Cempedak chicken

cempedak chicken

This is a seasonal item available from boatHouse. Cempedak is a tropical jruit related to jackfruit. It tastes about the same – cloyingly sweet with a heady aroma.

boathouse cempedak chicken

Cempedak chicken is an entree that really challenges your palate – the chicken meat stuffed into the cempedak before being deep fried makes for an interesting sweet and salty interplay.

jackfruit chicken

It’s crispy, greasy and juicy – the chunks of thigh meat inside the cempedak would likely burn your tongue the first time you greedily gobble it, but it’s awesome! πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “Cempedak chicken”

  1. i think of all the dishes we had that evening, this one was the most noteworthy. such a creative combination! i really like how the chicken meat was marinated/seasoned in something savoury before being wrapped with the cempedak. πŸ˜€

  2. Gosh boringgggg…u guys never been to boathouse before and you dare urself to write a food blog? I wonder what u guys eat normally, mcd and kfc? Get a real job and earn more money plz. Dont always get left behind can? Oh btw their drunken prawns with emperor noodles is the best.

    • Erm, I’ve been to boathouse quite a few times. I wrote this coz I haven’t tried their cempedak chicken before. sixthseal.com is not a dedicated food blog. I suspect you run a dedicated one though, from my experience, anonymous cowards like you troll out of frustration. πŸ˜‰

  3. HB, I readed it smell like durian fruit which I still unable to get pass that yet. Found jackfruit in San Francisco and will try it first and move on to durian for I still want to learn to eat it. Maybe I try the durian ice cream in Asia stores they carry.

    This dish look delish make me mouthwater for it too.

    • Hmm…it doesn’t. Cempedak has a very strong smell but it doesn’t smell like durian at all. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, if you like creamy fruits like durian you’re going to love this too.

  4. Unripe flesh of Cempedak (shredded to bits) usually great if cooked with coconut milk aka. ‘masak lemak’ and add red chili for more spicy ‘kick’. Same goes to Jackfruit/Nangka fruit unripe flesh as well.

    There is cross-breed Cempedak-Nangka fruit with yellow-reddish flesh and quite rare. Now that’s truly exotic tropical fruit!


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