cempedak chicken

This is a seasonal item available from boatHouse. Cempedak is a tropical jruit related to jackfruit. It tastes about the same – cloyingly sweet with a heady aroma.

boathouse cempedak chicken

Cempedak chicken is an entree that really challenges your palate – the chicken meat stuffed into the cempedak before being deep fried makes for an interesting sweet and salty interplay.

jackfruit chicken

It’s crispy, greasy and juicy – the chunks of thigh meat inside the cempedak would likely burn your tongue the first time you greedily gobble it, but it’s awesome! :)

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30 Responses to “Cempedak chicken”

  1. gotta say i’ve never had this combination before, maybe worth a try :D

  2. OMG, I think I can eat that non-stop! Look delish!

  3. Salivatingggg… always love “cucur” cempedak. And now with Chicken? Bonus!

  4. I think this is going toi be nice. Very good idea – perhaps I can try with nangka…or the nangka-cempedak hybrid. I prefer those to cempedak.

  5. Creative dishes are always worth a try! :D

  6. i think of all the dishes we had that evening, this one was the most noteworthy. such a creative combination! i really like how the chicken meat was marinated/seasoned in something savoury before being wrapped with the cempedak. :D

  7. Gosh boringgggg…u guys never been to boathouse before and you dare urself to write a food blog? I wonder what u guys eat normally, mcd and kfc? Get a real job and earn more money plz. Dont always get left behind can? Oh btw their drunken prawns with emperor noodles is the best.

    • Erm, I’ve been to boathouse quite a few times. I wrote this coz I haven’t tried their cempedak chicken before. sixthseal.com is not a dedicated food blog. I suspect you run a dedicated one though, from my experience, anonymous cowards like you troll out of frustration. ;)

  8. Btw i think u guys should stop acting like a beggar begging for free food from restaurant and write crap food review.

  9. HB, I readed it smell like durian fruit which I still unable to get pass that yet. Found jackfruit in San Francisco and will try it first and move on to durian for I still want to learn to eat it. Maybe I try the durian ice cream in Asia stores they carry.

    This dish look delish make me mouthwater for it too.

    • Hmm…it doesn’t. Cempedak has a very strong smell but it doesn’t smell like durian at all. :)

      Yeah, if you like creamy fruits like durian you’re going to love this too.

  10. i can already imagine how this tastes like. mild umami flavor paired w ith strong pungent sweetness followed by a little tart aftertaste from the cempedak. hehe

  11. Eating cempedak = Urine…epic smell ! #####

    Should try cempedak nut boiled till tender. Taste like mesh potato. ;)

  12. Unripe flesh of Cempedak (shredded to bits) usually great if cooked with coconut milk aka. ‘masak lemak’ and add red chili for more spicy ‘kick’. Same goes to Jackfruit/Nangka fruit unripe flesh as well.

    There is cross-breed Cempedak-Nangka fruit with yellow-reddish flesh and quite rare. Now that’s truly exotic tropical fruit!

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