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Senibong is a seafood haven located at Permas Jaya in Johor. I was very keen to try out this place since it has a reputation for having the freshest seafood in town. The restaurant we went to has been featured in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan, a local food TV feature. It turned out to be a truly extraordinary dinner!


Kampung Senibong is situated right by the sea and and boasts a long row of restaurants serving a wide range of various aquatic creatures.


Senibong itself is a village of seafood restaurants and all of them display the catch of the day – everything ranging from the relatively mundane fish to exotic stingrays.


I could be mistaken but I believe most, if not all, of the restaurants are halal. This is also another attraction since my experiences with halal seafood is limited, to say the least. The seafood I’ve eaten is usually cooked Chinese style and I thought it’ll be awesome to sample Malay style seafood. πŸ˜€


Senibong seafood is really just a long alley inter-spaced with private jetties owned by the restaurants. I imagine that’s where the fishermen unload their catch to be sold to the eateries. It manages to balance the fine line between commercialism and a quaint village like ambiance. I found the place very warm and inviting.

senibong seafood

The lot of us descended to 6 Corner, one of the restaurants in Senibong. Dusk was just setting in and you can see the sea stretching out from the dining area.

6 corner

I was told you can even glimpse Singapore from that vantage point.


Regardless, there’s just something about the sea breeze that whets your appetite like nothing else. πŸ™‚


The first dish that came out was mussels cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce. The gravy was delectable! I nearly finished my plate of rice just from eating the mussels and the gravy inside.


I thought nothing could surpass that but then came the fish. It’s deep fried and cooked with Thai chilli sauce and pineapples. I’m not sure what type of fish they used but it didn’t come with a lot of bones, which is always a good thing. I sat on a table that has the fewest people, just so I could eat more of the food. smirk

fish sauce

It turns out that the fish wasn’t sufficient so I was thick skinned enough to β€œborrow” the adjoining table’s dish. Heh! It really is that good. Who would have thought Thai chilli sauce and pineapples would make such a mouth-watering gravy?


This is the obligatory vegetable dish. I’m not keen on vegetables, especially when there are other more delicious fare on the table so I can’t comment on this. I ate some anyway.


This is just a plain egg omelet but 6 Corner somehow manages to elevate this simple dish into something extraordinary. The seasoning goes very well with the egg and the omelet neutralizes the stronger taste of the seafood dishes.


The deep fried whole prawns with chilli dipping sauce is awesome. I don’t know what they put into the batter but it tastes great and it’s crunchy enough to eat the entire thing whole – head and all. I also like the boat dish that it was served in.


I’m more blasΓ© about the deep fried calamari. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, but the other dishes were so divine that this feels bland in comparison.


The tom yam soup is one of 6 Corner’s specialties as well. It’s very appetizing and spicy but it came rather late in the game so everyone was pretty full by then.


Just as we though the parade of dishes was ending, there was one last encore – black pepper crabs. I loved the sauce but I was too stuffed to eat more than a token claw.


It feels like I’m heaping lavish praises on the seafood here but I can honestly say that this is one of the best seafood dinners I’ve ever had in ages. It was truly an extraordinary feast. I ate so much I think my companions were taken aback. smirk

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41 thoughts on “6 Corner, Senibong Seafood”

    • Yup, it’s delicious! πŸ˜€

      I’ve never been there before but I’ve heard of Senibong. It exceeds my expectations. πŸ™‚

      Oh you’re from JB! It’s a nice place, I’ve been there twice in the last month.

  1. Wow! Food looks good. I would be very wary about places that are endorsed by some tv show – like in Sibu, Fisherman’s Restaurant has got the Jalan2 Cari Makan plaque and I would not say it is the best around, and expensive some more.

    • Heh! Yeah, they can be a bit off sometimes, those TV show endorsements.

      I find Fisherman’s Restaurant pretty good though, especially the stuffed clams. It’s a favorite of one of my ex-girlfriend’s dad. πŸ™‚

      This place is Senibong has the best seafood I’ve ever eaten though. Practically has my name on it. πŸ˜‰

  2. the next time u go to JB, u shd try my mom’s nyonya food at Permas Jaya too!
    its called June’s Kitchen! i think you will love it!

    no, my mom is not paying me for advertising her restaurant, but i just think no one really appreciates good food anymore! and again, u will!!! ASK HER TO COOK PERSONALLY! =)


    • Sounds good bro! I love Nyonya food…I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m in Johor.

      I’ll buzz you beforehand ya, else I might get a wierd look from your mom if I request her to cook it personally. πŸ™‚

        • Oops! Sorry Deniece! >.< My apologies, just assumed you were. 😑 Yeah, will definately check out your mom's place. It sounds plenty interesting. πŸ˜€

    • I go to June’s Kitchen nyonya food at least once a month….hahahha…food and environment is nice
      Only had 1 bad experience with a female waitress once last week where she did not double check the orders and the order was too much for both of us and did not want to listen to our side of the story until we spoke to another waiter and he helped us. Other then that all is good

  3. HB, I really like the Thai fried fish with spicy sauce and pineapple got to make that dish soon. What kind of dessert did you had?

    • Hello Lizzy! Sorry about the idiot impersonator who posted just now. I was actually on a plane when that happened.

      Yeah, it’s so close to Singapore! πŸ™‚

      It’s worth a trip down to check out the food. It’s in Permas Jaya though, if I recall correctly, it’s a bit of a drive from JB proper, but still in Johor. πŸ˜€

  4. hey this is a nice restaurant. I’ve always like an alfresco dining style and this is by the sea somemore! I don’t think I’ll ever find my way there though.

    • Yeah, it has great ambience. I’ve always liked dining by the sea too – best experience was in Sri Lanka, just at the sands while the ocean is in front of me. πŸ˜€

      Well, you’re always going to Singapore, you can drop by Johor if you drive down a bit. πŸ˜‰

    • Hello there! πŸ˜€

      It sounds good! I’ll definately check Teluk Jawa out next time I’m in JB.

      Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

  5. bro… you totally missed out on the legendary (!) nasi lemak at senibong.

    been featured in singapore’s food shows, and is dubbed to be one of the best nasi lemaks in peninsular malaysia.

    its right next to the restaurant you dined in, the only establishment serving nasi lemak in that area.

    personally i find it okay, probably due to having it repeatedly, but i would say all of my friends whom i brought to this place couldn’t wait for a second trip!

    give me a buzz if you’re down in jb and feeling adventurous for some nasi lemak, my treat! lol.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard about it bro. It’s been mentioned a lot of times but I didn’t get to eat it. πŸ™‚

      I’ll give you a buzz if I’m down in JB, we’ll go there together bro. πŸ˜€

  6. Wow! Can get free ice-cream? That’s great and good promotion. How about the price? Is it too expensive? How much the food which you have eaten? I’ll be going to Senibonng this coming weekend. Thks for the info.

    • Hello Sri!

      Yup, there’s lots of food there.

      However, I don’t know much much we paid for it as it was all arranged by Tourism Malaysia. Sorry about that!

  7. Please give me the address and tell me how to get there…the photos and the comments looks so yummylicious..i have to know how to go there!!
    please please show me the way:P

    Thank you

  8. It will be sinful not to go there..please please show me the way..
    Give me the address and lead me the way..
    How do i get there..say..from Angsana Plaza?

    Thank you:)

    • Hmm…I guess you can try using GPS and search for the place.

      I went on a Tourism Malaysia trip so I was on a bus the entire time, didn’t know where we were. πŸ™‚

  9. Nk g senibung ye.. Memang agk bebelit skit.. Dr angsana pg ke jln jb kota.. Lepas plaza plangi.. Tgk sign boarb senibung cove.. Masuk simpang ke bakar batu.. Jln terus.. Amk kiri.. Jln jk tuju ke permas. .. Nmpk petronas amik kiri n akan lalu jmbtn terus jk spi nmpk jusco permas.. Amk kanan pada persimpangan sblm jusco. . Trus… Spi ujung.. Amk kiri..jln ikut jln kecil.. Jln masuk kampung nnt ade org amk tol parking n di.akn tjuk arh. . Dh dkt le tu.. Kli ptma memang blh sst.. Sya pon dh pnh sst.. Tp dh g sna 4 kli.. Smua grai dh msuk.. Mknan mmng fresh.. Bebaloi.. Nk blk plk cri jln ke bndr jb.. Selamat mencuba..

  10. salam,,,siput pepahat ada x….?susah betul nk carikat Johor niee…harap 6 corner dapat menyajikan hidangan dr siput pepahat nie….

  11. Hi admin… I and my my family of 10 was there last nite…as we reach there abt 10 plus at night and we order quite a few dishes….after the order the dishes come 2 by 2 and we r please by the the look of the food serve hot as we’re all hungry…. But after all the dishes were send to pur table we waited for the rice abt 10 mins but it were not serve until one of my family members ask one of the staff then they realise that the rice were not serve…..so they rush to serve the rice and we happily enjoy the food altough its already cold but no dought we admit that the food is nice…. So half way through abt 11.30pm one them call the staff cos need to order a can of coke but when the staff returned back and said the boss alredy locked the fridge…..and then a few minutes later they started to fold the oter tables n stack up the chairs and one of them even started to sweep the wooden floor…..so we have to hurried up finished the food and even packed some of them…. We regretted to so said we ‘re not satisfied and dissappointed with the restaurant services…. Can the management look foorward about these matter and do something about it……… Thank you so much……

    • Hi Rahman,

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience but I don’t have the contact of 6 Corner, we just went there for dinner and I wrote about it. I’ve seen the owner of 6 Corner commenting here though so maybe he’ll take notice and help you out. Cheers.


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