luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee is the infamously extravagant coffee that comes out of a civet. Well, you know what I mean.

civet cat

Civet cats like this one eats the coffee beans, supposedly these felines have a taste so refined that they’ll only go for the good ones. They’ll crap it out and people dig the coffee beans (which isn’t digested by the civet cat) from the dung and roast it.

kopi luwak

It’s surprisingly aromatic and very smooth coffee. I liked it, although we paid quite a bit for that small cup. How much?

luwak coffee price

That’s about RM 20. We went to this place quite far from the touristy areas too, we saw it go for IDR 150,000 (RM 50) in airports. Yes, that’s the price for just one cup.

kopi luwak bali

Very expensive coffee, one sip will set you back a couple of dollars. :)

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22 Responses to “Kopi Luwak”

  1. heard about it
    nvr tried b4
    looks nice

  2. i prefer the geisha over the luwak. :(

    • Nice! That’s not widely available over here though, at least I haven’t heard about it in KL. I would love to try it. :)

  3. Best be careful and not spill any ^^ that’s how many cents a drop? I would give this a try just once. I mean, it’s thoroughly washed and sanitized right? No harm in trying ^^

    • Haha! I wouldn’t know, but it’s a very small cup and the bottom is coarse ground coffee that you can’t really drink. :)

      Yeah, they do wash the beans before serving it.

  4. *Gasp* so expensive… must sip slowly and carefully LOL!

  5. Dude, out here , a small cup of Kopi Luwak cost $75, USD. I am glad I had my share of Kopi Luwak in Bali.

    • Yeah, it’s expensive in Australia too. It does taste pretty good though, I liked it – we just had it black, without sugar. :)

  6. i watched the documentary before..
    kinda disgusting to know that it came out from the animal’s ass lol

  7. read so much and never tried. for approximately rm20 i think its reasonable. I think I saw it for rm40 in kl.

    this adds on to my another must try next month unless i repeat my “stunt” of chilling in my villa again:-(

    • Yeah, it would be cheaper in Bali, although I reckon other places in Indonesia would sell it for cheaper considering Bali is a major tourist destination.

      Heh. Yeah, sorry to hear that. I want to go to Bali again, it’s so much fun. :D

  8. No, thank you. I think I’ll pass…even though I’m a 100% coffee guy and it may be the best coffee in the world. Eyewwwww!!!! LOL!!!

    • Yeah, you’re such a big fan of coffee I reckon you’ll love it! :)

      Gotta try it if you’re ever in Indonesia though…or, you can get it at the Indonesian border in Kuching, but they mix those with regular coffee beans.

  9. Tried when I went to Bali last year. The taste was OK only la. Very expensive oso. I think people try it more out of curiosity and not really the taste.

    • Well, yeah I guess people try it coz they’re curious but it really tastes pretty good to me. :)

      I guess there’s something about the enzymes from it’s civet cat production there. ;)

  10. if someone didn’t like it and said it tastes like shit, u can’t fault the guy

  11. well, nowadays the Luwak coffee is very commercialised. The good ones is supposedly made from wild civet cats droppings. these cats will roam freely and search for the best coffee beans.

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