My niece’s 1st birthday!


I’m a proud uncle of a 1 year old bundle of joy. πŸ˜€


My sister’s daughter just turned a year old and the entire Poh clan went out to celebrate her birthday. I’m really fond of her, she’s soft and adorable and it’s really touching when she takes to me and asks for a hug. *melts


We all went for dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Home Cook Corner (favored by my dad coz of the relatively low MSG content) and ordered:

Claypot pork leg
This is nicely done and came out tender and sweet – just as it should be.

Unidentified veggies with egg
I don’t know what vegetable this is but I love how it’s cooked with egg. Eggs = awesome.

Curry fish head
I like how this came out.


It can’t compare to the legendary Sheraton curry fish head in Sibu but it comes pretty close.

This is a local fern that’s only available in Sarawak. It’s cooked in a spicy and sour style which actually works pretty well.

century egg
Century eggs
Erm…this is actually mine, I always tend to order this when I’m eating in Sibu.

Kung pow chicken
I found this a little bland and disappointing since I’m used to very spicy dishes.

House specialty tofu
I’m not particularly fond of tofu so this doesn’t really appeal to me.

Homemade fishball soup
The fishball is the size of an egg (!!!). I quite liked it even though the others found it too soft.


We adjoined back home after dinner with all the relatives in tow for the obligatory cake cutting ceremony. This is a durian cake from Secret Recipe. Yes, we have one in Sibu. -_-


I don’t know if she made a wish (probably not, considering her age) but I made one for her. May you grow up to be happy and here’s to life treating you well!


Happy birthday little one. Much love from your uncle. <3 "…and I hope, life treats you kind. And I hope, you have all you dreamed of. I wish you joy, and happiness. And above all this, I wish you…love.

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25 thoughts on “My niece’s 1st birthday!”

  1. HB, the best way to learn to be a good future parent one day is to first be a uncle or aunt first. See how much patient you with the child and find how wonderful one day of your own. Seeing how fast children grow up and the things they learn along the way. My sister in UCSF Medical Center working in research in early childhood education. A child start learning at the moment they were born and many start speaking at 2 to 3 months old yes that young but saying the same word to them everyday that how they pick it so easy.

    Showing name card of animals and objects and words and letters and numbers many count and reading before one year old.

    • Yeah, I can imagine how difficult it is to really take care of a baby. You practically wake up several times a night. It’s worth it though. πŸ™‚

  2. Your paternal clock has started ticking . tik tok tik tok tik tok ~
    Being in a relationship and all that jazz…All these.. prelude to something lahhh ;p

    But hey, it’s not a bad thing afterall ;P haha
    all the best, nonetheless )

  3. Hi HB. Hope you had a great CNY and Valentine’s Day. I am planning to head to Sri Lanka for holidays for a week and i was hoping I could talk to you just to get the full details of your trip. Is there anyway that we can perhaps talk online?

  4. It’s amazing how kids grow up so fast. It’s a joy watching them grow and also a horror because this means I grow older T_T My niece is now 5 years old and my nephew 4 years old. Watch them from aren’t able to speak properly and now can call me “kow fuh”. Such a wonderful feeling.

    • Yeah it’s nice to be an uncle eh? πŸ™‚

      …but you’re right, they grow up so fast, they’ll soon hit puberty and not be kids anymore. T_T

      But I guess that’s just how life goes. πŸ™‚


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