The soup place at Jalan 1/77B

soup hairy

There is a decripict looking place behind Berjaya Times Square that is supposed to serve a wide range of Cantonese style double boiled soup. It doesn’t have a name. It seems that people call it “The place beneath the huge tree“. Jeanie told me about it and sold me on the fact that they have some interesting soups with unusual ingredients like anteater (the animal).

soup place

I’m not a soup person but the prospect of eating wild animels is totally down my alley so we drove there to have dinner at around 10 pm. Jeanie was sick that day too and she’s a firm believer in the Chinese concepts of “heaty” and “cold” food so she wanted to have some chicken soup.

soup me coconut soup

I can’t say I share the same beliefs since I take everything that hasn’t been scientifically proven with an armful of salt.

soup crowd

The place seems to be very popular – most of the exotic soups have sold out by the time we got there so I chose a black kampung chicken with ginseng roots while Jeanie had their famous coconut chicken soup.


The soup is kept in a steamer so it’s still nice and hot when they serve it.

soup pork

It should be noted that they also serve other food – the braised pork leg was recommended to us and I took it up, being a huge fan of swine based dishes. It’s cooked with chillis so it’s slightly spicy – this makes it more like the stuff my mom makes. I like the fact that they have a lot of fatty meat instead of the lean meat that most establishment serves.

soup chicken

This is the black kampung chicken with ginseng soup. I was told that the ginseng comes from a special part of the root – it’s the hairy bits from the ginseng root that’s used in this soup.

soup black chicken contents

It tastes pretty good and there’s also other herbs in there to enhance the taste. The chicken becomes tasteless after being made into soup though.

coconut soup

The coconut chicken soup is one of their flagship dishes – it comes served in a whole coconut shell and you can taste hints of the coconut and the ginseng they put in it too.

soup coconut soup

Jeanie likes chicken soup. Hell, it has become a bit of an inside joke since she drinks so much chicken soup. I once asked my grandma if she has chicken soup when Jeanie came for dinner. Turns out she did. smirk

soup spread

Anyway, you’re supposed to eat the soup with rice but to be honest, the only way that you can do that is by heavily saturating the chicken with lots of soy sauce and chilli (provided). The chicken loses all flavor when it’s cooked like this – the taste is transferred to the soup itself.


The place is a little hard to find and your dining companions will likely include the resident canines and felines but they serve pretty good soup and their pork leg is divine! The soups are priced from RM 7 upwards.

soup us

I’m going to go earlier next time to get the more exotic soups.

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26 thoughts on “The soup place at Jalan 1/77B”

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good stuff. I don’t like soup dishes in general but this one isn’t too bad. It would have been better the exotic meat soups hasn’t sold out e.g. ant eater. 🙂

    • Yup, it’s quite delicious and it so happens that it was drizzling that day so the weather was very cool, with a nice breeze going on.

      It’s surprisingly good to drink hot soup in such weather. 😀

  1. Yum! Yum! Everything looks so good. Any pig’s brain? I love that! Steamed pig’s brain soup with ginseng. They say it’s a good remedy for frequent headaches.

    • Yup, that’s one of the things that made me want to go too. They have pig’s brain soup as well! 🙂

      I love eating it – offal like brains is cheap in Australia so I often use it as a protein source, just fry it with some eggs. 🙂

  2. the hairy root of the ginseng is called God’s Beard (direct translation from Hokkien). yeah, chicken should not be cooked too long until it loses flavour. may as well just buy a litre of chicken stock and microwave it.

    • Nice! Thanks for the info bro! 🙂

      I don’t know what they call the hairy bit of a ginseng, I thought ginseng is just ginseng.

      Surprisingly, this chicken becomes very tender when cooked this way though, it’s not tough like what I’ll expect. It’s still edible, with soy sauce and fresh chillies.

    • Yeah, it looks like it’s been there for quite a while! 🙂

      No frills place, very down to earth with good food. I like the pork leg too and I hear they also have exotic meat sometimes.

  3. I tried the Yeh Zhi Dan Kai (double boil herbal chicken soup) sometime last year. It’s yum! You should try their wild boar curry next. It’s another yum!

    • Oh is that the coconut chicken soup? Yeh Zhi = coconut?

      It’s good, I had some of Jeanie’s as well. The chicken is more edible than the black kampung chicken in my soup, there’s more meat to it. 🙂

      Ya, I heard there’s exotic meat there too, so I’m going to pay it a second visit. I’ve had a lot of wild boar in Sarawak but never had curry wild boar.

      Thanks for the recommendation Anna! 🙂

  4. I’ve tried this place before too, very yummy!! But KL traffic jams deter me from having dinner there.. 🙁

    But what’s all this talk about pig brains fried with egg! :O :O :O

    • It’s not too bad at night. I think we went on a Saturday night, and it was late so there was no traffic to speak of.

      …but then the place closes early so yeah you’ll have to contend with traffic if you want to get there before the more interesting soups sells out.

      Pig brains tastes delicious! 🙂

  5. Wow.. I’m so proud to say I’ve been there last month and sometimes last year.. kakakakaka !!

    Love the soup there too.. but I don’t eat those meat, unless I’m really hungry.. cos like u said.. it’s tasteless.. 🙂

    and and recover soon Jeanie 🙂

    • Hello Rose! 😀

      This place seems to be very popular, a lot of people know about it. It’s my first time there though. I love the pork leg! 🙂

      The soup is pretty good as well but the meat in the soup is tasteless so it’s good that you can order veggies and meat.

      Thanks Rose, she’s better dy! 🙂

  6. i luv wild animals too…delicious especialy snake,wild boar,monitor lizard,terrapin…will gv it a try next time i visit thre as normally i stay in hotel at jln alor so its walking distance… 😉

    • Yeah me too! I know there are some dangers in eating brains e.g. prion diseases like BSE (mad cow disease) but I still like eating them. 🙂

      Yup, you should go early to get the good stuff. Enjoy!

    • Yup, my girlfriend loves chicken soup too. I’m not very big on soup but I’ll drink it if it’s in front of me. I wouldn’t go and search for it unless it’s something interesting e.g. wild meat/game. 🙂

    • I’m not much of a soup person but I’ll drink it if it’s in front of me. I like exotic soups though and yeah, these double boiled ones are VERY flavorful! 😀


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