Hello everyone! I’m in Georgia! No, not the US state, I’m at the way cooler crazy post Soviet country. ;) I just arrived from London via Riga, Latvia. It was snowing when I left Latvia, very treacherous ice on the roads, slipped once and got my shoes wet. -_-

Anyway, I just had a long tour of the cobbled and narrow streets (would call them alleys myself) of Tbilisi no thanks to the guest house where I’m supposed to be staying. I had booked it for for 40 GEL (about RM 100) per night inclusive of home cooked lunch and dinner but they totally waylaid my booking.


I thought it was just for a day and it’s quite hard to communicate considering I have a very limited working knowledge of Georgian and my Russian is pretty rusty too. I’m kidding, I speak neither language but as always, get by with English and gestures. smirk

Back to the hunt for accomodation, it turns out that the original guest house doesn’t have my booking at all! I had to go to several other hotels, some rather dodgy ones besides suspicious casinos and bars which probably sees several fisticuffs outside every night. I don’t know wtf is going on here but most of the reasonably priced hotels (around 60 Georgian Liras) are fully booked!


I think part of the reason (besides the Russian Orthodox Christmas on the 7th) is that most hotels have a very low capacity…like 10 rooms or something ridiculous along those lines (kid you not).

Thus, I am staying at this hotel which costs about USD 100 per night. It’s not the Marriot (although they have one here – with astounding rates of over 200 USD per night) but it’s pretty nice and it’s way more than I can afford. :(


Hotel Riverside is located beside Mtkvari river (which gives it the name I suppose) and they also were out of normal rooms so I’m stayin in a suite. FML. I am going to have to file for Chapter 11 before this Europe adventure is over. >.<


There is a queen sized bed and a single bed plus several couches and I imagine it would be affordable if you come in a group but since I’m traveling solo, all I can feel is a distinctive warmth down under.

No, it’s not a tingling of the nether regions but rather my pocket burning.


Oh well, at least the bathroom is nice. *shrugs*


Alright, time to head out and explore Tbilisi! :)

Posted: 9.23 am Tbilisi, Georgia time (GMT +4)

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21 Responses to “Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia”

  1. Dude, too bad, there is no Western Union in Tbilisi, Georgia……

  2. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. That looks really cold. Keep warm, don’t wanna fall sick.

  4. wow….the road less traveled indeed, Georgia, of all places, so random, heh. Well, all the more to explore and tell us about your adventures there then :) I imagine it would be a cross between Estonia (as portrayed in Eurotrip) and Slovakia (as depicted in Hostel), but probably not as much crazy stuff going on. But who knows?

    • Yeah, the destination of Georgia is based solely upon research into the more interesting Eastern Europe / Baltics countries. Not a lot of people go here, customs was not familar with the Schengen agreement for visas.

      It has undergone a bit of reform after a relatively recent bit of unrest but a lot of mumblings about the Mayor of Tbilisi’s policy on the old quarter.

  5. i seriously think the time has come for you to check out http://www.couchsurfing.org…….just for the sake of a noble blog follower of yours…check out the site!!!

    On a different note…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…belated of course!!

    • Yup, I’m familiar with it! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to register and search so I couldn’t couch surf. Managed to meet a lot of random people on the street though!

      Happy New Year buddy!

  6. happy new year. so mate. did you finally end up as a travel writer?

  7. wow, uncharted territory for me! how very interesting. cannot w8 to hear what you get up to.. write write write!

    • Yeah, it’s a quaint and odd, out of the way country with an interesting history, which was why I went. It’s technically in Asia and not Europe, that’s why the long flights back and forth. -_-

      Will do! Thanks! :)

  8. well the toilet does look a lot better than the room itself. It’s not too expensive la… considering that you’re in Europe.

    • Yeah, the toilet is super awesome! :)

      It would be cheap if this was in one of the more developed European countries – the size and amnieties is pretty good! :)

      Georgia is in Asia though, a post Soviet country – they’ll possibly be the first Caucasus country to join the EU. :)

  9. tbilisi looks like an awesome place to explore! take care in the snow and cold weather okay :)

    • Thanks Fresh! Latvia was a bit more gnarly, the sub zero temps and all the snow and ice on the floor. It wet all my shoes. -_-

      I’ll take care! :)

  10. Ahh – good old Eastern Europe! While you are in Europe, take a round trip from Hungary down to Croatia and Slovenia ! Absolutely stunning but not very touristy places – their rich culture,tradition and history that makes up for it! Not to mention, they are very affordable too :)

    • It sounds awesome Chloe! I love the road less travelled – the Baltic states etc instead of the usual European cities that people go to (although I’m guilty of hitting Amsterdam for long periods of time ;)).

      It sounds like a great route! I have to save up before I can afford to travel again though. :x

      • Ahah – I spent a few months backpacking solo in Europe last year and I found that Eastern Europe had much more to offer. I wished I have spent longer at the Eastern part. I am already saving up to go back for a short summer – just cannot get enough of it! How much longer are you going to be in Europe?

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