Is there an evil gene?


What makes people evil? What is evil? Does “evil” merely mean “different” e.g. beyond the norms of what society (which obviously means the majority) expects a person to behave? Or do you think there is a gene that causes pure evil to manifest?

One of my favorite phrases is the one that go “True evil is defined by the antipathy of the common man to society’s ills”.


Well, I’m not about to go into a religious or philosophical debate but I’ve always been fascinated by the Italian/Sicilian Mafia in the glory days. They were villains, but somehow, gentlemanly villains. They were suave, dressed well and offers you…well, offers you can’t refuse. 😉

party people

The omerta (code of silence) is a fascinating thing, sociologically speaking – it worked until the Mafia started to get into the narcotics trade which carries a far heavier sentence. I reckon the RICO act was the death of organized crime as it is.

you hit us we hit you

I just came back from Australia where I went to the renowned Casino Beef Week 2011 in Casino, New South Wales. Casino as in the small rural Australian town, not the place where people wager hard earned money on. Anyway, the theme for this year was simply “Italian” and a lot of the residents came out dressed like Mafiosi.

security under new management

I reckon the Mafia is the gold standard in villainy – a lot of people aspire to be like them (at least the ones who are still in their teens anyway ;)) but you have to hand it to them – it is an impressive organization.


However, there are much cooler villains – like the ones in DC comics. I have to say my favorite has gotta be Joker from Batman Begins. Who would have thought “Why so serious?” would become a catchphrase for ages and psychopathic (or at least sociopathic) behavior has become the embodiment of cool?

Who is your favorite super villain?

I’m asking coz there’s an awesome party coming up and you will get to dress as your favorite super villain!


super villains

Encore is back the themed event Super Villains where you get to test out 4 new signature cocktails (Captain Jack, Juggernaut, Lady Luck & Red Sonja) priced at RM 17 each (or two for RM 30). There will be only 100 of these to be served during the night.


You can also mix you own cocktails and after 11 pm, there will be 4 hot dancers to spice up the night. Super Villains will be the theme of the night so expect dressed your favorite villains to make an appearance serving you.


HORECA throws great parties; I’ve always attended all their events. In the spirit of the subject of villainy, let’s hear your thoughts on the Scared Pose Look (TM) that we thought up while we were down under.

Who do you think has the best scared pose? It’s the same set and setting, at an apartment we were staying at in Byron Bay:

Model #1: Ringo

Model #2: Alycia

Choose one and tell me why you think they have the most scared pose and I’ll give 2 free drink vouchers each for the 5 most creative comments. Just comment before 4 pm on 1st June!

I also have extra drink vouchers so if you bump into me there, tell me to buy you one of their signature cocktails…that is, if I haven’t already used it myself. 😉 Come and have a blast with us this 1st of June. I’ve just got one question for you…

Why so serious?

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37 thoughts on “Is there an evil gene?”

  1. I vote for Alicia! She has a more ‘shocked’ look compare to Ringo ‘cute’ look. LOL!
    Do I get the drink vouchers? :-p

    • Heh! Nice description. 🙂

      Wait ya, I’ll compile the winners list at 4 pm on 1st June.

      Thanks for commenting Deb! 🙂

  2. My vote goes to Alycia. I believed I looked like that when someone opened my bedroom door without knocking, while I was masturbating early in the morning. Hell yes I was shocked and scared.

    • Haha! Okay, I hope it wasn’t your parents or family, that would have been awkward. 😉

      It’s a rather disturbingly descriptive image that’s stuck in my mind now.

      Nice one though. Cheers mate! 🙂

      • Heh! Yeah, of course you’re not. It’s just like the Travis Pastrana skydiving without a chute video:

        It’s the net – someone just has to come out with a buttseks reference or something to that effect when the other divers were strapping on the tandem chute in midair.

        Have a great week ahead Alycia! 🙂

  3. Hey HB! I think Ringo looks more scared she has the covers all the way up to her eyes. What did you do to make her so scared? Hahahaha! Joking. I’ll love the drink vouchers, I work just nearby 7atenine. If you remember me, we met at Encore last year too. I was the guy who came up to you with my girlfriend (now ex girlfriend) while you were eating and drinking vodka and the cocktails with your friends outside and intro myself. Cheers to you and hoping to see you there HB! 🙂

    • Hey Shawn! Yeah, I remember you and your ex-gf. It was either Temptations or Wonderland, I can’t remember which one coz I was at the outside table at both events. 🙂

      I’m inclined to believe it’s Temptations (the one with ice cream cocktails) last year though.

      Yup, I’ll be there. Nice entry bro.

      Have an awesome week ahead. 🙂

    • Heh! That net access in the apartment we stayed in is pretty expensive but yeah it’s worth it. It was like 1 day or 1.5 GB and I just used it up by downloading torrents of TV series. That’s super villain behavior according to RIAA. 😉

      It’s like data roaming charges but it’s fast. 2 Mbps link. Too bad there’s a data cap, Aussie ISPs are liddat one.

  4. Both looks like they wet their bed.

    Ringo sniffs the sheets and looks worried washing is not gonna get rid of the smell.

    Alycia takes a peek under the sheet and says “I pooed too!”

    My vote goes to Alycia.

  5. My vote goes to Model 1, Cheesie because she’s so scared that she is aging and will never find the ideal man to marry and make babies with. HAHAHAHAHA! She looks so 30s and auntie like!

    • Are you kidding?

      You’ve obviously never met Cheesie in real life. She’s looks awesome and I’m sure most people agree with that. 🙂

  6. I’ll leave the voting to people actually in your continent as they type…

    But i do have evil jeans on!

    Ahh…the pun! The last resort of the coward comedian.

    Thanks, Thanks, Thank you… I’m here all week!

  7. Alright, who’s up for drinks tomorrow at 7ate9?

    I’ll be there at 9 pm (how appropriate) – just comment if you want a pair of drink vouchers. 🙂

  8. Ringo;

    Coz that the expression my ex gave me when she saw my hairy chest.
    there went my self-esteem…

  9. Ringo’s face more scary. Cause the other one looks more surprised. Ringo’s face is like when I told her I dont wear moisturizer on my face heehee

      • Heh! I saw you apply chapstick several times in a day while in Aussie. 😀

        Not that it’s a bad thing, I do it myself too, but only in really cold weather, like in Europe.

        I hardly use chapstick unless it’s winter when I was in Melbourne.

        …but sunblock is good though. I’m still slightly sunburnt from Byron Bay. 😡

  10. i can haz vouchers prease? 😛

    i think ringo wins because she looks absolutely petrified that you’re gonna kill her duffys and steal all her liz lisa dresses. tsktsktsk huai bin naughty boy.

  11. ringo’s face is more scary! she looks absolutely petrified that you’ll kill her duffys and destroy all her liz lisa clothes. tsktsktsk huai bin naughty boy.

  12. i vote ringo & she looks like she could use one of those drink vouchers to undo the OMGWTFCHEESUSCRUST look on her face hahaha.

    (sorry bb wtf. but it’s true!)

    • Heh! I actually have several photos – she (and Alycia) was kind enough to help me out in the middle of the night (think it was midnight) with the posing and stuff.

      Yay! 🙂


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