Sekeping Serendah retreat

mud shed

Sekeping Serendah is a Zen like retreat in the middle of the jungle. Touted as a place with a minimal footprint on the environment, I was introduced to this retreat by a coworker who’s been there. Sekeping Serendah literally means “A piece of Serendah” in Malay. Serendah is the town where the retreat is located at – it’s an Orang Asli (native) settlement area.


Karen (my coworker – seen in the breakfast photo) was quite pleased with her experience there last time so I called up Christina and booked a glass shed. Unfortunately, being a long weekend and all, they were all out of glass sheds. The other option is the timber shed, which is also fully occupied. Sekeping Serendah only had the mud huts left so we went for that option.

serendah sculpture

This is the famous Sekeping Serendah metal sculpture. It turns out that there’s only a couple of sheds in Sekeping Serendah – 5 in total, if I’m not mistaken. It’s a very private retreat, perfect for relaxing in the green forest reserve and swim in the pool and just generally chill out – BBQ at night, hear the crickets sing their song. It’s a little slice of heaven just an hour away from the bustling city.

serendah sign

The sign to turn in the place is a little obscure (understatement of the year) so watch out for a white house with a blue roof. You need to turn left right before that. If you get out of your car, move some shrubs away and brush at this little concrete block on the ground, you’ll see that it says “Sekeping Serendah” if you squint hard and long enough. 😉

serendah entrance

You’ll head up a small dirt road lined with trees which will bring you to a rustic looking wall made of bricks. You’ll see the retreat right after that – if you’re on a heavily graveled road instead of a smooth dirt road, you’ve taken a wrong turn and would very likely need assistance if you go further in.

arrive montage

You can park right outside the only road to the sheds. The sheds are all partially covered by shrubs, with only clay brick steps leading up to the elevated living quarters. It offers a lot of shade (from the sun), shelter (from the rain), and privacy (from other people) – all three of which we experienced.

hut montage

The mud sheds have air conditioning, a fridge, a wash basin, open concept showers and washrooms, and clay partitions. The beds are thoughtfully fitted with mosquito netting to ensure a night of untroubled sleep. There are no modern distracting amenities like TV and your cell phone won’t work over here so it’s a perfect place to get reacquainted with nature. Everything is concealed – they do have hot water but the piping is hidden so you feel like you’re really living under the trees…

serendah montage

…which in fact you are. The forest canopy combined with the brilliant open style architecture allows the open skies to be literally above your head when you lounge in the patio and when you shower. Coupled with the truncated tree trunks in the patio and the brook running through the entire retreat, it’s like you’re completely isolated from your worries, and there’s just you and your friends.

pool montage

The private swimming pool is an excellent place to soak after the ordeal that we went through. We headed straight for the pool as soon as we got there and put our bags in the mud shed. The caretaker was kind enough to ask if we wanted to barbecue stuff at night and kindly offered to provide charcoal and light the fire.


Meanwhile, we hit the swimming pool, relaxed in the cool, refreshing water and talked about stuff while soaking in the refreshingly cold water. I would say it’s a great place for company outings and bonding sessions, stuff like that. I was in the pool with Joyce and Windy until we were all wrinkled from the water and it was getting too cold to stay. It was dark by the time we got back to the mud shed.


The canopy of trees above your head as you swim and laze around really makes for a relaxing experience.

It’s like a slice of paradise.
Just be careful of the pole supporting the curtain that covers the shower and washroom – it’s not anchored and very prone to falling down at the most inappropriate moments. -_-”

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154 thoughts on “Sekeping Serendah retreat”

  1. About the sign, are they seriously wanted to promote the place as “hidden” & “private” literally. Those people in the marketing dept must be damn good at it.
    Try finding it during the night 😉

  2. There have 5 shed now?? Well I been there 3 times eons ago (8-9 years). Back then there are only two sheds and the swimming pool was added on my 3rd visit. 100% agree with you this is a nice quiet place, you can hardly hear a din of motor vehicle at night but quite pricey though.

  3. a hectic but definitely cool trip.
    Why your car chose to break down at the INAPPROPRIATE moment too??
    Did the pole fall?? or perhaps you were doing some POle dancing while showering and it came all the way “Oops….to be continued”??
    that time I went dusun it was kind of inapproprate timing too!! I could not go to the pool at all!!
    there are few parts in my blog!! it was AwesoMe…I enjoyed the company I enjoyed the mother nature. Exactly being desserted in the sense that no ring ring can be heard. Just a little disturbance I felt, a very Disastrous one ONce I have got the reception at FLying fox area…Hate that.

  4. I also stayed there one weekend – very nice. I especially enjoyed waking up and just hearing the sounds birds and the wind. It is a great relaxing place to be – no phones, no TV, no stress 🙂

  5. Whoa, its just beautiful man. May I know how much was it to stay there for the weekend? I’m guessing its pretty pricey?
    But the surroundings just seemed wonderful man, go there with a couple of besties, soak in the pool for the afternoon, drinking beer. Then, when night falls, bbq, smoke and drink somemore. That would be so awesome and cool.
    And, LOL at your last paragraph!!!

  6. Dude, shy away from the bulge like you did in Matang? Classic Sixthseal moment, I can’t believe you are still wearing the same black underwear.

  7. Jac: I need a vacation too and I just came back! Totally swamped with work. I look forward to my lunch hour so I can tapau and eat at the office and reply comments. :S
    Joyce: I’m fast when I’m writing for myself, as in my own style and my own content. 🙂
    It’s the fastest kind of writing, others are a little bit slower.
    DYMM Tuanku: Three of us went. No threesome. 🙂
    Vire: I don’t think they need a marketing outfit at all – this place is pretty viral. Grassroots, word of mouth marketing. The best.
    Naoko: The pole and curtain is seriously precariously perched on top of the toilet and showers. It falls down even with the slightest provocation. It’ll come down if you even look at it funny. :S
    Me horny: Why would there be naked pics?
    tzia: Yup! It’s a very nice place to relax if you’re into nature and all that. Even if you’re not, it’s very relaxing to be away from it all. 🙂
    Michael (Mike): Yeah, and best thing about this place is that it’s not commercialized at all. Very private, but not exactly cheap.
    Tian Chad: Sure, next time! I didn’t see you, I was quite tired last night. :S
    These are my coworkers. Impromptu road trip. 🙂
    PinkPorkChop: Seong fei? What’s that? I understand Mandarin but my Cantonese cannot make it one. I always get charged more at chap fun shops, I suspect.
    ront: Oh, it’s a good thing we didn’t then. 🙂
    It’s nice having some peace and quiet for a while. 🙂
    soowm: Yup, there are five now. Two glass sheds, one timber shed and two mud sheds. 🙂
    I wouldn’t have gone if there wasn’t a swimming pool. I’m glad they added that.
    Paul: It’s a great nature retreat. Yeah, a bit pricy if you think of it in terms of facilities but sometimes you just want to get away of it all rather than do the tourist thing.
    Jade Zheng: It’s seriously made of mud, and quite fragile stuff too. I broke off a piece of the wall…accidentally of course. :S
    Simon Seow: See ya Monday.
    hitomi: It didn’t break down. I drove into one of the tire tracks by those trucks used to ferry inmates into Serenti and couldn’t get back out.
    The pole isn’t fastened to anything, so it falls very easily, even when you bump into it.
    julian: Yeah! I thoroughly enjoyed myself there. It was awesome! 🙂
    Marlboro Guy: It’s anywhere from RM 350 – RM 600. We paid RM 400 for the mud shed, weekend charges, plus we were in a group of three.
    It is fun, you’ll enjoy it for sure. Do go, but book first coz it’s pretty popular.
    e: Haha! It’s not the same. I think I got this pair of Speedos after Kuching. 🙂

  8. Dude, there was definitely a threesome in the pool, u posted the pic… didn’t say it had to be sexual….
    BTW, a speedo is better known as a “BUDGIE SMUGGLER”

  9. debra fong: Yeah, it was a fun trip! 🙂
    Yup, I’ll be there on Monday. Hmph, you guys realize that my boss reads my blog right? :p
    DYMM Tuanku: Yeah, technically, I guess you are right. 🙂
    I don’t exactly have a big package but I don’t mind showing off what I’ve got. 😉
    andrew: Yup, I’ll be there…
    My boss reads my blog. I shall clarify here that it’s Mist Club, next Monday night to attend an event. 🙂
    I don’t even club, and everyone assumes that I do. -_-”
    crappy booze: Yeah buddy, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to glass shed too, but it was fully booked. We went to the waterfall too, took a lot of photos there. It really is a nice place and it’s only an hour away from KL. Nice.

  10. DYMM Tuanku: Heh! Fair enough. 🙂
    Gin: You were working la! I told you I’m going there dy! :p
    You were working last weekend.
    Nevermind, next trip is the weekend after. 🙂

  11. hitomi: I did see it. The road was just too narrow, I couldn’t avoid it, I had to go through it. :S
    chriso: You should go Chris, it’s a very nice and chilled out place.
    Paul: Do the Gunung Tahan eh? I’m considering actually. It sounds pretty hardcore. 🙂

  12. hitomi: It wasn’t trees…it was the tire tracks caused by overloaded trucks ferrying inmates into Serenti that caused the gravel path to be full of potholes and other obstacles. I was dumb enough to drive into the road despite the incredibly unfit road conditions coz I thought it was the right path. It wasn’t. :S

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