Bruno’s Restaurant and Bar @ Jaya 33

This post has no Sacha Baron Cohen jokes. Okay, maybe just one. 

brunos restaurant and bar

Bruno’s Restaurant and Bar is located in a corner of Jaya 33. It’s a bit out of the way and I had to search for a bit before I found the place. Bruno’s is revamping their menu and Eiling asked me to go with her. She was fashionably late as usual but there is free flow of Guinness (and other cocktails) so I didn’t mind hanging around there at all. 😉 

brunos interior

This is what the interior looks like – it’s cozy and warm. That’s Cumi and Ciki you see sitting there. I like the inviting ambience and the bar setup. 


This is Candy (yes, that’s her real name) who manages Food Foundry. She’s our host for the day left us to our own devices for the menu. You can order anything you want off the menu, so after a pint (or two) of Guinness I finally asked Candy for recommendations (marked with an asterisk).

Bruno’s Fruit & Nut Salad (RM 19) *
Fresh Garden Salad accompanied by globe grapes, kiwi fruit slices, black plum wedges topped with roasted almond strips and walnut chunks drenched in Bruno’s Citrus dressing.

Bruno's Fruit and Nut Salad

Candy suggested this starter for its interesting combination. I was a bit dubious about having salad, being adverse to all things healthy like greens, but I’m glad I went with her recommendation. I really like the sweet vinegar dressing; I ate the entire bowl of salad, something I’m not really known for doing. It’s sweet and crunchy, an experience in texture. No Hamas, I mean hummus though.

Tomato & Bacon Soup (RM 16)
Chicken consommé infused with fresh tomatos, oregano and smoked bacon.

Tomato and Bacon Soup

This is Eiling’s starter – it’s pretty good stuff, I liked the bacon in the soup. It’s real bacon as in the meat from the pink oinking animals. It adds a lot of porky goodness to the soup. The oregano goes very well with the consommé (a fancy name for soup) too. It’s served piping hot despite the amount of people so bonus points for that.

Bruno’s Breaded Mushrooms (RM 15) *
Deep fried large white button mushrooms in Bruno’s special bread crumb batter.

Bruno's Breaded Mushrooms

The fried breaded mushrooms are crispy and dry but when you bite into it, the juices burst in your mouth. It took me completely by surprise. I was expecting it to be dour but it’s nice and juicy inside. Magical! Oh wait, this word shouldn’t be in the same paragraph as mushrooms.

Bruno’s Sautéed Mushrooms (RM 15)
Large white button mushrooms sautéed in garlic and herbed butter glazed with oyster sauce.

Bruno's Sautéed Mushrooms

The sautéed ones comes in a delicious oyster sauce. I prefer this one coz I have a bit of a phobia about breaded and deep fried items from overeating at KFC the day before this. However, the fried breaded mushroom is an experience…it’s like Baked Alaska, except with mushrooms.

Bruno’s Pork Burger (RM 36)
Juicy pork patty stuffed with herbs and grilled to perfection. Topped with a caramelized pineapple ring and Bruno’s tangy sauce. Served with potato wedges and garden salad.

Bruno's Pork Burger

This is a surprise hit. I didn’t order it coz I’ve had some awesome pork burgers before and I wanted to go with Candy’s recommendation. However, it turns out that the pork burger was the one of the best dishes of the night! It beats Sid’s and rivals Cristang’s offerings.

You’ll love this is you’re a purist. Cristang’s P7 has a lot of petai on it and would appeal to spicier tuned palates. Bruno’s pork burger however, is intensely juicy with a hint of charcoal, sweet, and comes in a perfect crispy bun.

brunos pork burger

The caramelized pineapple ring really did the trick too. The pork burger is seared with Malibu which gives it a sweet coconut hint from the liqueur. How awesome is that? It’s pork and alcohol…together!

Roast Pork with Chardonnay & Thyme Sauce (RM 48) *
200 grams of chilled pork loin marinated with thyme and lemon, soaked in Chardonnay, slow roasted, sliced and bathed in its own sauce. Served with pasta alfredo and fresh garden salad.

Roast Pork with Chardonnay and Thyme Sauce

This is my mains. The roast pork was tough and dry but I love the choice of the pasta. It’s creamy and comes in a reasonable portion, perfect for those who don’t want to commit carbicide. 😉

Candy came up before I could comment and apologized for the lack of fat in the pork. I like fatty cuts. The kitchen just ran out of it on that day. The pasta was great though.

Bruno’s Sirloin Maison (RM 48)
Chilled Australian Sirloin grilled with herbed butter, served on a slice of foccacia, smothered with smoked bacon and mushroom sauce accompanied by spicy wedges and fresh garden salad.

Bruno's Sirloin Maison

This is Eiling’s main. She didn’t quite like it, so she changed the dish. I had a bite of it and I thought the smoked bacon sauce went very well with the steak. The steak was overdone though.

Char Grilled Tuna Steak (RM 48) *
200 grams of Pacific tuna marinated in Chablis wine and char grilled to perfection, topped with tomato coulis. Served with whipped potatoes and fresh garden salad. 

Char Grilled Tuna Steak

Saving the best for last, Eiling ordered this after her steak experience. I was tempted to order this at first since Candy highly recommended it but I went with a pork dish instead. I’m glad we got to try this though coz it’s d-e-l-e-c-t-a-b-l-e

bluefin tina

The tender melt-in-your-mouth fish was done just right and came out in a very appetizing shade of pink. It’s very juicy and I finished it despite having an entrée, starter, mains and several pints of Guinness. It’s bluefin tuna, how can you resist?

I devoured it. =D 

me eiling

Note to self: The old sipping on a straw trick does the job in making you appear slimmer on camera but remember not to stare bug eyed at the camera while at it. 

bangsar babe

Oh, and I met Sue Lynn a.k.a. Bangsar Babe and just like her name suggests, she really is one. 😉

bangsar babe notes

Do you know how Sue Lynn does food reviews? She keeps meticulous notes with a little book she brings along, complete with name cards and such. I used to wing it, relying on my less-than-stellar memory but realized that’s not the best way to go about it. This time I used my Xpax BB to type notes while tasting the food. Awesome tool! =D 

brunos al fresco

There’s also a band in the al fresco area which entertains song requests. The singer does a pretty good rendition of Hotel California and bastardized (in a good way) the lyrics of Black Magic Woman. I like the band and you can chill at the patio having drinks. I only wish they had those mist fans installed coz it was a rather warm night.

Notice: Bruno’s in Jaya 33 will cease operating in December 2009. However, fear not, there are other plans coming up and they are in the midst of setting up another outlet…which also serves pork! =D

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105 thoughts on “Bruno’s Restaurant and Bar @ Jaya 33”

  1. chefmel: Yup, I liked the pork burger and the bluefin tuna dish. I didn’t quite like my mains coz the cut of meat is too lean, but otherwise it’s generally good. 🙂
    Haha! Have you watched the Bruno movie?

  2. eiling: Haha! Okay, I’m the opposite, fashionably early or on time. It’s the new fashionable late. 😉
    See ya then! 🙂
    KY: Yeah, it’s the caramelized pineapple that did the trick. The Malibu didn’t hurt either, can taste the coconut liquer in it. 🙂

  3. Note to self: The old sipping on a straw trick does the job in making you appear slimmer on camera but remember not to stare bug eyed at the camera while at it.
    Hmm…personally speaking, I see no difference. LOL I’ve got to try it out myself to see if it really works.
    Great review as always, can’t wait for your next cooking post. 😉

  4. ShaolinTiger: Yeah, the pork burger is pretty awesome, best on the menu aside from the bluefin tuna. 🙂
    Ramly burger with pineapple? Sounds good to me. =D
    I’ve heard of green apple ones too but I can’t find that stall. Somewhere in KL I hear.
    Cheers: Haha! My coworker was just telling me how my fringe makes me look thinner. I think it’s just coz I didn’t eat dinner last night. 😉
    Thanks! =D
    More cooking posts coming up when I move into my new place.
    hitomi: No worries, it’s nearly lunchtime! =D

  5. Bruno Manser was an environmental activist still mising in Borneo jungle… i’m sure its not related to this Bruno. The food looks awesomelicious! but err prices are a bit steep or maybe it’s one of KL’s high class eating places. The fried breaded mushrooms, I’d love to try.

  6. hey hey..I been chowing burgers non stop lately & malibu + p/apple burger does sound interesting. prob will head there to try!
    ps: the green apple burger is awesome too.
    we (as in some of my friends who couldnt make it that nite) are goin to make atr trip.
    But u must be bz wt Project Alpha rite?
    ps: I didnt like Cristang. And it seems that I’m the only one! ;p

  7. ciki: Hello there! It was good to meet you that day! 🙂
    Well, you ate different stuff right? We got the mushrooms coz Candy said they were very popular and we should try it. =D
    suanie: Yeah, I was told you’re going to be there but I didn’t see Suanie v2! I was hoping to see the newer and fitter Suanie! 🙂
    jg: Bruno is also a movie by Sacha Baron Cohen but yeah I know the guy you’re refering to. The one who lived amongst the Penans. 🙂
    The prices are about right for places like this in KL, even Tanahmas in Sibu is about the same price range. T_T
    The fried breaded mushrooms is good, surprising coz the mushrooms were still juicy inside, but I liked the sauteed ones. =D
    thenomadGourmand: Yeah, the pork burger at Bruno’s is really awesome. It’s the caramelized pineapple ring that does the trick. The Malibu helped too!
    Thanks for the link! I still can’t find the green apple burger though, been hearing SO MUCH about it for months. T_T
    Nope, Project Alpha has finished filming, the last episode will be out soon! It’s currently at Episode 6 where my ex gf Cherie talks about me. 🙂

  8. yummy! and the pics really makes me hungry!
    If you’re free, you can view my blog. there is something that I write about you for Project Alpha Blog Contest.
    I’m sorry if there’s any mistake about you.
    (I’m the one who email you yesterday)

  9. This restaurant is certainly gonna be my must go once I reach home!
    And what a name – Bruno.
    I got embarrassed watching that movie. Really is a shocking movie not cause it’s scary but being so socially wrong I can’t help but to salute Sacha Baron Cohen for his guts.

  10. mk: Hmm…it’s very good mushrooms though. 🙂
    Wilfred Yeo: Yeah, I read about it, I forgot from where though. She’s a copywriter too. 🙂
    YobSumo: Hey, thanks for the support mate! Appreciate that. I hope you win the contest! Cheers! 🙂
    Ryan: Yeah, it’s definately worth a try. I suggest the pork burger, it’s very good. 🙂
    Bruno eh? Yeah, and most of the parts e.g. the Senator part was filmed without anyone except Sacha knowing it was a gag. He only had one chance, one take. Takes talent that one. 🙂

  11. william: Heh! Yeah, I’m usually early or on time. If I know I’m gonna be late I’ll say in advance. 🙂
    Yup, Guinness is the good stuff. I love it!
    …: Indeed! No better combination IMHO. =D
    Yeah, she’s quite tall (or maybe I’m just short). 🙂

  12. HB, is it an infusion Asian restaurant? I prefer the grill tuna it look so delis. The roast pork is something many restaurants now prep with soaking meat first in brine of water and seasoning overnight or two days to get a moist roast meat in the states.
    If the chef does that for sure the best roast pork ever or beef and chicken.

  13. Michael (Mike): Hmm…I’ll call it a western restaurant (if such a description exists). Bruno’s in Jaya 33 is going to close in December though, very unfortunate, but a new outlet is going to replace it! 🙂

  14. Hey huai bin
    I am one of the early followers of your blog, back at a time when was still the hot stuff and wasn’t littered with spam quality posts 😛
    Havent been back here for some time, until today
    Lovely photos!
    Mind telling me what camera you used for them?
    And damn, I wish I had free flow beer and cocktails when I eat out too..

  15. bapester: Hey there! Thanks for reading mate, I love old readers. Heh! People who have been around long enough. 🙂
    Thanks for the kind comments!
    I’m using a Sony Alpha a350 with a HVL-FM58AM external flash (damn flash cost over half the price of the dSLR). I’m not a good photographer though. T_T
    Learning still. 🙂

  16. A Lil Fat Monkey: Yeah, coz their pork burgers are really good! Oh well, at least they’ll open another one when Bruno’s close in December. 🙂
    Hey it was great to meet you that day too! =D

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