A private dinner at the penthouse of KEN Bangsar

private dinner

KEN Bangsar has exactly four penthouse units with an amazing view of the Klang Valley. It is also the highest residential building in the entire Klang Valley. This one spans three (3) storeys and has it’s own swimming pool and lounge area complete with a wet bar and a steam room. KEN Bangsar also has 76 apartments for a total of 80 units with 4 design styles and layouts and incredibly good security. The basement car park is rather unique too – it has perforated walls to allow better wind flow so you won’t get the stuffy “ambiance” common in traditional car parks.


This is where we had our private dinner of various savory and sweet canapes cooked right in the kitchen of the penthouse.


I particularly liked the Green Vegetables Risotto with Herbs Emulsion

king prawn ravioli

…and the King Prawn Ravioli with Melted Leeks and Cardamom Sauce. Sorry for making you hold the platter so long, anonymous server.

lap pool

This is the private lap pool at the penthouse. I would love to stay here. Your very own pool, imagine the legendary parties you can throw.

Here’s a video tour of the penthouse to coax the good ol’ green eyed monster out of its lair.


Okay, starting from the beginning, KEN Bangsar is built as an ecologically friendly green residential unit. I love how their swimming pool has in-pool lounges. I was staying at this resort once and fell asleep in one. Very comfortable, if you like the water. The premium KEN Bangsar also has 18 carat gold mosaic pieces embedded in the bottom of the pool!


There are boring looking corridors that actually provides an important function – it’s a wind tunnel to displace the hot air and provide cooler air into the lobby lounge area. There are no fans in the lobby, the use of natural wind is used so the result is a staggeringly low condo maintenance electricity bill of just RM 2,000 per month (!!!).

living room

This is made possible by the complementary system that conditions and recycles condensate water into an evaporation feature wall. I don’t know what exactly this means except that it reduces the temperature using technologically advanced systems.

This acronym explains it pretty well:

Condensate water harvested from the management office air conditioner, a
Heat pump drawing heat from the air-conditioner compressor and providing
Energy for hot water to the common toilets and cool air piped into the
Evaporative waterfall at lift lobby to
Lower the temperature of the double volume lounge and lift lobby for additional indoor thermal comfort for the residents

water feature

This means the water feature isn’t for show either, like most of the things here. The interesting textured facade inside the building is made of excess recycled tiles – note the uneven surface, it’s an aesthetic consideration that took place before KEN Bangsar was built so they can have enough excess tiles (these are the odd sized ones you cut off at the end of the unit – look at the corner of your floor) to use as a decorative feature.

ken bangsar

The windows are tinted with a special coating that makes it invisible (so there’s no dimness associated with traditional car tinting – all light is preserved) while providing 100% UV protection. You won’t have to worry about someone running into the glass and breaking it too coz it’s strengthened laminated glass.


This is the very same KEN Holdings who built Ken I and II beside Tropicana City Mall – I thought the name sounded familiar. KEN Bangsar is their first foray into green and ecologically friendly developments and they also have another one in Shah Alam called KEN Rimba.

ken rimba

This time KEN Holdings used their experience constructing a green building (KEN Bangsar) to develop an entire green townshipKEN Rimba! It’s the first one in Malaysia and the guarded community has ecologically friendly features which includes:

  • Breathable roofs to keep the interior cool and lower energy costs
  • Rainwater harvesting for reuse in lawn irrigation, car washing or janitorial purposes
  • Extensive landscaping with lush gardens surrounding a pool for the corner units
  • North-south orientation and louver windows angled to admit light and air but to keep out rain, direct sunshine and noise

ken rimba legian residences

KEN Rimba is a two-phase development with the first (Legian) due to be handed over next month. Legian Residences has 328 terrace homes and with all the ecological features, it’s set to be the new gold standard for true green living! They’re preparing to launch the next phase of houses – Jimbaran Residences (love the Bali vibe) – it’s open for registration so contact them if you want to embrace a green lifestyle!

Website: http://kenholdings.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KEN.Greenbook
Twitter: http://twitter.com/samCS10


It’s interesting to see that more development companies are going the green route with technological implementations that makes it ecologically friendly without sacrificing functionality and comfort. I personally wouldn’t mind living in KEN Bangsar – the units are beautifully designed and if it contributes to the environment, then all the better.


…now if only I don’t have a really bad habit of draining my condo fund consistently at the most random moments when the urge strikes me.

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28 thoughts on “A private dinner at the penthouse of KEN Bangsar”

    • Heh! Well, I was at the highest point of the highest residential building in the entire Klang Valley if that counts. 🙂

    • Well, it’s in Bangsar, an area which won’t depreciate so the prices reflect that. KEN Holdings build their projects in places where property prices are guaranteed to be stable. 🙂

    • I wish I could afford the penthouse too but KEN Bangsar has other types of units as well, including a 700+ square feet studio that I found rather appealing. 🙂

    • Yeah, that would be living the dream. 🙂

      The RM 2,000 per month electricity bill is KEN Bangsar’s bill for powering the common areas of the condo – it’s very, very cheap compared to other condos coz of their use of green and ecologically friendly technology. 🙂

  1. If I’m the daughter of a wealthy business family, I’ll certainly beg my parents to buy the penthouse as it looks so classy, with the panoramic view of Bangsar and the private pool. But too bad I can’t afford the penthouse in my lifetime. =(

    Oh. The good thing about it is that at least the chandelier’s affordable. >10k, the cheapest.

    • Yeah, it has a wonderful view and it’s located at a prime area. KEN Bangsar is a very sound investment but I’ll like to live in it too.

      Well, maybe we’ll strike the lottery and get adjacent penthouses. 🙂

    • I know right! I love the green and ecologically friendly features they put into KEN Bangsar, it’s the first truly green building in Malaysia. 🙂

    • Indeed!

      I’m eyeing the condo, but more realistically, the studio or one of their larger units would be more within my reach. 😀

    • Yeah, it’ll be an amazing place to live in eh Aud. 😀

      I love the penthouse too. I wish I could afford it, but the studio is pretty nice too.


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