wat is ED? Erectile Dysfunctional? i ve started to imagine how junior HB wud look like a while ago after reading your post :P

  7. Physical signs of insecurity can manifest in various forms. What are your plans mate?

  8. congrats bro…u gonna be a daddy if ur post is not a prank….good luck

    The sure sign to a more fulfilling life for now and the future? Good on you mate!
    Do the right thing!

  10. LOL. i was stone for 5 secs till i read your comment…hahahaha

  11. lol~ i thought u are going to be a dad liao XD

  12. tsk tsk tsk.. there u go again.. i already knew it wasn’t ur gf’s… judging by the laid-back-ness the way u post it in ur blog…
    u fooled many though! goodness, next time i doubt if anyone will believe u again if it was *real* next time round :P
    .. .. .. .. ..
    .. .. .. .. ..
    they never read this post before haha!

  13. i’m all for d best…u still on d single..heehehe sorry!clap clap…

  14. Bullshit you HB….
    I was about to buy some cute cute baby garments and send to KL….
    was about to open a bottle of champagne some more!
    I hate you for ruining my and other readers’ excitement..
    I hate you…

  15. jeez, here i was rolling a ‘captain caveman’ to celebrate with you. damn, guess i’ll have to smoke it all myself now, eheheh.

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