Gambling during Chinese New Year

in between poker

Yup, it’s a tradition along with fireworks and heavy drinking – the third component of celebrations would be gambling with blackjack el arab! I don’t have photos of the family session coz I lost my iPhone but I have several other ones after that:


in between

This is a poker derivative where you get dealt two cards and you draw from the deck to see if you can get a card with a denomination in the middle (thus the name “in between”). You can opt to wager as much as you want up to the limit of the pot. There is no distinction between spades or diamonds and a card of similar value would result in a penalty of double pay. also you can enjoy situs poker online here.Before playing one must check that the casinos and gambling sites,you are prefering should be on the most popular platform of gambling i.e

in between pot

You contribute a predetermined amount into the pot when you first start and roll until it’s empty. The pot was over RM 600+ at one point. You can opt for the entire pot if you have a good hand but if you draw a similar card, you’ll have to pay double – RM 1,800. This tends to make everyone cautious unless you’re attempting to win back your losses. I won about RM 200+ from this (after minimal fluctuating movement in my loss-profit – the most I was up was by RM 300 before paying RM 200) and reimbursed Jeanie for her RM 100 loss.

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Four Color

four color

I have completely no idea how to play this – it’s like Chinese chess on Mahjong tiles and you have to make a set of matching components which totals 11 points (minimum) to win. This is my first time playing it and I was using Jeanie’s money to play – it’s a game between her two sisters and brother.

emperor tiles

It took me a while to figure out how to win and how to calculate points but the rule of thumb is that if you get the “highest denomination” (think of it as an Ace of Spades) – a tile with the “Emperor” calligraphy on it – it’s calculated as 1 point AND RM 1 at the same time.


I managed to win about RM 20 in a single game due to an abundance of Emperor tiles and it’s quite an interesting game – but I’m still not very good in arranging sets. It’s a bit complicated to explain the rules coz I’m not sure of it myself. 😡

cny visiting

Anyway, Chinese New Year is not over yet – I’m heading over to my grandma’s tomorrow (technically later tonight) for dinner and there are some developments on the personal front which I guess I’ll share when I’m not so sleepy. 😉

Happy CNY everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Gambling during Chinese New Year”

  1. Gong Hei Fatt Choy bro!!! How’s the luck so far? Hope its good. I just came back from a session myself, won a bit from “ngau” 🙂

    • Happy CNY bro! The luck is good over here, overall win, not just in gambling but in other aspects of life as well. =D

      Here’s hoping you have heaps of luck too!

    • Indeed! I was tempted to swipe the entire pot twice (would have gotten it) but settled for a couple hundred coz of the risk of hitting a similar card and paying double.

  2. Dude, the four colours hand looks off. Minimum of 20 points to win, right? “Closed gong” of the generals = 12 points. Your hand looks off

    Unless….. they count differently in Sarawak

    • It’s four colors for the Elephant (?) character – that was my best win and I made sure to take a photo of it. Heh!

      Oh, we play for a minimum of 11 points to win over here – if I’m not mistaken, that’s a 15 pointer in the last picture coz of the 4 similar colored Emperor (red) multiplier.

      How do you play over there?

      I’m not too sure of this game, I can count but it takes a bit of time for me to figure out which tiles I should be waiting for (there’s usually more while I get fixated on 1). 🙂

    • Wow! I can’t play mahjong well either, so they pulled this one out instead. It is an interesting game…but a bit of a learning curve there. 😡

    • I haven’t had a game of holo this year! There was one session going on but I passed and went out for a movie with a friend and ended up at a Class of ’97 high school reunion. 🙂


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