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I got this can of mystery food in Busan and had it last night for supper. I call it mystery food coz I still don’t know what it is. I don’t read Korean and since I bought this in Korea, there are no English translations anywhere.

Update: I have found out what this is! =D It’s Beondegi - Korean silkworm pupa. It’s a very popular snack in Korea and can be found in convenience stores in cans, where I got mine.

korean canned food

It looks remarkably similar to cockroach larvae right?

cockroach larvae

Exhibit A

Update: I emailed the photo below to the Korea Air flight crew that I met and she translated it for it – it is Beondegi (Silkworm). Mmm…I’m so glad I accidentally purchased this! =D

Beondegi Korean silkworm pupa

I would have dedicated a longer post if I knew it was silkworm pupa though, but worry not, I have ANOTHER CAN (had the foresight to get two – haha) so I’ll do a cooking post with that one. :) 

It’s crunchy too, just like how cockroach egg casings sound when you step on it. I found it quite delicious actually.

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20 Responses to “Beondegi – Korean silkworm pupa”

  1. I think they are silkworms, traditional korean food.
    Glad you found it delicious.

  2. J: Silkworms eh! Very nice, I shall forward the photo immediately to the flight crew I got to know on the Korea Air and get them to translate. I shall do more research!
    Cheers mate! :)

  3. OMFG!

  4. Eeeewww. Damn HB. You should consider competing in Amazing Race Asia. I’m sure you would pass any eating obstacles with flying colours.

  5. eeiii does it taste like prawns? ulat sago does!

  6. Thank you AGAIN for saving me my lunch today! I should have just watched this before my breakfast!

  7. i think its like eating sago worm, butterfly larvae in Sarawak, eating inserts in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and eating beetle in Philippines. I don’t mind trying too. Guess I’d love it too :)

  8. J: You’re right!!!
    Thanks for the heads up! I got the Korean words translated. =D
    dneez jf: It’s apparently very popular there as a snack during drinks. :)
    Cheers: …but it won’t even be “obstacles” for me – I can eat anything. ;)
    xes: Hmm…the taste of this one is a bit hard to put down. The texture is different though – kind crunchy, with bits that stick to your mouth. :)
    Chingy: Come Chingy, let’s cook it with maggi mee! =D
    Momon: Haha! No problem, ask me anytime, I’ll post up gross photos or weird food. ;)
    jg: Yeah, exactly! Apparently, it’s sold on the streets too but we didn’t see it coz we didn’t have much time to walk around. :)
    Not that we’ll have known what it was anyway, I don’t know why but a lot of Koreans don’t speak English at all. :S
    debbie: It’s surprisingly good! Wanna try? :)

  9. thanks God, that i visit your blog with empty stomach! ^^

  10. I had beef pupa before and found them just quite ok, not good, not bad.

  11. save some for me to taste dude.
    KY . .beef pupa ?? huh??

  12. @.@
    If I don’t know what is it.. I might eat it.. But if I know it’s worm.. I’m not going try it :D

  13. tzia: Why??? It’s good stuff Tzia! Okay, you’re going to Singapore right? Remind me to bring it so I can share it. Haha! :)
    KY: What is beef pupa? Maggots? Bull testicles? :)
    foodcrazee: The plan is to cook with it. You want to try? I don’t know if this is available here but I’m not wasting my last can so I’m going to hold a cookout at my new place. Email me if you want to try. :)
    ahlost: Hmm…it’s not worm, it’s worms before they became worms. ;)
    It’s good stuff! I wish I was in Kuching, would be able to show you how good it is. =D

  14. AWWWWWW!!!!!! y ahhh!! huhuhuhu.. T.T ur blog is good for my diet plan wei..! muahahahahaha!!
    How does it taste like?? salty?? sweet?? Hmmm… Spicy??? Hmm.. soft?!! HUhuhUHuhu! and u din heat it up to eat.. omg……………………

  15. yienyien: Haha! It’s not that bad actually, tastes pretty good. It’s hard to describe the taste, easier for the texture.
    It is crunchy like cereal but sticks to the roof of your mouth.
    T_T Ya, I didn’t heat it up but I have ANOTHER CAN. :)

  16. I know you just ove worms from sago worms and now this. Haha.. and you’re using the KFC spoon! Oh, are you fully naked or just half?!! ahha…

  17. eiling: Haha! OMG you’re observant! How did you know I was using the KFC coleslaw/mashed potatos spoon? =D
    I think I was half naked. I can’t really remember. ;)

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