The dreaded hard disk failure

hdd failure

My notebook’s 320 GB hard disk had a head crash yesterday. I had to scramble to Digital Mall and find a replacement HDD (500 GB Toshiba – cost me RM 175) and an el cheapo 2.5″ SATA external HDD enclosure (RM 18). I finally managed to reinstall Windows 7 and get most off my stuff up and running (except for the Wi-Fi and LCD drivers) today. I still need a couple of apps but at least it’s usable now.

The good news: I managed to recover the majority of my photos and documents using a disk recovery software so that’s a relief. I haven’t done a backup since last year so there were a lot of travel photos inside.

However, I lost a Word document which is a work in progress I’ve been writing on and off on. It was in the primary partition (which the data recovery application could hardly read at all without the dreaded clickety clack sound) and it has a couple of month’s worth of writing, from when I did my last backup. T_T

I can still remember what to write (generally) but it’s a lot of content and I’m SURE it won’t be the same anymore. I know I can’t possibly remember all the anecdotes and witty asides that I typed when inspiration striked and I opened up that document to quickly put it down in words.

Oh well…it could have been worse, but damn does a HDD failure hurt. >.<

Toilet paper – disastrous FAIL

tp fail

God, I hate fishing toilet paper out of the toilet bowl.

It just had to happen. I reach for the TP, fumbled and the entire roll fell into the toilet bowl. I didn’t want to fish it out since I just peed in there so I thought I’d try and flush it down.

It’s very innovative, ground-breaking stuff. Sounded like a great idea at the time.

Guess whether it works before watching the video.

The condo I’m living in has great water pressure…

…but apparently not good enough.

Oh well, at least the flushing process sanitized the wet toilet roll somewhat.

It’s not as bad as the previous time it happened – I was sitting on the porcelain throne doing some serious bowel movements and dropped the nearly empty roll INTO my merchandise. It should be noted that the consistency of the excrement was akin to (brown) porridge and I haven’t finished wiping yet.

I wished I had filmed that one, but I couldn’t very well go and get my digicam with The #2 Special dripping from my ass (it was diarrhea okay). I offered my prayers to the Porcelain God and flushed…

…and it went down, toilet roll and everything. I would not have wanted to retrieve that, not with the combination of Maggi mee goreng, nasi kandar, several eggs and instant noodles fermented for 1 1/2 days in my stomach cavity accompanying the TP roll.

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