Road trips


I love going on them. It’s fun to drive and go somewhere for the weekend. It doesn’t really matter where, the point is to get away and go to a different place to chill.

cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands

Fraser’s Hill


I’ve even driven down to Singapore before. What makes road trips enjoyable is always the company but the car you drive makes a whole lot of difference too. I’ll say it can even make or break a road trip. I’m somewhat experienced in these things and comfort also plays a huge part.

You want to be in a car that can accommodate everyone with enough space to stretch their legs to reduce driving fatigue. Even minor things like heat from the sun can ruin a perfectly good road trip – I’ve even come back sunburned coz of I took off all the tinting on my car when I shipped it from Sarawak to comply with JPJ regulations. A more powerful engine can also make a lot of difference in driver comfort.


I’ve been looking around for a new car for a while now. I’m planning to get another one after I buy my condo. I love long road trips so I have to factor that in when I purchase my car. I want one with a small turning radius coz I *have* gotten stuck in rural unpaved dirt roads and not being able to turn back while exploring a new area. Cruise control is one of the essential features that I’ll need to have. I’m also looking for more horsepower so it’ll have to be a 2.0 liter engine.

I was talking about all that with Cindy when we passed by a Proton Edar Showroom. I have been thinking about test driving the Inspira 2.0 Premium since it fits all my requirements…now it’s time to see if it lives up to the expectations.

test drive

I’ll be honest – I was pretty impressed. The car performs well on the road. The 2.0 liter engine really makes a difference when I took it for a spin, the Inspira is responsive and energetic – it’ll make road trips so much easier if you’re driving a car with some good ol’ horsepower under the hood.

I also tested the other important feature I was considering – cruise control. I took it on an extended drive down relatively secluded parts of the highway and engaged it. The Inspira 2.0 Premium’s cruise control kicked in perfectly and worked like a charm.

shift paddles

Cruise control really helps with driving comfort during long road trips as you can pretty much maintain the speed you set in steady road conditions – like long distance driving.

I have also verified that the turning radius of the Inspira is indeed just 5 meters. Well, I didn’t go out and measure it, but if you’ve been driving for 14 years, you have a good idea of whether it’s on the mark.

driving inspira

I swear this would get me out of trouble one of these days. Like I mentioned, I have a propensity of going into narrow, unpaved rural roads in search of a shortcut or just to explore during my road trips. smirk

safety glass

The Inspira is tinted not only to provide UV protection but also get rid of excessive solar heat. It doesn’t affect visibility at all – it looks perfectly clear from the inside I noticed that it filters out the sun very well. It was a hot afternoon when I drove the Inspira and with the air-conditioning blowing and the good tinting, it seems positively chilly inside. Perfection. This is just the kind of car conditions you need if you love going for road trips in our tropical climate.

proton inspira

The Inspira 2.0 Premium also comes with fog lamps and rain sensors to trigger the wipers and adjust their speed according to rain conditions – again, useful stuff on road trips, since you don’t have to engage them yourself. I’m telling you, it’s all about automating things man, that way the driver feels more like a passenger. Heh.


Proton has definitely outdone themselves with this model. The generous amount of space inside the car allows you to stretch your legs and lean back while driving. Your fellow passengers are apt to thank you for the additional room and space to chuck all their overnight bags too. The Inspira 2.0CVT Premium retails from RM 91,549 (OTR with insurance) for solid colors, while for metallic is RM 91,999 (OTR with insurance). It’s great value for money when you consider all the features it has…and you can get it in the 80k range!


Proton is currently having a Incredible Deals on Wheels promotion where you can get savings up to RM 5,000 when you book selected models from 15th November to 31st December. Surf over to for more information. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, you might as well get it when a good deal is on.

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46 thoughts on “Road trips”

    • Yeah, there’s only 100 units of those. I like the look of that too. Last I heard it was still available. 🙂

      You can try calling them to see if the Inspira Limited Edition R3 has sold out. Cheers!

    • Yeah they are. The Inspira is surprisingly good, took it for a test drive that day and found that it performs quite well.

      Cindy? Yup, and coincidentally we were both wearing black tops. 🙂

    • Haha! Thanks! 🙂

      The photographer is Cindy if it’s a shot of me, if it’s a shot with both of us, it was the sales representative who came with us for the test drive. 😀

  1. The car is nice and all, but the build quality on this car is serious bollocks.

    The multi-info display button (right of instrument panel) on my brother’s car collapsed the first time I pressed it. wtf man really.

    What’s more interesting is that the media and test drive cars are actually different from the ones sold to customers. People have reported all 4 shock absorbers giving different pressures.

    The car has great potential, but until Proton throws their shit together, I won’t be buying this.

    • Your brother drives an Inspira too?

      Sorry to hear about your experience.

      Interesting. Yeah, it does have a lot of potential, the Inspira, the specs are pretty good. 🙂

      • Ya I got to agree the Inspira’s engine gives a pretty good kick. The gearbox is not too bad (I drive a Honda, so my gearbox expectations are waaayyyy up there).

        Sadly, the same cannot be said for the rest of the car for reasons up there.

        Good product, bad implementation.

        Interestingly, my SIL drives an Insight!

  2. Hmmm…….for that budget I would get Ford Fiesta / Kia Forte instead =D

    Since it turned into proton , I’m a bit skeptical even though I’ve been driving a proton and had no problems with it .

  3. please lah, proton is a shitty company producing shitty products for the last 20 years yet people still trust this brand.
    get a brain.

  4. No Bro, Nooooo!!!! Dont you ever buy a Proton! Never! Death trap!

    Smart guys get it? You’re way smarter bro don’t get spoofed by their conjob!

    CKD Inspira 2.0 claimed more local contents but priced hardly significant than CBU Lancer 2.0 (same spec 2.0L on duty free price Langkawi/Labuan pricing). WTF???

    Monthly instalments only differ RM100-RM150 so better you buy Original Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 lah!

    That’s my best help and advice to you bro: Wanna save your money? Dont buy a Proton!

    Stop supporting cronism, anti-competition, mediocrity, corruption!

    Millions of car buyers being suffered, ripped off, conned by this slacker since day one.

    WWF animal rights said when the buying stops the killing too. Applicable on our car industry that is full of hypocrisy, artificial cut-throat pricing policies and pretenders goofing around.

    Worst thing is that some car claimed to be CKD locally assembled but the only part assembled is the AP King car logo the rest CBU unit and still price not lowered much! Wow! You pay for the real car or the logo slapped on???

    Buy anything except Proton!
    Buy anything except Proton!
    Buy anything except Proton!


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