bebek betutu tekor bali

Bebek betutu literally means spiced duck. It’s one of the more well known dishes in Balinese cuisine. After listening to a frowning, disapproving local tell us that bakso is not Balinese in origin, and redirecting us to an awesome babi guling place, it was good to add another check mark to a classical Bali dish.

tekor bali legian

However, we had bebek betutu at the rather dubious beachfront restaurant in Legian called Tekor Bali. It was clean, nice and it came recommended from one of the travel websites. I was a bit hesitant since it didn’t “look” authentic but hey, I have since become a convert. A place does not need to be dingy and dirty to serve up great bebek betutu. :)

tekor bali bread

…it can even serve delicious, warm bread with garlic spread as an appetizer if it does its bebek betutu well. smirk

bebek betutu

The bebek betutu at Tekor Bali costs IDR 59,500 (about RM 20) and it’s ½ a roast duck stuffed with spices…and I do mean stuffed. There’s delicious spices everywhere you look (and even some places you don’t).

bebek betutu duck

The duck meat is tender, slightly juicy and extremely well flavored by the spices. The oily dark meat of the duck contrasts perfectly with the spicy packed marinade and it’s delicious with rice.

bebek betutu bali

I picked the bones of the bebek betutu clean. That’s half a duck, which is quite a bit more than I usually eat.

bintang beer

Tekor Bali is perfect for a couple of bottles of Bintang Beer too – it sells it at a comparable price to the Circle-K beside and you have an awesome shaded seat with the wind blowing in from Legian beach. :)

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19 Responses to “Bebek betutu in Tekor Bali”

  1. this is right in front of the blocked off legian beach right? i have been here before too! :-)

    • Yup! That’s the place! :)

      How did you find it? I liked it, reasonable prices for the place and the food’s authentic too.

  2. i’ve had the one at made’s warung. :)

    • Nice! I know where Made Warung is, very close to where we stayed.

      We in turned stayed right smack dab in the middle of Kuta beach so Legian beach was quite a distance away. :)

  3. Half roast duck for RM 20 is almost the same price as in KL. So I guess it should be more expensive than normal stalls eh?

    • Well, duck is generally expensive. It is slightly more expensive than the ones you get at warungs (though not necessarily) – some warungs are expensive.

      Tekor Bali is a beach front property in Legian. :)

      It’s quite reasonable for the price and area – the place looks expensive and looks like a rip off but it actually isn’t. They sell Bintang beer for about the same price as Circle K (the chain supermarket in Bali). :D

  4. I think I would love this too…A LOT! I love duck… Yummm!!! LOL!!!

    • Yeah, it’s delicious! :)

      Okay, we should go eat duck together coz not a lot of people like duck for some reason. :D

  5. man i really miss those bebek in Bali, they are so small too you always get half a duck per portion

  6. Looks like you really need to swim ALOT when you return!

  7. Not bad. You managed to finish the duck. Quite cleanly too.

  8. i prefer duck over chicken! i’ll sure to try this out if i travel to Bali!

    • Nice! Yeah, duck is a bit more gamey, I love the taste but it’s not as easily available as chicken usually so I like eating duck! :)

      Yeah, be sure to try out different places, they make bebek betutu differently. :D

  9. Duck is much better than Chicken btw.

    • I like duck too, there’s this dish that my grandma cooks – basically duck with 5 spice and I wanted to eat that every day as a kid. Lovely stuff. :)

      There’s not as much meat as chicken, but the flavor of duck is exceptional. :D

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