My new place: Back breaking house-moving, wooden floors, dumpling festival

moving house

I almost died during the weekend. Either that or I’m alive with muscles on top of my muscles. I moved three (3) full carloads of stuff from my old place to my new place. I didn’t get a lorry like the previous time coz all the stuff is unpacked e.g. requires multiple refilling of boxes, of which the contents will be dumped at the new place. smirk

packed car

Luckily, my kind landlord from my previous apartment (!!!) at 10 Semantan Serviced suites helped me move! Thanks for that!


My better half also helped me clean up the place and we now have a nice temporary bed to sleep in. It’s mighty comfortable too – new mattress and new bed sheets! We’re proud to offer our window and doors in affordable prices on the market and the best installers in the business.

bona sweden

The floor in the bedroom is really hard to clean though I really want to replace it with the try Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Toronto – it’s an diamond floor which requires a Sweden made floor cleaner to actually clean. Regular cleaners just move the dirt around. The cleaner was provided but the agent didn’t tell me so we didn’t know until last night. Concrete floor sealers help to maintain the structural integrity of your surface. At Contreat Australia they offer a huge range of unique floor coating and sealing products that create different attractive finishes. Coating and sealers are ideal for any indoor or outdoor concrete surface, particularly garage floors.

his hers hibuscus

We’re getting settled into the new place! πŸ™‚ The curtains are done and this is the unit that I really wanted coz it has a nice view compared to all the others. also view flexible pouches. I also set up our His and Hers toothbrushes, which we are *finally* using! Haha.

dumpling festival

We also had our dumpling festival dinner at the new place! My dear had set up a nice dinner on top of the *only* table which I brought over…

pacman table

…which is a custom-painted Pacman inspired table that a friend of mine made back in 2010. Yup, I still have it Jammie! πŸ˜€

home fibre broadband

The last thing that needs to be done for everything to be up and running is to get the fibre optic connection hooked up. w00t!

spare keys

I also gave a pair of spare keys to my better half for her use. πŸ™‚

A private dinner at the penthouse of KEN Bangsar

private dinner

KEN Bangsar has exactly four penthouse units with an amazing view of the Klang Valley. It is also the highest residential building in the entire Klang Valley. This one spans three (3) storeys and has it’s own swimming pool and lounge area complete with a wet bar and a steam room. KEN Bangsar also has 76 apartments for a total of 80 units with 4 design styles and layouts and incredibly good security. The basement car park is rather unique too – it has perforated walls to allow better wind flow so you won’t get the stuffy β€œambiance” common in traditional car parks.


This is where we had our private dinner of various savory and sweet canapes cooked right in the kitchen of the penthouse.


I particularly liked the Green Vegetables Risotto with Herbs Emulsion

king prawn ravioli

…and the King Prawn Ravioli with Melted Leeks and Cardamom Sauce. Sorry for making you hold the platter so long, anonymous server.

lap pool

This is the private lap pool at the penthouse. I would love to stay here. Your very own pool, imagine the legendary parties you can throw.

Here’s a video tour of the penthouse to coax the good ol’ green eyed monster out of its lair.


Okay, starting from the beginning, KEN Bangsar is built as an ecologically friendly green residential unit. I love how their swimming pool has in-pool lounges. I was staying at this resort once and fell asleep in one. Very comfortable, if you like the water. The premium KEN Bangsar also has 18 carat gold mosaic pieces embedded in the bottom of the pool!


There are boring looking corridors that actually provides an important function – it’s a wind tunnel to displace the hot air and provide cooler air into the lobby lounge area. There are no fans in the lobby, the use of natural wind is used so the result is a staggeringly low condo maintenance electricity bill of just RM 2,000 per month (!!!).

living room

This is made possible by the complementary system that conditions and recycles condensate water into an evaporation feature wall. I don’t know what exactly this means except that it reduces the temperature using technologically advanced systems.

This acronym explains it pretty well:

Condensate water harvested from the management office air conditioner, a
Heat pump drawing heat from the air-conditioner compressor and providing
Energy for hot water to the common toilets and cool air piped into the
Evaporative waterfall at lift lobby to
Lower the temperature of the double volume lounge and lift lobby for additional indoor thermal comfort for the residents

water feature

This means the water feature isn’t for show either, like most of the things here. The interesting textured facade inside the building is made of excess recycled tiles – note the uneven surface, it’s an aesthetic consideration that took place before KEN Bangsar was built so they can have enough excess tiles (these are the odd sized ones you cut off at the end of the unit – look at the corner of your floor) to use as a decorative feature.

ken bangsar

The windows are tinted with a special coating that makes it invisible (so there’s no dimness associated with traditional car tinting – all light is preserved) while providing 100% UV protection. You won’t have to worry about someone running into the glass and breaking it too coz it’s strengthened laminated glass.


This is the very same KEN Holdings who built Ken I and II beside Tropicana City Mall – I thought the name sounded familiar. KEN Bangsar is their first foray into green and ecologically friendly developments and they also have another one in Shah Alam called KEN Rimba.

ken rimba

This time KEN Holdings used their experience constructing a green building (KEN Bangsar) to develop an entire green township – KEN Rimba! It’s the first one in Malaysia and the guarded community has ecologically friendly features which includes:

  • Breathable roofs to keep the interior cool and lower energy costs
  • Rainwater harvesting for reuse in lawn irrigation, car washing or janitorial purposes
  • Extensive landscaping with lush gardens surrounding a pool for the corner units
  • North-south orientation and louver windows angled to admit light and air but to keep out rain, direct sunshine and noise

ken rimba legian residences

KEN Rimba is a two-phase development with the first (Legian) due to be handed over next month. Legian Residences has 328 terrace homes and with all the ecological features, it’s set to be the new gold standard for true green living! They’re preparing to launch the next phase of houses – Jimbaran Residences (love the Bali vibe) – it’s open for registration so contact them if you want to embrace a green lifestyle!



It’s interesting to see that more development companies are going the green route with technological implementations that makes it ecologically friendly without sacrificing functionality and comfort. I personally wouldn’t mind living in KEN Bangsar – the units are beautifully designed and if it contributes to the environment, then all the better.


…now if only I don’t have a really bad habit of draining my condo fund consistently at the most random moments when the urge strikes me.

My new studio apartment


living room

I have found a new place in record time and for once I’m not settling for it coz I’m in a rush to get a roof over my head. I really, really like it. =D

Behold! My new studio unit!


I went straight after work so I didn’t have a digicam or dSLR with me. The crappy photos don’t do it justice, especially with a hyperbolic word like “behold”, which should probably be reserved for divine entities. :p

dining table

It’s a studio so there are no doors to speak of. Open concept. I can even see the toilet from my dining table. πŸ™‚


It’s fully furnished and comes with everything…even the kitchen sink (obviously la).

infinity pool

There’s also an infinity pool, Jacuzzis and saunas so I’m looking forward to moving in this weekend!

The only thing that’s lacking is broadband so I’m going to get my Streamyx transferred over to this studio! I’m not switching coz Streamyx has been working reliably for me all this while. =D

Oh babe, I hate to go


I just spent the past 3 hours packing up all my shit. I can’t believe the crap I’ve accumulated over such a short period of time. I can’t imagine how I’m going to fit everything into the car tomorrow. I’m thinking it’ll take at least 3-4 trips (and a lorry) to transport all my stuff to the new place. I managed to get a place for RM 1,100 per month – it’s not as good as the current condominium I’m staying at but I guess it’s alright since I will save on parking and gas (it’s very close to where I work).

I wanted to get a place at Sterling, and got an offer for RM 1,300 (just RM 200 more) which is a GREAT deal since Sterling is…well, I guess you can call it a high end condo. Unfortunately, the unit would not be vacant until 1st June and I have to move tomorrow since my lease expired. There is a cursed clause which states that the landlord can give 1 Β½ months notice if he returns from Perlis and wants the unit back. I stupidly signed it coz I really needed a place to stay last year.

Thus, I am now in a state of limbo – I’m not sure if I want to stay at the new place for keeps since the rent is a bit steep for what I’ll call an apartment (instead of a condo, though it does have a swimming pool). I’ll need to sort out my Streamyx tomorrow too – transfer the line to the new place. I was rather tempted by Shang Villa (got an offer for RM 1,000) but after consulting Google Maps, it seems that the route to work would be a KILLER (massive jams on a notorious stretch of the LDP) so I passed.

To be honest, I’ve grown rather fond of my current abode and moving to the new place (you know I don’t reveal where I live) would be a bit of a pain, since the KL weather is so fucked up right now. The heat wave is likely to continue for a while and my air conditioning would not be ready until this Saturday. I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it for the time being. It’s not that I’m fucking spoiled; I just cannot sleep without air conditioning since I’ve been sleeping at 16 degrees ever since I was a kid. It’s hard to adapt when you grew up with creature comforts like that.

I don’t mind the cold, but I hate the heat. People who know me can attest to the fact that I turn as red as a lobster at the slightest temperature provocation. A coworker even commented on the fact that I got sun burnt from walking 100 meters in the afternoon sun to a meeting. Yes, yes, I get heatstroke really easily, don’t bag me about it. Different strokes for different folks (pun intended). I can stand a lot of shit, but heat is not one of them.

Anyways, I gotta get back to packing. I am seriously puzzled, nay, flummoxed by the amount of shit I have lying around the place. Honestly, it’s like Jesus turning water into wine, albeit this is converting empty space into material possessions. Fuck me.

Well, since we’re on the topic of the Messiah, lemme just share with you a quote from SK’s Blaze:

Ain’t none of you ever been stuck in the mud and needed a push? I won’t ask you how you can be for this and still call yourself Christians, because one of you would have some kind of answer out of what I call the Holy-Joe-Do-It-My-Way Bible. But Jeezly-Crow! How can you read the parable of the Good Samaritan on Sunday and then say you’re for a thing like this on Monday night?

Born to Complain

complain king

My landlord is this effeminate 40 year old virgin (no, seriously) who has a penchant for nitpicking. The first time I met him, he launched into a tirade about the previous tenant over a single missing curtain ring. No shit.

Well, said landlord dropped by my place early this morning. He’s supposed to pass me back my deposit since I’m moving out on the 23rd of this month. He was late by an hour, waltzed into my place and…started complaining.

If Steppenwolf had sang Born to Complain instead of Born to be Wild, my landlord would have been on the cover of the album.

Hell, he would have snagged Malaysia a Gold Medal if the Olympics had a sport called Complaining. He certainly has a flair for it.

I listened to him rant for half an hour about the breakfast bar, niggle about the dust, and go on and on about the state of the guest toilet (which I don’t use) before I shooed him out and told him I have to get to work.

Jesus Christ, this is one natural born complainer. Pure talent. I was shocked and awed by his aptitude for grumbling.

He should have been on the cover of Maximum Whinge and Moan.

Stranger in a strange land


I’m going to have to evac my current premises by 27th of May. It’s rather unfortunate that I signed a tenancy agreement that allows for a 1 Β½ month termination notice by either party. I didn’t think much of it when I put my John Hancock on the dotted line since I needed a place to stay. This condominium has great security, plus it’s spacious and quiet. I’ve grown to love it in the six months that I’ve lived here.

Anyway, I’m quite adaptable so I don’t mind moving. It’s just the hassle of finding a place that’s close to the office AND affordable that’s the problem. I’ve been looking into Kelana Sentral Apartment but the place is a bit too small for my liking. The rent is RM 1,100 (which is essentially the same amount I’m forking out right now) and it doesn’t even have air conditioning to boot.

I guess it’s time to hit The Star and look for places to rent…which brings me to another dilemma – should I be purchasing instead? Paying 1.1k for rent every month for a place you won’t ultimately own is a financially ludicrous arrangement. I hear Casa Suites is going for RM 1,100 per month after the initial down payment, but it’s a bit far from my workplace.

Does anyone have any idea where I can establish the pad in Petaling Jaya? I work in Kelana Jaya so I need to be reasonably close. Cheers!

Condominium mail

condo mail

The logistics of condominium mail is bound to produce some interesting results. The occupancy density practically guarantees it. The system at my condo is quite secure (if you trust the fallible homo sapiens) – no one gets in or out to deliver mail. The mail is passed to the guardhouse, who distributes it to the respective resident’s mailbox. I opened mine yesterday to get my Streamyx bill and was aghast at the sheer amount of correspondence inside.

There were four (4) different people’s worth of mail inside. I recognize one as my landlord, there were two other girls – Adeline and Siew Choon, and a guy named Suresh. There is  another envelope that was supposed to be delivered to Kelana Parkview Condominium (which isn’t my condo and is quite a distance away).

I don’t really trust the system so I prefer to have my mail sent to my mailing address in Sibu.

Anyway, about the fire, all has been resolved. My landlord asked me to pay for the cabinets, which is fair enough. The condo management didn’t ask me to pay for the damage and got an electrician to fix my power for free.

I guess that’s the plus point of condo maintenance fees. πŸ˜‰

DIY – Home Improvement

hi kit

I have been taking pains to furnish our new condo recently and the DIY bug has bitten my girlfriend big time, no thanks to her colleague. Her colleague is doing direct sales part-time and I’m told she does every -way there is out there. Amway, Cosway, Tupperware etc.

She brought home this rickety and capricious clothes hanger last night and practically forced me to fix it at 11 pm at night after dinner. It took me about 30 minutes to get it done – I’m more Tim than Al in the home improvement department, but in the end I managed to assemble the contraption and anchor it to one of the ceiling beams in our master bedroom.

hi diy

It took a long time before we realized that the RM 30 device wouldn’t reach the actual ceiling of the condo, so I settled for the beam while my girlfriend muttered something about it looking out of place. Hmph…

I would have preferred to save the hassle and get ready fixed furniture delivered straight in.

Nevertheless, the truism of beggars can’t be choosers applies and it had already cost us a significant chunk of our savings to get the condo up to reasonable living standards – air conditioning, fridge, washing machine, wardrobes, broadband, breakfast bar, and a king sized bed with Aussino fittings and pillows (as well as other creature comforts).

I felt a semblance of satisfaction in assembling the rickety clothes hanger – it was meant for my work shirts and my coats and ties and I’m grateful to my girlfriend for purchasing it.

It’s not a Kodak Moment, but definitely an arrghh arrggghh arrrggghh moment. πŸ˜‰

More power!

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